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Quick ways to spruce up your home before selling

Getting your property ready for sale? Wondering what to do to make it more presentable to buyers?

If you want to impress buyers and help them realise the full potential of your property then it’s crucial to spend a bit of time getting your property in tip-top shape.

Clean and de-clutter

Make your property shine before it hits the market. Clean out every nook and cranny of your house and get everything looking spotless and new again.

Also take some time clearing out old drawers and cupboards of all those things you no longer want and need. The cleaner and more spacious your home feels, the better it’s going to present to buyers.

Get out the paintbrush

If it’s been a few years since your home last saw a fresh coat of paint it could be due for an update.

Paint colours can date very quickly so by repainting you can instantly make your home feel fresh and modern again. Fresh paint colours also show buyers that you have spent some time keeping your property well maintained.

If you decide to repaint your interior, opt for light and neutral shades that also match the character of the house.

Spend some time in the garden

Get outside and cut back overgrown foliage, mow the lawn and rake up leaves.

Make those first impressions count by spending some time making your garden look great. The front garden in particular will help set the tone for what’s inside your property so it’s important that it looks neat and tidy and not overgrown with weeds and plants.

Fix and repair

Even the smallest issues can stand out like a sore thumb to potential buyers and that’s why it’s so important that your property is in perfect shape.

Ensure that everything in your home is working and presentable, and of course safe for visitors, whether it’s something as simple as a leaking tap or a larger issue that needs to be addressed.

Keep in mind that buyers will overestimate the cost to fix any issues with the property so it’s much easier to deal with them before the property goes on the market.

Set the right ambiance

Those final little touches can actually make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your home. Consider adding little decorative items like artwork or indoor plants to help give your home a bit of character and a stylish touch.

Also think about your furniture placement in each room and ensure that it suits the room’s layout and purpose.

For specific advice regarding preparing your property for sale, contact us at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate.

How to tick off your 2017 property goals

A lot of people will be planning on eating healthier and starting a new fitness regime this month but there will also be a lot of people looking at changing their property situation.

The problem with a lot of goals is that it’s hard to make those first few steps and kick them into action, so we have a bit of advice to get some common property goals off the ground.

Property goal #1: find a new home

Outgrowing your current home or just looking for a change? With interest rates at record lows, it’s a great time to buy and there are plenty of fantastic property opportunities in Mudgee to suit a variety of buyers and budgets.

If you had no luck finding a property in 2016, your problem could be that you’re looking at properties that are out of your price range. Try to expand your search this year and look at properties in new suburbs or properties that might not have all the features you originally wanted. The home you buy now doesn’t need to be the home you have forever, you can always renovate or move when you have saved more later on.

For those who live in Sydney and are getting frustrated by escalating property prices, now could be the time to look at your lifestyle and ask if a tree-change to Mudgee is the right move for you. 

Property goal #2: renovate

If you’re not thinking about moving you might be looking at improving the home you’ve already got. Renovations are a personal decision based on what you want to get out of your home, but if you’re looking to sell soon then it’s worth considering the renovations that will add the most value.

In general, the renovations that help add value include new kitchens and bathrooms, extensions and painting. Every property is unique though and different renovations will be needed to help it reach its full potential.

To help you get your renovations off the ground, talk to local builders, draftsmen, agents or an architect to help you decide what is right for your home.

Property goal #3: sell up and move on

Looking to move on to a new place or lifestyle? Making the decision to sell is never easy and there is always a lot to think about – such as where you will move to next and what you need to do to get the property ready for sale.

To help you make an informed decision about selling it’s worth having a chat to a Professionals Mudgee Real Estate Agent to find out what your home is worth and what you can do to help maximise its sale price. A chat with an agent might also help you understand what it happening in the local market and what else is available to buy when you do decide to move on.

Best of luck in all of your property goals for 2017, and remember if you need any help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team at Professional Mudgee Real Estate.

Tips to keep your Mudgee home clean while it’s on the market

It’s best to keep your home as clean and tidy as possible when selling so buyers get the chance to see it in its best possible light.

