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Tips for Mudgee’s first time renters

Renting for the first time can be a daunting experience and at the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate office we often have first time renters contact us and ask us about the renting process, or how to rent without having a previous rental history.

Renting isn’t as difficult as it first seems though, and if you have any questions about renting in Mudgee (or you know someone who does) then you might like to read through the below tip sheet we have put together to help out first time renters.

  • How much can you afford? – Before you can start searching for rental properties you will need to figure out a price range to search within. If you’re renting for the first time then you may not have considered all of the expenses that can come with living out of home for the first time such as electricity and phone bills, groceries and other miscellaneous costs. Create a budget and figure out how much money you can realistically afford to pay on rent each week.
  • Where do you want to live? – Think carefully about the area you want to live in and whether it will suit your needs. Do you need to be near shops? Or do you want to be close to work, transport or schools?
  • Have you read the fine print? – When going through rental listings make sure you read the fine print. Some properties may have specific limitations such as “short term lease only”, “no pets”, or “not available until”. Make an effort to read rental listings in full to help whittle down your rental shortlist.
  • Have you got your documents ready? – Make sure all of your documents are ready with you when you head to open homes so that you can apply straight away and don’t miss out to somebody else. This will include a completed application form and photocopies of ID and payslips.
  • Do you have references? – If you have never rented before then there are a number of things you can do to help strengthen your application such as providing personal references or asking a parent to co-sign a lease for you. The more information you can provide that will show your ability to be able to pay the rent and look after the property the better.
  • Do you have your bond money ready to pay? – If your rental application is accepted then you will need to have the bond money ready to deposit.  A bond is usually equal to one month’s rent.

If you’re looking for a place to rent in Mudgee, or if you have any questions about renting, then please contact our friendly team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate today.

How to impress at your next rental inspection

If you’re a renter in Mudgee (or anywhere else in Australia) then you might have a routine property inspection coming up.

A property inspection is simply a chance for your landlord or property manager to check out the property and ensure that everything is being maintained and kept in working order. For the tenant, a property inspection is also a good opportunity to let their property manager know whether there are any issues that need to be addressed with the property.

Most renters like to give their rental property a big clean up before inspection day, and this is definitely recommended if you want to impress your property manager.

If you want to make sure you are fully prepared for your next rental inspection, here are some property preparation tips to keep in mind.

  1. Walls – Ensure the property’s internal walls are free of any damage or marks. If there is an issue such as cracking or water stains you should let your property manager know immediately.
  2. Floors – Vacuum before your inspection and ensure floors are checked for stains.
  3. Cupboards & drawers – Clean and wipe down cupboards and draws and check that they’re all functioning correctly.
  4. Appliances – Appliances should be in working order. If anything isn’t working as it should, let your property manager know.
  5. Windows/doors – Clean all windows and doors and make sure they are in working order.
  6. Bathrooms – It’s a good idea to give the bathroom a thorough clean to ensure it is free or any marks or soap scum.
  7. Property exterior – For those renting a house or townhouse, ensure that the outside gardens are all well maintained and that pathways are clear.

Before inspection day, tenants should also remember to keep their communication details up-to-date so that they can be properly advised of their inspection time and date. It is also a good idea to fill out any maintenance forms before inspection day so that the property manager can address this for you.

If you are renting with Professionals Mudgee Real Estate and require any advice or information about your rental property, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today.


Tips for first time renters

first time renterSearching for your first rental home in Mudgee can feel like quite a daunting experience.  In fact, know many first time renters come to us not knowing where to start or what their rights or obligations are.  With many school leavers about to leave home before embarking on their first year of Tafe, University, or an apprenticeship, we know our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate Property Managers are about to enter their peak time of year.  We thought we’d put together this little tip sheet for those about to take their first step into the world of renting Mudgee real estate.

