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Are Big Houses on Big Blocks the Australian Dream?

In past decades we’ve always heard that owning your own home is the great Australian dream, but as finances become tighter for many especially in city areas, is this still true? And if it is, is it still a big house on a big block of land that Aussies are dreaming about?

For a long time, Sydney-siders just didn’t consider the option of a big block of land a possibility without spending a lot of money, and New South Wales saw a lot of residents move to places like Brisbane and Perth where city living could offer a big house on a big block at more affordable prices. This doesn’t appear to be the case any more though…

In recent times property data has shown that rural cities in New South Wales (such as our very own Mudgee) are becoming more popular for Sydney-siders. Where interstate migration used to be relatively high, we’re now seeing intrastate migration.

Buyers are starting to realise that they can achieve their goal of owning a big home on a big block of land by living in a rural city like Mudgee and travelling to the city when needed. You don’t need to move interstate for an affordable land package and lifestyle – there are plenty of wonderful properties in the Mudgee region and we would be happy to recommend some to anyone who is looking to upsize to their great Australian dream home.

Know A Sydney-sider Looking for a Tree-Change?

If you know of someone living in Sydney, who’s looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, you may like to pass on this information… it may be just the incentive they need to make the tree-change to Mudgee or one of our surrounding townships.

You may have read in our blog previously about the NSW state government’s $7,000 regional relocation grant which were introduced last year for homeowners relocating from the city to established homes in regional areas of NSW. The big news now is that the grant also applies to those who want to build a new home as well as those purchasing existing homes. The idea is that the incentive will help boost the NSW construction industry and regional economies.

To be eligible for the grants, those who live in metropolitan areas would need to sell their city home and buy a parcel of vacant land valued up to $450,000, or a completed or off-the-plan home valued up to $600,000 in regional NSW which could be Mudgee, Gulgong, Kandos or one of our other regional townships.

For those who buy vacant land, the foundations must be laid within six months of completion of the land purchase and the home must be occupied as a principal place of residence within 12 months. The city residence can be sold within the 12 months prior to or after the purchase of the regional home.

Your city friends and family may like to do some more research, and can visit www.osr.nsw.gov.au/benefits/rrg/ for more information.

Of course, for local market knowledge and property availability, we’re always happy to chat, so please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, email, comment on our post, or visit our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate website for property listings in Mudgee and surrounding districts.

Four More Flights to Mudgee

How awesome is it that the Mudgee community will be opened up to Sydneysiders even more so with the announcement of Aeropelican’s four extra flights between Mudgee and Sydney commencing Wednesday the 29th of February 2012?

We think the extra flights to and from Mudgee will be a great asset to the region, especially for people that commute on a regular basis. It also opens up for more tourism which is always a good thing for the local economy.

According to the article that we read in the Mudgee Guardian, the extra flights will run on the following schedules:

Mudgee – Sydney

Sydney – Mudgee

Dep:  Wed 10:30am Arr:  11:20am Dep:  Wed 2:30pm Arr:  3:20pm
Dep:  Fri 10:30am Arr:  11:20am Dep:  Sun 2:30pm Arr:  3:20pm

It’s not just Mudgee that will benefit either, it’ll be many of the other towns such as Kandos and Rylstone with reasonable scheduled times and appropriate days that will suit the many mining industry employees  and agricultural professionals who fly in and fly out as well.

As the population of Mudgee increases, and we’ve spoken about the predictions for growth in past blogs, the need for more services will only increase, so this is a great start for the Mudgee Region and kudos should go to the Mid-Western Regional Council which backed the airline.

If you’d like to read more about the subject and the introduction of Aeropelican’s new flights, click here to visit the Mudgee Guardian story.

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