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What you absolutely must do before selling

When it comes to selling your home, there’s one crucial thing you should do, that surprisingly some sellers don’t make time for – cleaning!

While not the most glamorous or fun task, every hour you spend cleaning can pay off in the long run.

Buyers want to see a home that looks fresh and untouched when they visit and so every corner of your home needs to be absolutely spotless if you want buyers to fall in love with it.

Before the property is on the market, give it a thorough clean both inside and out. Throw away old clutter and pack away things that you’re not likely to need for the duration of the sale. If you have a lot of stuff it could be worth keeping it in storage for the duration of the sale.

By preparing your home early it will not only look great, but also you’ll be one step ahead of packing when it comes time to move.

Once you’re home is clean it will be ready for its first inspections, but if your property remains on the market you’ll have to put some effort in to keep it clean.

A few tips to keep your property clean while selling include:

  • Make beds every morning – Make sure that everyone living in the house helps make the effort to keep it clean and make beds each morning.
  • Wipe counters daily – Pay attention to kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms that are being used regularly because these areas have a habit of looking dirty very quickly.
  • Close off rooms that aren’t used regularly – The less rooms and areas of the home you use, the less you’ll have to try and keep clean.
  • Pack things away right after use – Make a habit of putting things away after you use them so there isn’t a big build-up of things to do when buyers come knocking.

If you’re looking to sell and would like any more tips or advice, feel free to contact the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team.

How to make a good impression before buyers even get through the door

first impressionIn a competitive Mudgee real estate market, it’s really important that we give the right advice to our vendors.  After all, what’s the point in assigning an agent to sell your most valuable asset if they’re not going to help you achieve the best price possible?  Our team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate take our responsibility very seriously, and pride ourselves on our knowledge of our local Mudgee real estate market and our ability to share the tips that work – the little things you can do to help your home sell faster, and for the maximum possible sale price.

When marketing a home in a competitive Mudgee market, the selling process begins long before the front door swings open at the first open house.  We all know the importance of making a good first impression.  Well the same is true for your home.  When buyers search for a home, there are two places they’ll often go before making it to an inspection, and it’s typically not to an agent.  They will usually begin their search online, and then if they’re not currently living too far away, they may do a drive-by.  Rather than worrying about what people are going to think, why not view these pre-inspection visits as opportunities to impress?

Making the most of your home’s street appeal is essential, as this is could make or break a sneaky drive-by visit.  You’ll need to decide how much effort is required to make your home appear inviting from the street – this could be anything from mowing the lawns, edging the garden beds and pulling out a few stray weeds, to a weekend working bee with all your family and friends.  Our advice is to do what you can.  At the very least your garden should be tidy, mown and edged.  Your house number should be clearly visible, and all fencing in good repair.  Make sure spider webs are swept away and overgrown trees and shrubs and trimmed back to let the light in.

Now onto the big one – how your Mudgee property will be appearing on the internet.  It’s true, a picture says a thousand words, so it’s really important that the pictures we put on the internet to show off your property actually do show it off.  The last thing buyers want to see when they check out an online listing is the owners mess strewn across each room.  A good declutter, a clean and tidy, and minor repairs are all that’s required to prevent your home from scaring away potential buyers.  There’s no need to spend lots of dollars on repairs, but if the curtains are torn, wardrobe doors have fallen off their tracks or light fittings aren’t looking their best, get these looking sharp before the photographer starts snapping.

For more tips on how to present your Mudgee home for sale, please contact our friendly team at Professionals Real Estate.

What’s your Mudgee home worth?

what_is_your_home_worth_largeYou may feel like you’ve heard it all before.  If a property is priced too low, buyers may think there’s a problem with the property and be scared away; if it’s priced too high, it’ll price its way out of contention.  As a Mudgee home owner we understand how tricky the pricing situation can be – you want to get the best price possible for yourself, but you also don’t want to make your home unattractive to buyers by striving for a price that’s too high.  So how do you find that magic number?

The first 4 weeks of a listing campaign are crucial!  This is when you’ll receive the most enquiry and attract the most number of inspections.  We know a lot of Mudgee residents ask for a few opinions from various real estate agents when putting their home on the market, and often we see people selecting to list with whichever agent tells them their home will get the highest price.  This is extremely risky!  Property pricing certainly isn’t brain surgery, but it is somewhat of a science.  While it’s impossible for a real estate agent to tell you exactly what price your home will achieve (unless they’re planning to buy it themselves), knowing what comparable properties have recently sold, and what is for sale now that would form your home’s competition on the market, will allow them to create a sound pricing strategy for your property.

