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How to tick off your 2017 property goals

A lot of people will be planning on eating healthier and starting a new fitness regime this month but there will also be a lot of people looking at changing their property situation.

The problem with a lot of goals is that it’s hard to make those first few steps and kick them into action, so we have a bit of advice to get some common property goals off the ground.

Property goal #1: find a new home

Outgrowing your current home or just looking for a change? With interest rates at record lows, it’s a great time to buy and there are plenty of fantastic property opportunities in Mudgee to suit a variety of buyers and budgets.

If you had no luck finding a property in 2016, your problem could be that you’re looking at properties that are out of your price range. Try to expand your search this year and look at properties in new suburbs or properties that might not have all the features you originally wanted. The home you buy now doesn’t need to be the home you have forever, you can always renovate or move when you have saved more later on.

For those who live in Sydney and are getting frustrated by escalating property prices, now could be the time to look at your lifestyle and ask if a tree-change to Mudgee is the right move for you. 

Property goal #2: renovate

If you’re not thinking about moving you might be looking at improving the home you’ve already got. Renovations are a personal decision based on what you want to get out of your home, but if you’re looking to sell soon then it’s worth considering the renovations that will add the most value.

In general, the renovations that help add value include new kitchens and bathrooms, extensions and painting. Every property is unique though and different renovations will be needed to help it reach its full potential.

To help you get your renovations off the ground, talk to local builders, draftsmen, agents or an architect to help you decide what is right for your home.

Property goal #3: sell up and move on

Looking to move on to a new place or lifestyle? Making the decision to sell is never easy and there is always a lot to think about – such as where you will move to next and what you need to do to get the property ready for sale.

To help you make an informed decision about selling it’s worth having a chat to a Professionals Mudgee Real Estate Agent to find out what your home is worth and what you can do to help maximise its sale price. A chat with an agent might also help you understand what it happening in the local market and what else is available to buy when you do decide to move on.

Best of luck in all of your property goals for 2017, and remember if you need any help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team at Professional Mudgee Real Estate.

5 ways to freshen up an older property

Mudgee is home to some beautiful old properties, but as with any property if they’re not kept well maintained they start to look tired over time.

But don’t be deterred from an older property just because it needs a little bit of work. Often times you only need to make a couple of small changes to an older home to make it feel like new again.

To make your home feel like it was built just yesterday, here are some ideas:

  1. Get out the paintbrush

There’s no denying that paint can completely transform a room or a property’s exterior. Painting is a relatively easy way to freshen up an older home and one of the best things about it is that it’s easy for a lot of people to do themselves.

Interior design magazines and blogs are a great place to get paint colour inspiration, just make sure you factor in the amount if lighting in the room and the colour of any existing fixtures.

  1. Updates the floors

If a property still has shagpile carpet from the 70s then it’s definitely time to look at an upgrade.

Some older homes have beautiful hardwood floorboards waiting to discovered, and with a sand and polish will look like new. If not, there are lots of inexpensive flooring options that can look great, whether its tiles, laminate or carpet.

  1. Bring the property into the 21st century

Some properties just need a couple of new appliances or fixtures to make them more comfortable for modern day living.

Air-conditioning is a good place to start, but some other popular mod cons include sensor lighting, home alarm systems, automatic gates and solar panels.

  1. Refinish the kitchen and bathroom 

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the first places to show their age, but they can also be quite expensive to completely replace.

A quicker and cheaper option it to get all of the surfaces, including cabinets, vanities and bathtubs, refinished in a new colour.

This can be a DIY job, but will often look best if you bring in a professional to do the hard work for you. 

  1. Accentuate what makes the home unique

Celebrate the history of your home by letting some of its older features shine. If you home still has ceiling roses, ornate cornices, picture rails or antique fireplaces then hold onto these and make them a real feature of your home.

It’s the character and charm that most people love about an older home, so keep this in mind when renovating.

Create a kids’ paradise indoors

kids bedroom 1We all know that the first 5 years of a child’s life are incredibly important for their development and school readiness.  We also know that children love to play.  So when it comes to creating the perfect bedroom for our Mudgee youngsters it’s important to think a little like a child and let your imagination run wild.  Having walked through many houses, and watched all the reality TV renovation shows, we’ve come up with some tips you might like to consider to liven up your kids’ rooms, and make them a place your children love to be.

