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How Low Can Interest Rates Go?

The Reserve Bank of Australia has again lowered the cash interest rate this month, which means pressure is again on banks and lenders to pass on at least a proportion of the rate cut to mortgage holders. But how low can interest rates go?

The futures market is currently predicting that there will be a fairly big drop in the official cash rate this year, potentially going as low as 2.50 percent by Christmas 2012. For homeowners, this could mean that the average basic variable home loan product could be as low as 5.10 per cent by the end of the year.

We saw some major drops on the stock market this week, and with uncertainty over the state of global economic conditions, it’s likely that the Australian economy will be held together by the RBA cutting rates again in coming months, but we will just have to wait and see what happens.

If banks and other lenders do decide to pass on this month’s full interest rate cut (which is unlikely), it would make for another bit of welcome relief for mortgage holders at least. We’ll wait to see what they do, and whether it opens up lending opportunities to more property buyers.

Ever Wanted A Home With A Fully Decked Out Railway Carriage?

Well if you said “yes”, then you’re in luck because there’s a property that fits the bill right here in Mudgee – and it’s definitely a home with a difference!

Our day to day business of selling and managing real estate affords us the opportunity to see some crazy and wild homes here in Mudgee, some of the most prestigious and of course some of the most amazing properties you could come across. This property is one such property so we thought we’d share it with our readers, because it has something that no other property has (that we’ve ever seen anyway!).

Check out the deck and the immaculately designed and renovated internals of this self-contained railway carriage… you can imagine how great the accompanying house is! With a full sized kitchen, lounge, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, back deck and front deck with a pizza oven and view to die for, you can see why this railway carriage is different to most.

Now we wouldn’t normally talk about specific properties on the I Love Mudgee blog, but this is something you don’t see everyday and it’s already gained a lot of interest from the local community, so we thought we’d share.

If you’re thinking about starting a unique B&B, we think this place ticks all the boxes and then some, not only because of the style of the railway carriage, but also because it has a spectacular view and dirt bike tracks for visiting guests or families with children want to get out and explore the great outdoors!

If you’re interested in purchasing a home with a self contained railway carriage out the back, then you’re in luck because this one is on the market and you can inspect by appointment with Chandelle Woods of Professionals Mudgee right now!

Click here to view the listing of this home, or click here for Chandelle’s contact details!

What’s Showtime All About?

Deciding to put your house on the market can be an emotional decision, physically signing the contract to sell your house can be even more emotional, especially if the process has taken longer than you’d expected. So we’ve put together “Showtime”, a booklet of 101 ways to showcase your home for sale. The idea of Showtime is to help give sellers an ultimate advantage in the marketplace and get their home sold for the maximum price in minimal time.

Want a sneak peek at our 101 tips for showcasing your home for sale in Mudgee?


You are not just selling a house; you are selling a lifestyle and a dream. In this guide we will step through what it takes to highlight your property’s best features, try to look at each room as objectively as possible and perhaps even have an impartial person with you for an honest opinion.


The driveway is one of the first impressions so make sure it is cleaned and free of weeds (for paved or stone driveways). Your driveway and paths could benefit from a pressure clean and re-seal to really lift their presentation.


Include your children in the selling process, take time to explain the move to your children, if they understand what’s going on they are more likely to find the moving process a smooth one. Ask for your children’s help in making their beds and picking up in their rooms prior to showings.

These are just a few of the tips out of the 101 we have listed in Showtime! As a special offer, local property owners are being offered a FREE copy of “Showtime”, an essential guide for property sellers with 101 ways to showcase your home. BUT, we’ve only been able to secure a limited number of free copies, so when you find a letter in your mailbox from us, Adam & Chandelle Woods of Professionals Mudgee, be sure to contact us!

Real Estate Investing in Mudgee

You’ve probably read about all the great benefits of investing in real estate in Mudgee, because of the rental demand being so high, so today we wanted to give you some references for your investment property research if you’re looking to invest… because if you are thinking about investing in real estate, Mudgee is the place to do it!