  • Search in the price range you can afford.  This may sound really obvious, but it can be very tempting to keep jumping up to the next price bracket.  Just remember, your first rental home doesn’t have to be your dream home – and paying an extra $20-$30/week in rent may not seem like much, but actually equates to around $85-$130/month.  Work out what you can afford, then find the property that most closely meets your needs, while staying within your budget.
  • If you’re moving out of mum and dad’s to be closer to University, work or Tafe, make sure you’re looking at properties that have easy access to it, or that you’re nearby to the public transport that will get you there.
  • Read the fine print.  Most internet advertising will tell you the property price, available date, and if the owners want a short term tenancy.  The advertising will also let you know the viewing instructions and open home times.  You may be able to quickly eliminate properties from your shortlist if they’re not available until after University starts, or if the owners only want a 6 month lease.
  • Be prepared.  When viewing properties between now and early 2014, expect that competition will be tough and it may take a few weeks.  Start looking early, take a completed application form and photocopies of ID and payslips with you, so you can submit your application as soon as you’ve been through the property you want.
  • Have your bond money ready to pay.  Assume your tenancy application will be accepted, and make sure you have the bond money ready to deposit.  A bond is usually equal to one month’s rent.

If you’re ready to find your first Mudgee rental home, or if you have any questions about renting in Mudgee, please contact our friendly team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate today.  We’d love to help you.


What Makes A Good Property Manager?

Professionals LogoA strong and positive relationship between a property manager and landlord is vital when planning an investment in real estate.  A good property manager will do more than simply advertise your home for rent, and they know their job is not done by signing up a new tenant.  Your property manager isn’t just there to fill your house with people and then take out a commission from your rent payment each month.  A good property manager will actually work to maintain and increase your overall capital.

You will need a property manager who conducts regular routine inspections.  There are several reasons for this.  Although some tenants may view inspections as intrusive, they’re actually in part to benefit the tenants, as this gives us a really good opportunity to see if there are any maintenance issues requiring attention to keep the home safe and comfortable for the tenants.  It’s also our chance to make sure the property is being maintained to a high standard for the landlord, and quickly rectify any problems.  Without these regular inspections small maintenance issues may be neglected, resulting in the need for costly repairs – and we know you don’t want to be spending big bucks on your investment property if I could be easily avoided.

A good property manager will have their finger on the pulse of the Mudgee rental market, and will be able to provide you with a lot of advice.  They will know what you should be charging in rent in the current market, and will conduct annual rent reviews to ensure they’ve negotiated the best return possible for your Mudgee home.  They will also be aware of what tenants are looking for, and will advise you of any improvements that could be made to increase your return, or help your home appeal to more tenants if it becomes vacant.

To provide you with your best options for moving forward with your investment, a property manager whom exceeds all criteria for expert advice and optimal service is needed.  At Professionals Mudgee Real Estate, client satisfaction is extremely important to us.  We will provide detailed information and steps forward to put you in the best position to reap the benefits of the growing capital from your property.

For more information, please contact our friendly Property Management team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate.


Your Mudgee Rental Market Update

house keyAfter a rollercoaster ride in 2012 which saw prices reach dizzying heights in patches, things seem to have levelled off somewhat in 2013.  Although the number of rentals available remains high, prices have eased off and steadied since the boom period.

On average we’ve been consistently seeing over 100 properties advertised for rent on www.realestate.com.au since January, with 126 advertised at the beginning of August.  The trend seems to be that well priced, well presented properties are attracting tenants, while landlords aiming to achieve the boom prices of 2012 are finding that their vacancy period is substantially longer.

We seem to be receiving minimal enquiry on furnished Mudgee rentals.  With no new major projects in the pipeline, and prospect of Moolarben constructing their own workers’ camp for stage 2 development, landlords are beginning to store or sell furniture to ensure their properties appeal to a wider range of tenants in the hope of securing a lease agreement.

Our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team is extremely proud to announce that our strong focus on pricing for the market, quality marketing and communication with landlords has placed us as the #1 residential rental agency in town.  According to www.realestate.com.au, Professionals Mudgee Real Estate leased over 40% of available properties last month, and currently hold the greatest market share of ‘leased’ properties in the area.

If you’re looking for a new rental home, or want tips to ensure your investment property is vacant for the shortest time possible, please give our friendly Property Management team a call on 02 6372 2584.

Would you rent to a tenant with pets?

CatIf you’re thinking of putting your Mudgee investment property on the rental market, you may have been asked whether or not you’ll accept tenants with pets.  It’s not unusual when scrolling through available rental properties to find that many have a ‘no pets’ policy.  As a landlord you are well within your rights to say that you do not want pets in your property, and we know there are various reasons people can’t have pets such as body corporate restrictions.  But if there are no serious reasons to exclude pets, why would you choose to eliminate potentially fantastic tenants just on this basis?