Beware the agent who plucks a price from the air.  If you’re thinking of selling your Mudgee home, by al means educate yourself and ask for opinions.  But make sure when it comes to listing your home you use an agent who deals in facts and results, rather than one who solely tells you what you want to hear.  Price your home to be competitive, and enjoy the bidding war you create.

 If you’re thinking of selling, or would just like a no obligation opinion of your home’s worth, please contact our friendly team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate today.

What Did We Learn From The Block Sky High Finale?

The Block sky high 1*spoiler alert*

For those who were following this season of The Block, Sunday night’s auction results may not have come as a huge shock to you.  All five apartments were spacious, stunning, and choc-a-block full of state-of-the-art inclusions.  It’s little wonder all five couples walked away with a very tidy profit.

For those who haven’t caught up on last night’s results, and are happy to read spoilers, the auction results were as follows:

Winner – Level 1 – Alisa & Lysandra. Sale price $1.435 million.  Profit $295,000

2nd – Level 4 (sub-penthouse) – Madi & Jarrod. Sale price $1.601 million. Profit $291,000

3rd – Level 2 – Matt & Kim.  Sale price $1.455 million.  Profit $250,000

4th – Level 3 – Bec & George. Sale price $ 1.507 million. Profit $242,000

5th – Level 5 (penthouse) – Trixie & Johnno.  Sale price $1.605 million. Profit $205,000

So what was the difference between each level, and what can we take away from Sunday’s auction results?

The twins were favourites from very early on in the series, and having won the most number of room reveals throughout the series as well as winning $20K off their reserve price, it’s easy to understand why.  In fact, Alisa and Lysandra created such beautiful spaces the judges twice commented that their ideas, styling and finishes were so fantastic they needed to take this up as a career.

The sisters became known as the queens of bathrooms as they dominated the bathroom room reveals, and their final week kitchen scoring them a perfect 10/10 from all three judges proved they were also the queens of kitchens.  It’s no secret, a house with a well presented kitchen and bathroom has the ability to create the impression of luxury and ‘WOW’ potential buyers.  They’re potentially the two most important areas in a house, as improvements made to a bathroom and kitchen can have a dramatic affect on buyers’ perceptions of a house, as well as bank valuations for those looking to refinance.

If you’re hoping to make the most from your Mudgee house sale but don’t have the budget to do a full kitchen and bathroom update, make sure you check out the 4 ‘P’s to selling your Mudgee home.  There are plenty of tips to help you make the most of your Mudgee property, and help it to reach the highest possible sale price.

If money was no object, which Block apartment would you have chosen to buy?

Adding value to your Mudgee home

RenovatingWhether you’re selling Mudgee real estate, a car or a toaster, there’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to adding value.  It probably goes without saying but the better something is, the easier it will be to sell and the more attractive the eventual sale price will be.

When relating this rule to the sale of Mudgee real estate, there are two rooms that when finished off well will typically add the biggest impact on buyers – the kitchen and bathroom.  A kitchen or bathroom in need of repairs or modernising will generally be perceived as requiring costly renovations.  When an owner has left an area unloved buyers will often think the renovation must have been too much of a hassle or too expensive for the seller to take on.  It also doesn’t give a great impression if the owner has ‘let things go’. Buyers viewing a property that’s exuding neglect will likely assume there are more issues than simple cosmetic ones and put it in the too hard basket.

Buyers will often make ultra conservative guess-timations about the cost of repairs and renovations before making their offer on a home, and their offer is adjusted down according to what they believe they may need to spend.  Whether you’re considering large renovations or updating a room or two, it can be worthwhile doing the job yourself.  If you’ve ever seen an episode of Selling Houses Australia you would no doubt have been blown away by how little it can actually cost owners to revamp and style their homes to great affect, and how dramatically this can influence what buyers are willing to pay.