While it you might not think that leaving dirty dishes out has any effect on the house itself (and it doesn’t), it does unfortunately create a certain kind of impression in buyers’ minds and distracts them from imagining their picture perfect new lifestyle there.

We know it can be hard keeping a house spotless for the duration of a sale, but there are a few small things you can do to help you keep your home clean so you’re always ready for buyers when they come knocking on your door.

Make the bed first thing everyday – Have a productive start to your day by making your bed as soon as you wake up. By doing this one thing you will be in the right mindset to clean up after yourself as you go, preventing chores from piling up.

Don’t use rooms you don’t need to – The less you have to clean the better, so try to limit the amount of rooms you need to use. This way unused parts of the house will stay in perfect condition and you won’t need to worry about cleaning them for every property inspection.

Use easy storage – If you have a habit of leaving things on benches or on the floor, then it might be a good idea to get some containers that you can quickly toss clutter into and then hide it away. Use one of the containers to keep all of your cleaning supplies together too, so you can grab it when you need to do a quick clean around the house.

Do a daily five-minute clean up – The best way to keep on top of everything is to clean up as you go, so you might like to dedicate at least a few minutes everyday to walking around the house and tidying up any odds and ends. If you do this before you leave the house every morning then you can look forward to coming home to a clean home everyday.

Get the whole household involved – It’s not fair for one person to do all of the cleaning. Even if you have kids you can encourage them to get involved by getting them to help make their own bed, or tidying up after they are done with their toys. Write down lists for everyone if you need to, but make sure that everyone is pulling their weight.

Buyers are much more likely to fall in love with your home if it’s clean and tidy, so make sure that you find a cleaning routine that works for you.

For any more help or advice, please contact Professionals Mudgee Real Estate.

What sellers need to know about Gen Y buyers

The millennial generation is expected to be a major force in the Australian real estate market over the coming years and what they will look for in a new home will be much different to the generations before them.

Millennials, also referred to as Generation Y, are those aged between roughly 20-35 years and many will be looking to buy their first home in the coming years if they haven’t already.

One of the key issues for a lot of millennial homebuyers will be housing affordability, however in places like Mudgee where there is a lot of affordable housing available this isn’t such a big issue and in fact it might make the area more appealing to those who live in property markets that are hard to break into like Sydney.

But despite the issue of affordability, what will millennial buyers look for in a property? And what can sellers do to engage this new wave of buyers?


Most millennials will do their property search online, so it can pay to stand out in this space. Property photos are particularly important because this is what will attract would-be buyers to click on a listing and decide whether or not a property is worth viewing. For this reason it’s well worth spending the money on professionals photography and using staging services to make a property look as appealing as possible. Well-written advertising copy is important to, but it’s the photos that will really grab people’s attention.

All the latest mod cons

When you’ve grown up with Internet access and other clever gadgets and gizmos, it can be hard to live without them.

Gen Y will likely check a property’s Internet availability before moving in, and will appreciate a house that has already been set up with multiple network outlets. Smart home features such as lighting and temperature controls will also be big drawcards for younger buyers.

Green friendly features

Millennials are an environmentally conscious generation and will appreciate a home with green features such as solar panels, rainwater tanks, double-glazing, passive solar design and energy efficient appliances.

These types of features are appealing not only because they can help millennials live a more sustainable lifestyle, but they can also provide huge long-term monetary savings that will appeal to the majority of buyers.

Location and lifestyle 

If you’re selling to millennials you’re going to need to sell your neighbourhood as much as the property itself. Lifestyle is very important to millennial buyers and many would prefer a downgraded property if it means living in an area that meets all their needs and is close to their work, family or friends.

Sellers will need to emphasise what their local area has to offer, whether it’s prestigious schools, trendy cafes and restaurants, or access to town.

Potential for capital growth

With location being so important to millennial buyers, many are choosing to buy a property to invest in while they rent a home in a more desirable location of their choosing. This opens up a lot of possibilities for buyers and means that they can find good investments anywhere in the country.

Millennial investors will likely be looking for low-maintenance properties that have a good balance between capital growth potential and positive cash flow.