The below links will take you to some of the posts we’ve written about property investment and should answer some of the questions you might have if you’re looking to invest in Mudgee, or just invest in real estate in general:

Step 1 – Research
Step 2 – What to Avoid
Step 3 – What are the Benefits?
Step 4 – Myths
Costs of Property Investing
Maximising Returns
Tips and Questions
Why Invest in Mudgee?
Managing your Investment Property (PDF booklet download – 1.84Mb)

Investing in real estate isn’t for everyone, so you should always consider what the best option is for you based on your circumstances and always seek professional advice from your financial advisor before committing to any real estate transaction.

We live and breathe everything Mudgee, and know from our own real estate business that the rental market is very competitive, so good quality rental properties are being scooped up exceedingly quickly, so there are some very good returns to be made for the long term, savvy property investor here in Mudgee. If you’d like to see what properties we have on offer, you can visit our website, or give us a call to chat about suitable investment opportunities here in Mudgee.

PS: Want Tips on Showcasing your Home?

Dear Mudgee property owners, buyers and sellers,

If a property in your street has just come onto the market for sale, chances are that you’ll be interested in how the sale goes, what the property is advertised at and ultimately what it sells for. Why? Because it may have a bearing on what your home is worth in the real estate sales market.

One of the great things about being a local real estate agency in Mudgee, is that we are blessed with one of the best regions in Australia (that’s what we think), to meet people and help them transition to their new home and lifestyle here in Mudgee.

Another great part of being in real estate, is that we learn lots of great ways to help people sell their home for an optimum price, so if you happen to see one of our letters in your mailbox, make sure you take notice, because there’s a bonus little offer at the end which may give you a competitive edge when it comes to selling your own home.

PS: As a special offer, local property owners are being offered a FREE copy of “Showtime”, an essential guide for property sellers with 101 ways to showcase your home. BUT, we’ve only been able to secure a limited number of free copies, so when you see that letter in your mailbox, be sure to contact us!

What’s the Real Estate Market Doing at the Moment?

Locally we know that Mudgee has a relatively strong housing market because of the mining industry’s impact on building, investment, and rental demand. Quite often though, the media reports of Australia’s housing market is not as positive.

Last week, RPdata, one of Australia’s leading authorities on real estate market statistics, reported that the country’s property market is showing signs of stabilising with home values rising 0.2% in March 2012. Whilst this may not seem like much of an improvement, the positive news is that the housing market has not weakened, and our own capital city Sydney, is one of the main growth centres for the current market with home values rising 1.1% in the Jan-Mar 2012 quarter.

Finance approvals have played a major role in the stabilisation, with first home buyers coming back to the real estate market instead of continuing to rent, which we know first hand that weekly rents continue to rise across many parts of Australia, especially in regional towns like Mudgee where the mining industry has had such a significant impact on housing availability.

The RBA has also reported that many mortgage holders are paying off capital on top of their minimum mortgage repayments, which shows that home owners are coping better financially with managing mortgage dept than in recent years.

Overall it appears that Australia’s housing market could start to see a turn around, though when that happens is for the experts to speculate. We’re all for hearing positive news, so we wait in anticipation for more on the movements of the residential housing market – stay tuned!

Property Research Resources

Buying or selling a property can involve a lot more research than simply finding a home or an agent online, so we wanted to share some of the resources that might help you in researching local areas, demographics, market trends and more.

Below we’ve listed some websites that help you compare real estate statistics so that you be informed about where you’re buying or selling. Whilst much of the information on these sites is general, it is a good starting point for your property research. Remember to check the date that the information was published as well to ensure you’re getting the most up to date data.

–          MyRP: Reports for Buyers, Reports for Sellers, Reports for Investors

–          Australian Property Monitors: Reports for Buyers, Reports for Sellers, Reports for Investors

–          Real Estate Institute of New South Wales: Helpful Links

–          Realestate.com.au: Local Voices, Suburb Profiles

–          Domain.com.au: Suburb Reports

It is always a good idea to talk to real estate experts in the area to make sure what you’re research says is reflected in the current day market and that you’re interpreting it correctly. But as a place to start with your property research, whether it’s in Mudgee or otherwise, if you are looking to buy, sell, rent or invest then these websites should be able to offer you valuable information.

To chat to us about the local Mudgee market, please feel free to contact us any time.