At the end of the day, a house with a well presented kitchen and bathroom has the ability to create the impression of luxury and ‘WOW’ potential buyers.  So the equation is fairly simple; if you’re looking for ways to improve the value and saleability of your Mudgee home, and your finances permit, consider a bathroom and kitchen renovation.  This will be beneficial whether it be for the possible future sale of your Mudgee property, or to simply improve the bank’s view of the value of your home to help with financing the purchase of an investment property.

If you’d like to know more about optimising your home’s potential before putting it on the market, please contact us at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate.

Our top tip for presenting your Mudgee home

Space maximisedWhether you’re thinking of selling your Mudgee home, putting it on the rental market, or just want to enjoy living in an immaculately presented house, this is the real estate tip for you.  It may seem fairly obvious, but you’d be amazed by the number of people who don’t take the time to do it and then wonder why there are no buyers or tenants willing to pay top dollar for their home.  So here’s the tip – maximise your space!  Obviously knocking down walls and building extensions are a little dramatic, not to mention expensive.  So what are some simple cost-effective ways to create the illusion of having more space in your Mudgee home?

  • Start by packing up all the bits and pieces cluttering up your shelves.  By putting away the bulk of your knickknacks, valuables and personal items you’ll protect them as well as making each room appear far more spacious.  If you find you’ve got a lot of ‘things’ that are in good condition, but that you no longer have any use for, this would be a great time to donate to charity or make a little cash by selling them on eBay.
  • Once you’ve de-cluttered, look at the pieces of furniture you have left and see if each room is appropriately dressed to show off its functionality.  As well as a purpose, it’s important to maximise space.  If removing an item or two allows for a more spacious appearance without losing the room’s appeal, go for it!
  • Storage space is always a big hit for buyers and tenants, so it’s a good idea to make the most of whatever storage spaces you have.  Organising each wardrobe, cupboard and storage area to show off its space is a good way to enhance their appeal.
  • Simply allowing more light into a home can instantly create a sense of space.  Before each inspection open up your curtains and blinds, and turn down lights and lamps on.  It may seem silly leaving lights on in the day time, but you’ll be surprised the difference it can make to the look of a room.

If you’re thinking of selling or leasing out your Mudgee home, please contact our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate office.  We’d love to help you maximise the potential of your Mudgee home.

Mudgee Real Estate Tips – 4 Ways To Impress With A Sparkling Home

Have you ever done a final clean before moving out of a home, only to realise how lovely and spacious it can look?  Ever walked through a spotless display home and wished you could move straight in?  You’re not alone.  These are typically reactions to houses that are sparkling clean and free from clutter.  It seems obvious, and of course you’ll have a good clean and tidy before selling your home.  But just how far will you go?  By following these few simple cleaning tips your house will be sparkling clean, and likely attracting crowds of smitten Mudgee real estate buyers.

  1. Giving your windows a thorough clean on the inside and out will have an instant impact on the appearance of your home.  If you have a deck or patio, crystal clear windows will best show off your indoor-outdoor living spaces.  Windows without smudges and fingerprints will be similarly attractive if hosting twilight inspections; it’s extremely inviting to look through a sparkling window to a warm glowing room.
  2. Professionally cleaning your carpets and polishing your floorboards and tiles will not only ensure your floors shine, but will also give your home a beautifully clean and crisp smell.  This is always a more attractive scent when inspecting a home than deodorisers, which buyers often suspect are masking unwanted odours.
  3. By cleaning all woodwork in your kitchen and bathrooms you’ll help to give these rooms a huge lift.  While you may have grown accustomed to the odd drip or spill, buyers are likely to notice and may find them off-putting.
  4. Remember to clean all light fittings thoroughly, particularly outdoor lights which are renowned bug catchers.  As you make your way around the house it’s a good idea to replace any blown bulbs.  If things aren’t in good working order on inspection day, buyers may assume the house has been neglected.

Make sure your Mudgee home stands out from the crowd.  Give your home the best opportunity to impress by making sure it looks its best on inspection day.  Just think, every hour you spend cleaning will be well worth it when you’re gleefully clinking champagne glasses together in front of your ‘Sold’ sign.

For more selling and home styling tips you can pick up our free Showtime Guide at the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate office or feel free to give us a call on 6372 2584.