For more advice or assistance in making your home appeal to today’s buyers, feel free to contact the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team.

5 things to do before selling your Mudgee home

So you want to sell your home, but where do you begin?

Apart from choosing the right agent, it’s important to get your property up to the best standard possible so you can kick off your selling campaign on the right foot. 

1. Clean up your gardens: First impressions count when selling. Overgrown gardens and un-mowed lawns say a lot about a property and make it look like it hasn’t been well maintained (which sends alarm bells to buyers). Consider hiring a professional gardener if you need to, but make sure your property looks neat and tidy from the street and reels buyers in, as opposed to turning them away.

2. Do general maintenance: If your property is showing signs of wear and tear, such as a creaking floorboards or leaking taps, then look at getting these fixed before putting the house on the market. These types of things may not bother you, but they can be extremely off-putting to a potential buyer.

3. Consider professional cleaning: Nobody likes to walk into an unclean home. While most people can do a fairly good job of cleaning, a professional cleaner might see things that you wouldn’t notice. Using professional cleaning services can help make your kitchen and bathroom areas feel like brand new, and get rid of any stains on carpets or couches too.

4. De-clutter and re-arrange furniture – People tend to judge everything about a property, and that includes what they find inside. A lot of clutter in a house can make it appear smaller than it is or make buyers question whether there’s enough storage. Empty rooms might also be a problem though, because buyers don’t know how to use the space. If you’re not sure where you should place your furniture, or if it’s letting the house down, then it might be worth considering a styling service.

5. Don’t forget the little details – If you want to sell your property for the best price possible then pay attention to even the smallest details. Sometimes it’s something small that ends up having a big impact on the final sales result, Get things right from the start of your property’s sale and take the advice of your agents so you end up with the best results possible.

If you would like to discuss selling your property and how to achieve the best sale price then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Professionals Mudgee team.

Tips for selling a unique property

Have you ever come across a property that is vastly different from others in the neighbourhood? Perhaps it had a different architectural style or was located somewhere unexpected?

There are plenty of unique properties around the country, from churches and castles that have been converted to homes to sustainable nature houses or unusual architectural designs.

While a lot of people might show interest in these kinds of properties for their unique style, it can be hard to find a buyer willing to invest in a property that strays too far from the norm, simply because they can be hard to price and not all buyers will appreciate the property’s uniqueness.

However, if you have a property that is unique for whatever reason, don’t be too concerned just yet. There are many ways to help broaden a property’s appeal and help it sell, but you might need to use slightly different selling tactics to other homes in the area.

Take away some personality 

Try to see things from the eye of the buyer and take away anything that might be making the property appear particularly unusual or offbeat. If it’s the décor injecting all of the personality, and not the house itself then this can be easily changed. You could repaint the property in more broadly appealing colours, or stage your home for the duration of the sale. Keep in mind that when colour choices or furniture is too dramatic, it can be hard for prospective buyers to look past and it can affect the eventual property price.

Give your home a story 

An unusual home needs a story that resonates with buyers and helps them understand what makes the property so special. Perhaps the property has an interesting history, unique architecture, or standout features that make it more desirable than other homes in the neighbourhood? Help buyers discover the interesting things about your home that attracted you to it as well.

Capture the property’s best angles

This is true for any property for sale, but especially for a property that’s going to appeal to a unique audience. Get good photos that show off all the best angles of the property and help the buyer imagine what it would be like to live there, or perhaps even run their business from there.

Think outside the square

A unique property often requires a unique selling approach to match. Have a chat to your real estate agent about the kinds of buyers that are likely to be interested in your property. Depending on the property, it might be more likely that you’ll find a buyer from out of town than someone who lives locally, so you might need to use advertising that reaches a wider market.

With the power of the internet, social media and television shows, properties can reach a much wider audience than it could in the past so there are plenty of avenues to gain exposure and find the right buyer for a property that appeals to very particular tastes.