Know A Sydney-sider Looking for a Tree-Change?

If you know of someone living in Sydney, who’s looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, you may like to pass on this information… it may be just the incentive they need to make the tree-change to Mudgee or one of our surrounding townships.

You may have read in our blog previously about the NSW state government’s $7,000 regional relocation grant which were introduced last year for homeowners relocating from the city to established homes in regional areas of NSW. The big news now is that the grant also applies to those who want to build a new home as well as those purchasing existing homes. The idea is that the incentive will help boost the NSW construction industry and regional economies.

To be eligible for the grants, those who live in metropolitan areas would need to sell their city home and buy a parcel of vacant land valued up to $450,000, or a completed or off-the-plan home valued up to $600,000 in regional NSW which could be Mudgee, Gulgong, Kandos or one of our other regional townships.

For those who buy vacant land, the foundations must be laid within six months of completion of the land purchase and the home must be occupied as a principal place of residence within 12 months. The city residence can be sold within the 12 months prior to or after the purchase of the regional home.

Your city friends and family may like to do some more research, and can visit www.osr.nsw.gov.au/benefits/rrg/ for more information.

Of course, for local market knowledge and property availability, we’re always happy to chat, so please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, email, comment on our post, or visit our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate website for property listings in Mudgee and surrounding districts.

House Design Trends

You probably notice when you drive through new housing developments or see new homes being built, that they often look quite similar in design. Inside a home, you can sometimes tell the era that the home was decorated by the presence of shagpile carpet or orange laminate on the kitchen benches.

House design and decorating trends change continually and while it can seem like a great idea to use bold colours or follow trends of the time, it generally doesn’t take long for a new design trend to take over. If you’re decorating with the intention to sell sometime in the near future, it may be wise to stick to some neutral elements as well so your home doesn’t become dated to quickly.

Neutral walls with great artwork create a great sense of what’s “trendy”, without dating your homes interior. Timber floors are timeless and a great feature of a home if you’re looking to update coverings.

So if you want to sell your home in years to come, without having to update or change the style to suit modern buyers, it can be wise to avoid the more outrageous home design and decorating trends and stick to those that will be a feature of your home well into the future.

Remember it’s always best to keep to a single theme throughout your home, and to decorate and style it to the style of your home, especially if it’s a period home.

Got Questions About Buying Your First Home?

We’re often asked all kinds of questions from people that haven’t bought real estate before, so we wanted to open up the forum to questions that you can either send us privately or through the comments section below. We know that entering the real estate market can be daunting and exciting all at the same time, but there are some points that we’d like to highlight to first home buyers.

Don’t rely solely on the media for your information because what’s true as an overall statement for the country, may not apply to the area that you’re looking to buy in necessarily. If you do your research, talk to people in the local market and get a good understanding of your goals and capabilities, then you’ll probably find that there’s a property out there for you in any market.

Here are some of the things that we’re asked regularly…

 “What if I don’t have enough for my deposit?” – Generally, it’s hard for first time buyers to save up the thousands of dollars needed for a deposit, but it’s definitely in your interests to have it in your bank account. Start saving now, and if you don’t have enough, you may have to find family and friends to borrow from to make up the difference. Also talk to your mortgage broker and/or financial advisor to get an idea of how much you need to save in order to borrow your ideal amount.

“I don’t like any of the houses in my price range, will I find the I want?” – In all honesty, there aren’t many first home buyers that get their dream home straight up. Getting into the real estate market can be like taking stepping stones through life, you have to start with the first step before you reach your ultimate destination. Our advice is the sooner you get into the property market the sooner you’ll be onto the next stepping stone.

“Who looks after finance when I want to buy a property?” – You need to talk to your bank or a mortgage broker about your finance. The best suggestion we can make is to ask around trusted friends and family to get an idea of what their experience has been with their lenders and then assess the deals that your mortgage broker presents to you. Take your time to go through all the options and fine print so you know exactly what commitments you’re making.

If you have a question about buying your first property, please email us or comment below and we’ll be sure to answer it to the best of our knowledge. If you think you are ready to get into the Mudgee real estate market, then visit us at Professionals Mudgee and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions in person and show you our available properties for sale.