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The benefits of making a tree change

For some people, 2017 is destined to be the year of the tree changer. Many people will pack up and move away from the fast-moving pace of city life and find themselves living amongst greener pastures.

Making the leap from city life to the country is a big change and some people question whether they’ll fit into a new town or lifestyle.

But there are plenty of fantastic reasons to think about making a tree change, and you might just find that they will all apply to you.

More housing options

The reason that many people are looking to make a tree change is because they are looking to escape the high prices of inner-city living.

With property prices in Sydney reaching alarming heights, increasing amounts of people are looking for affordable options elsewhere.

Mudgee is one regional area that Sydneysiders have been looking to. While we might be quieter than our big city counterparts, we still have a lot of charm and character and plenty of cafes and restaurants to give inner-city suburbs a run for their money. Plus, properties are also very affordable when compared to Sydney, making them much more accessible for the majority of homebuyers.

Room for friends, pets and hobbies

Another reason why people love living in the country is because of all of the extra space they find for themselves. When you live in a city apartment it can be hard to invite friends over, but when you have a big house all to yourself you can invite guests, keep pets and make room for all of those passions that take up lots of space whether it’s cars, art or gardening.

Technology keeps you connected

Understandably, a big concern for people moving to regional areas is where they are going to work. While there are a variety of job opportunities in regional NSW, some workers may have the option of keeping their “city” job thanks to improving technology.

The NBN service is now available in Mudgee, providing people with high-speed internet services that allow them to work from home and connect with their workplace.

You’ll be happier

This one might be subjective, but a lot of people find that once they settle into regional areas like Mudgee they never want to leave. With a slower pace of life, natural beauty, fresh air and a friendly community spirit, a lot of people feel happier and more relaxed living here.

To find out more about Mudgee and the properties on offer, stop in and visit Professionals Mudgee at 79 Church Street.