Mudgee Real Estate Tips – 5 Ways To Best Present Bedrooms When Selling Your Mudgee Home

When selling real estate in Mudgee it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of a home buyer. If you were looking to purchase a slice of Mudgee real estate, what would you be looking for?  We essentially all want the same things – spacious rooms, more storage, and to feel an emotional connection to a house.  Large living areas are easy, they’re already relatively spacious, but how can you help your smaller living spaces?  Here are our suggestions for presenting your bedrooms to appear at their best when selling your Mudgee home.

  1. You don’t need truckloads of cash to construct more space in bedrooms.  The simplest and most cost effective way to create a feeling of spaciousness is to de-clutter.  When styling our bedrooms we should all adopt Coco Chanel’s mantra, simplicity is the keynote to elegance.  Minimise wall hangings, use lighter colours, and pack away (or throw away) anything causing clutter.  Bedrooms with a resort style finish will help buyers to fall in love with your home.
  2. An ensuite is a real plus, but if instead of an ensuite you have a bathroom close by to your bedroom or a two-way bathroom, try to enhance the connection by using similar colours and themes.  For example, if you have coloured cushions on your bed, use the same coloured towels and bath mat in your bathroom.
  3. It’s no secret that buyers want storage.  If you have built-in robes, try maximising the amount of space in each by taking out the clothes that are out of season or haven’t been worn for longer than 3 months.  This should create more shelf and rack space, and optimise what you have.  If you don’t have built-in robes, consider putting some in if space and your budget permit.
  4. Include your children in the selling process.  If your children are old enough to understand the concept of rewards, and let’s face it, most children are well and truly tuned in to this concept from a very early age, consider making up games and rewards for their help in keeping their bedrooms clean and tidy.  Also, while you’re in the mode of de-cluttering, consider donating old toys and clothes your children have outgrown to your favourite charity.  Removing unwanted toys and clothes now will save you time down the track when you’re preparing to move.
  5. Walking into your bedroom to find a large portrait of you hanging on the wall, or an unusual painting by the window, can divert buyer’s attention and stop them from quickly warming to your home.  Removing personal and unusual wall hangings may help your bedroom appeal to a wider audience, and by packing them away, your favourite items will be all ready to go to your new home.

The rules are simple: de-clutter, keep things light, and stay neutral.  By sticking to these simple rules your bedrooms will present as spacious rooms with ample storage that Mudgee real estate buyers will be able to see themselves enjoying for years.

Mudgee Real Estate Tips – 5 Ways to Stage Your Home

When selling Mudgee real estate in a competitive market it’s important to take advantage of every open house, and view every inspection as an opportunity to introduce your home to its next owner.  Imagine going on a blind date and finding they hadn’t bothered to shower, or were wearing clothes that hadn’t been cleaned or ironed.  Sure, they may be a lovely person, but we all know that first impressions count!  And so it is with houses too.  By implementing these 5 easy staging tips, you’re helping your Mudgee home to make a great first impression.

  1. When selling a home, you’re also selling a lifestyle.  Something as simple as an open coffee table book in the living room, or bottle of wine and glasses on an outdoor setting can make rooms feel more appealing to prospective buyers.  You may like to have a browse through home design and real estate magazines for ideas and inspiration.
  2. A room that appears plain or sterile can easily be dressed up with a splash of colour.  Vases, throw rugs and cushions are simple ways of adding a bit of pizzazz to a room without blowing your budget, and you’ll also get to enjoy the benefits of their aesthetic charms when you bring them to your new home.
  3. Sheer curtains may be used effectively to hide away unpleasant views, while also allowing light into your home.  Sheer curtains now come in a huge range of styles, from metallic to silk-like, so you can select a finish that will best complement your decor.
  4. Help prospective buyers to build an emotional connection to your home by creating a photo album of your favourite snaps of your house and garden in varying lights and seasons, and leave it on display for people to flick through.  Or arrange your images on a digital display (in a digital photo frame or as a slide show on your television screen) and have it running continuously throughout the inspection.
  5. Allow as much natural light to flood through your home as possible by opening blinds and curtains and ensuring the windows are sparkling clean.  Twilight inspections will attract an even greater ‘wow’ factor if you take the time to turn on all lights, lamps, and down lights throughout the home to complement the natural light.

If you would like any more staging tips for your Mudgee home prior to your first inspection, you are welcome to pick up our free Showtime Guide at the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate office, which features 101 ways to showcase your property.