Your real estate agent will be worth their weight in gold and have the tools and knowledge to help you figure out the right marketing and pricing strategy. Every property can be sold, no matter how unique it is. Take on the advice of your agent and you will find a buyer that is looking for a home that is just like yours.

If you would like to chat about your property and the best method of selling then feel free to get in touch with the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team.

Tips to help your home sell faster and for more

Everybody wants their home to sell quickly and for a good price and one of the best things you can do to achieve this is prepare the property and yourself as best you can before the property goes on the market. 

Presentation is crucial

It’s worth spending a little bit of time and effort on making your property a place that people will see and immediately fall in love with.

A lot of sellers make the effort to clean their home, which is great, but you should also ask what else can be done to present your home at its best and make it stand out amongst other homes in the area.

Minor improvements, and possibly even home styling, can be very worthwhile investments and can help bring more buyers to your front door.

It might seem like a fresh coat of paint or some nice furniture is a waste of time, but buyers like to visualise how they can use a space and live in a home and this can be hard to do when it doesn’t look well maintained or there’s odd bits of furniture lying around.

Make the effort and try to maximise the appeal of your home. If you’re not sure where to start, talk to your agent for advice and recommendations.

Set the right price

You can sell your property successfully in any market as long as you set a price that is competitive and meets the current market.

Deciding on the right asking price can be tricky and that’s why it’s so important to listen to your real estate agent and take on their professional advice and experience, because setting a price way off the mark could be detrimental to your property’s sale.

Setting the price high might seem like an attractive option, but if you set it too high it will put off buyers and you’ll see less interest than you should. Price it too low, and buyers might think there is something wrong with the property.

Price the property right and do it from the start of the campaign, as this is when a property generally sees the most interest. 

Consider an auction 

Auctions are an ideal method of sale for owners looking to ensure their property is sold by a pre-determined date and are an especially great option for properties in high demand.

Some sellers are understandably concerned that there property won’t sell on auction day or meet its reserve, however even if this happens, an auction will still have given the property extra exposure than it would otherwise have had. 

Listen to your agent

Everyone property is different and will require a slightly different selling approach so you need to have an agent on your side who knows the area and what does and doesn’t work.

Your agent has your best interests at heart and is offering advice and feedback to get the best outcome possible for you.

Selling can be a difficult time, but try to relax and listen to the advice and feedback from your agent and your property will be sold in no time.

If you’re looking to sell your property in the Mudgee area and would like to have a chat, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team.

What home features will buyers pay extra for?

Wondering what home improvements you can make to help attract homebuyers?

Well you might not have to wonder any longer, with a survey from comparison website finder.com.au revealing the 10 most popular home improvements for Australians, and they might not be what you would expect.

While swimming pools and built-in barbecues are still desirable features for some, it was air-conditioning that topped the list of home improvements.

Of the survey’s 1,043 respondents, 65 per cent believed that air-conditioning was the most desirable property feature, closely followed by a carport or garage at 60 per cent.

A backyard (52 per cent), solar panels (33 per cent) and outdoor entertaining area (24 per cent) were also found to be popular on the home improvement list.

According to Bessie Hassan, consumer advocate at finder.com.au, the more demand there is for a feature, the more value it will add to a property.

“A home needs to have air conditioning, a backyard and off-street parking to command big bucks these days,” she says.

“Australians have become more accustomed to air conditioning and plenty of people now see it as vital. It’s pretty common in some parts of the country to get temperatures in the late 30s and buyers are prepared to contribute more if it means keeping cool at home.”

After the hot summer we’ve had in Mudgee, we’re sure that many homeowners will be considering installing air-conditioning in their homes before next summer.

However, before you go to make any home improvements to your property to help it sell, it’s always worth asking for advice first so you don’t overcapitalise.

With something like air-conditioning, it may not have the big price impact on your property that you would expect, especially as we’re coming into the warmer months where homebuyers might be more concerned about keeping the house warm.

So before you go to make home improvements to sell, give us a call at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate and have a chat about which home improvements will add the most value to your home – because every property is different and might require different improvements to help it sell.