  • Bright colours are an obvious choice for children.  Rather than using one bright block colour on the walls, consider choosing 3 or 4 colours and providing the splashes of colour through furniture, bedding and curtains.
  • Children’s artwork makes wonderful wall art.  You can either hang their kinder paintings, or purchase some cheap canvas and let your little one go wild with an afternoon finger painting session.
  • If you own your own home, chalkboard paint can work a treat in children’s bedrooms.  Young ones can draw pictures, while it’s the perfect place for you to leave your older child a little reminder.
  • Graphics are also a great wall decoration for kids’ rooms, with many opting for decorated alphabets to inspire early literacy.  These can look great, and don’t need to permanently mark your walls.  There are many peel-off versions of the sticker (which are perfect for rental homes).
  • Rather than sticking with the same old light fixtures you have in the rest of the rooms, why not jazz up your little one’s room with some fun lighting.  Little girls love fairy lights, and little boys will rarely knock back a fancy rocket or superhero themed lamp.
  • Oversized toy boxes and hanging toy bags can make great decorations, as well keeping all the matchbox cars and Barbie dolls off the floor.

When you’re planning updates to your child’s room, use your imagination.  Keep things as light and fun as possible, and let your children contribute as much as possible with their creative mind and artistic ability.

Adding value to your Mudgee home

RenovatingWhether you’re selling Mudgee real estate, a car or a toaster, there’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to adding value.  It probably goes without saying but the better something is, the easier it will be to sell and the more attractive the eventual sale price will be.

When relating this rule to the sale of Mudgee real estate, there are two rooms that when finished off well will typically add the biggest impact on buyers – the kitchen and bathroom.  A kitchen or bathroom in need of repairs or modernising will generally be perceived as requiring costly renovations.  When an owner has left an area unloved buyers will often think the renovation must have been too much of a hassle or too expensive for the seller to take on.  It also doesn’t give a great impression if the owner has ‘let things go’. Buyers viewing a property that’s exuding neglect will likely assume there are more issues than simple cosmetic ones and put it in the too hard basket.

Buyers will often make ultra conservative guess-timations about the cost of repairs and renovations before making their offer on a home, and their offer is adjusted down according to what they believe they may need to spend.  Whether you’re considering large renovations or updating a room or two, it can be worthwhile doing the job yourself.  If you’ve ever seen an episode of Selling Houses Australia you would no doubt have been blown away by how little it can actually cost owners to revamp and style their homes to great affect, and how dramatically this can influence what buyers are willing to pay.

At the end of the day, a house with a well presented kitchen and bathroom has the ability to create the impression of luxury and ‘WOW’ potential buyers.  So the equation is fairly simple; if you’re looking for ways to improve the value and saleability of your Mudgee home, and your finances permit, consider a bathroom and kitchen renovation.  This will be beneficial whether it be for the possible future sale of your Mudgee property, or to simply improve the bank’s view of the value of your home to help with financing the purchase of an investment property.

If you’d like to know more about optimising your home’s potential before putting it on the market, please contact us at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate.

Developments – What’s Happening in Mudgee?

With a city that’s developing at the rate Mudgee is, and with so many works happening in local neighbourhoods, sometimes it’s really difficult to keep up with what’s happening in Mudgee.

The Mid-Western Regional Council provides public information on local development applications that have been submitted for both commercial and residential developments, whether they be subdividing, demolishing an existing dwelling or putting an addition on a house.

To know what’s happening in your own street, you can access development application submissions on a site – planningalerts.org.au – which outlines broadly what the application is for and when it was lodged, however we’ve found that the site provides mostly liquor licensing applications, whereas the Mid-Western Regional Council website, provides a month-to-month documentation of planning development applications.

For instance, if you’re travelling along your street and notice a garage being added to a home and you’re curious about what is happening or concerned that things aren’t being done to council’s standards, you can take a look at the council website to see whether the development has actually been approved.

Development applications (DA’s) are development proposals that require approval from council before they can proceed. To read about the development application process for the Mid-Western Regional Council area, click here.

Dangers of Cutting Corners

The renovating bug has been popular for about 10 years now with TV shows inspiring people to do up their homes on a strict budget, but if you’re going to DIY, make sure you’re not cutting corners, because it could cause real dangers for future owners of the property, or even your own family.

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Renovating Your Bathroom – Considered A Wet Room?

Wet rooms have taken over as the latest trend in bathroom designs, so what exactly is a wet room and why would you want one? It’s probably a pretty ‘out there’ concept for some of the homes in Mudgee, but we always like to see what’s trending and could be the next ‘feature’ to sell homes.

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