In a hot Mudgee rental market, when supply is barely meeting demand, you’re less likely to feel the pinch and can probably afford to be a little choosier when selecting from a bunch of applications.  However, when rental home supply starts to outweigh tenant demand, you really need to think clearly about just what your priorities are.  Is it more important for you to have a tenant who is financially stable with outstanding references and hoping to stay long term, or to have a tenant who is simply sans pets?

I was interested to overhear a conversation between two landlords recently.  One was quite shocked to discover their friend had allowed their tenant to buy a pet cat.   When asked why, the other simply stated, “Because it’s my investment, but it’s their home”.  Looking after your tenants can help establish much more positive relationships, and will likely ensure you keep your tenants happier for longer – and we all know that enjoying a continual rental income with no vacancy periods can be very hard to beat!

Naturally your Property Manager will be able to help you with this decision.  It is often recommended that Mudgee home owners do not advertise for ‘no pets’, but instead consider each tenancy application on its own merits.  If the best tenant for your Mudgee home comes with a cat, dog, fish or bird, your Property Manager will discuss various clauses that can be added to your tenancy agreement so that their pets will merely impact their lifestyle, not your home’s condition or value.

If you’d like more information about renting out your Mudgee investment property, please contact our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate Property Management team.

Worried about losing your Mudgee rental home?

Lady on CouchWhether you’ve bought or rented real estate in Mudgee, the chances are you’ve chosen that home for a reason.  In the case of a Mudgee rental property it may be the lifestyle, surrounding schools, friendly neighbours, perfect floor plan for you/your family, or something else that has obviously drawn you in and moved you to sign a lease agreement.  And we all know, as much as we might like to pack lightly at each move, we commonly accumulate more and more possessions every year.

It’s probably safe to say, once you’ve gone to the effort of finding a rental home, submitted your application, moved in, and unpacked all your things to set up your new home, you don’t really want to have to move out again any time soon.   But we all know that lease agreements don’t last forever, and your landlord may terminate your lease for any number of reasons.  Some reasons you can’t help: they want to move in themselves; or perhaps they can’t afford to keep the property anymore and need to sell.  However, some landlords simply choose to re-list the home for rent when a lease agreement expires because of the actions of their current tenants.

If you’re happily living in a Mudgee rental home, and would like to do everything in your power to stay, here are a few tips:

  • Don’t assume your landlord is any more wealthy than you – Pay your rent on time!  While there tends to be a common misconception that landlords are all wealthy, I can tell you for a fact this isn’t necessarily true.  I know several landlords who are young couples and young families who wanted to get their foot into the property market door, but struggle to pay their mortgage each month on top of all of their other expenses.  Many landlords sacrifice going away on holidays, allowing their children to do extra curricula activities, or take on extra jobs to help alleviate the financial burden. For such landlords, the fact that the rent is paid on time is not only important to their cash flow, it’s essential!  If you think paying your rent late will be okay every now and then, just remember that your landlord is unlikely to forget it, and it may help them to decide whether or not to renew your lease.
  • Use common sense when it comes to maintenance requests.  This one’s tricky, because it’s every tenant’s right to live in a house that is safe and in good order.  Basically, use your common sense – If there is a very minor issue that doesn’t affect your safety or standard of living, consider reporting it at your next maintenance inspection rather than sending an email to your agent marked ‘URGENT’.  On the flip side, if there’s a major issue it needs to be reported immediately.  If major maintenance works are not carried out straight away it can lead to even more serious problems and can end up costing the owner a lot more, as well as being a potentially unsafe environment for you.
  • Be good to your neighbours.  Whether you have a barking dog, screaming fights in the backyard, lawns up your waist or use your front yard as extra storage space, your agent is likely to receive a complaint from at least one neighbour.  Think of the impact you have on neighbours. If neighbours complain to the agent, landlord or (worst case scenario) police, it goes without saying that your lease renewal paperwork is far more likely to end up in the shredder than your letterbox.
  • Agents will always give you notice before they come through for an inspection – so why not give the place a good clean and tidy up?  It doesn’t hurt to impress the agent by showing them how well you’re looking after the home, and their feedback can go a long way towards securing your future in the house.
  • This should go without saying – but you’d be surprised.  If you plan to make any changes to the home – whether it’s nailing in a picture hook or creating a vegetable garden out the back – be sure to ask permission first.  Landlords will often surprise you by allowing good tenants to make small changes or changes they believe may add value to the home later.  But if it’s a change they don’t know about and/or don’t approve of, they’re unlikely to be overjoyed at finding out after you’ve made the changes.