The 10 most popular home improvements, according to finder.com.au:

  • Air conditioning (65 per cent)
  • Carport / garage (60 per cent)
  • Garden / backyard (52 per cent)
  • Solar panels (33 per cent)
  • Deck / pergola (24 per cent)
  • Dishwasher (17 per cent)
  • Swimming pool (17 per cent)
  • Built-in BBQ (4 per cent)
  • Water feature (2 per cent)
  • Garden gnomes (2 per cent)

Tips to help you figure out what a home is worth

One of the most common questions among buyers is – “How much is that house worth?”

While it is possible to predict a price range that a property is likely to fall within, it’s hard to determine it’s exact selling price. This is because no two properties are exactly alike and so they can’t be valued in the same way you would value something you pick up at the grocery store.

Even when there are two homes side by side that have the same specifications, they can end up with vastly different selling prices. This could be because of a small differing attribute that one property has over the other, or it could simply be because there was a higher bidder around for one of the properties.

However, if you want to ensure you offer a fair market value on a property there are ways of figuring out a price range it’s likely to fall within.

Find out what similar properties have sold for

The most accurate way to determine the price range of a property is to look at past sales data. There are a variety of websites that can offer this information, including realstate.com.au, domain.com.au and onthehouse.com.au, just to name a few. Compare the property in question with other similar sold properties in the area, i.e. properties that have the same number of bedrooms and the same land size. Keep in mind that there will be other variables that will also affect the price such as quality of the property, views and heritage etc.

The time when a property was sold will also be a major factor. If it has been years since the last similar property was sold in the area, then there is a good chance that property values have gone up in that time.

Look out for things that make the property particularly unique

The more rare a property is, the more it’s likely to be worth. So, for example, if there are only a few homes with a spectacular view of a popular landmark then they’re going to be worth a lot more because they’re hard to come by.

Heritage properties can also attract higher values because they hold a unique history that is hard to put a price on.

Overall, the more unique, desirable and hard to come by a property, the more it’s likely to be worth.

There is no “right” price

As we have demonstrated, there are plenty of factors that influence property values and there is no “right” price for a property.

Every property is worth something different to different people and the only way to truly determine the final price is through negotiations between the buyer and seller.

However we can help provide you with an estimate based on our local market knowledge and experience. So if you would like to discuss property values in the Mudgee area, or would like a property appraisal then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team.

5 ways to boost your home’s kerb appeal

When you’re selling your home, one of the first things that potential buyers will notice is your home’s exterior.

Sure the inside of the property is important too, but the outside of the home is where you can make a real impact and create that all important first impression on buyers.

So what can you do to improve your home’s kerb appeal and reel in those buyers?

  1. Landscaping – Don’t overlook the importance of planting trees and plants around your property to make it feel homely and inviting. A bare front yard tends to make a property feel stark and exposed, so add some new garden beds and trees to help bring a bit of life to your front and backyard.
  1. Front door – Painting the entire house can be an expensive endeavour, but if you just want your home to look a little more modern then it might be worth just painting the front door. A fresh coat of paint on the front door can lift the appearance of the entire home and help add property value too. Check out Pinterest for some front door colour inspiration, with bright yellows, reds and blues being extremely popular at the moment.
  1. House numbers and letterbox – Sometimes small things can have a big impact. If your mailbox and house numbers are looking a little worse for wear then consider changing them to add a little bit of style or colour to the front of your home, and give it a more modern look.
  1. Windows and trim – If your windows are scratched, broken or old then your property is bound to look 100% better with new ones. If you can’t afford to replace windows then at least make sure they’re clean and that the trim looks neat and tidy. Adding window boxes can also help add a bit some colour and life to your home’s appearance.
  1. Pressure clean – If your home’s exterior has a build-up of mould, mildew or dirt on it, then a good pressure cleaning is probably the best thing you can do for it. Pressure cleaners can be bought or hired if you want to DIY, or you might prefer to hire a professional exterior cleaner to do the work for you.

Keep in mind that every property is different, so you need to decide what you can change at your property to make the biggest impact. If you would like any advice on improving your home’s kerb appeal then don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team.