If you’re unsure about tenants’ rights and responsibilities, please feel free to visit our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate office or contact our friendly and knowledgeable Property Managers; we’d be happy to provide you with the right advice.

Have Pets? Want to Rent? No Problem!

If you have a pet and have been renting or looking to rent in Mudgee, you’ll be familiar with the seemingly endless process of applying for and securing a rental property. When you’re in competition with other suitable candidates without pets, it can sometimes seem impossible to get ahead of the game. Here are a few tips to help you secure your dream rental home… with Fido.

  • Be Direct: While you shouldn’t be afraid to apply for properties that do not specify if pets are allowed, you can save yourself a lot of time by sounding it out with the agent. Be honest, explain your situation and your type and age of pet, and be sure to call prior to the inspection – if you’re going for a popular property, other people will have their applications ready on the day.
  • Get Typing: There are some great free services online to give you the leg up in finding and applying for rentals. www.petfriendlyrentals.com.au has a wonderful free pet resume service. This might sound a bit strange, but by including a representation of your pet on paper – detailing training and medical histories for your dog – helps to show just how responsible you are.
  • Ask for a reference: If you’ve had a positive experience in your current property, and always pass your inspections with flying colours, then don’t be afraid to ask for a written reference from your property manager.
  • Offer Your Paw: It always helps to mention that the property manager or owner are welcome to meet your pet before they take up residence in their investment – though this isn’t advisable if your dog is excited by guests!

The reality is that it’s the bad behaviour of some that ruin it for the well-behaved majority – once a landlord with a Mudgee investment property has been badly burnt by a negative experience with a horror tenant and their misbehaved pets; they’re far more likely to ask their agent to put “Sorry No Pets” on their listing. You can help prevent or break this cycle for someone by showing them what a great experience renting to someone with a pet can be. Of course, if you get the property make sure you always pay your rent on time or early – so that they don’t regret taking a risk by taking on a tenant with a dog or cat!

Our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate office currently have at least 9 properties available that will happily accept an application with pets, so if you’re on the look-out please feel free to contact our property managers directly on 6372 2584.

A Guide For First Time Mudgee Real Estate Renters

Whether you’re keen to gain some independence, or your parents are nudging you out the front door, you’re now embarking on your first venture into the world of real estate renting!  Preparing to rent your first home can be exciting, overwhelming and at times a little scary, so we’ve decided to help you out with this guide for first time Mudgee real estate renters.  We will begin with tips for choosing your first rental home, but keep a look out over the coming weeks for more tips for first time renters.

  1. Choose your area carefully.  Consider the lifestyle you like to lead and start compiling a list of your ‘must haves’, ’would like to haves’, and ‘deal breakers’.   If you have children you may need to be close to daycare or schools, singles may want nearby bars or to have easy access to public transport, and couples may choose to be within an easy travel to cafes and restaurants.  Google maps is a great guide to what’s on offer in every suburb, but if you’d like to make a quick comparison between neighbourhoods, visit http://www.walkscore.com/ to quickly find each areas ‘walk score’.
  2. Be on the ball!  Setting up real estate email alerts is a good start, but don’t rely solely on one website.  In a competitive rental market it’s important to know as soon as new houses become available so that you’re one of the first to inspect.  A great way to get ahead of the game is to speak with local real estate agents.  They will not only let you know which of their available properties may suit you, but they may also know of other houses that will be coming up soon.
  3. If you do see a rental house online that you think may suit you, don’t hesitate to phone the listing agent with specific questions you have about the home, or to request an inspection prior to the first open house.  This may not be possible if the house is currently tenanted, but it never hurts to ask – or to show your enthusiasm.
  4. Make sure you read the fine print.  Some rental listings may have specific limitations, such as “short term lease only”, “no pets”, or “not available until”.   Read the listing carefully and determine whether or not their special conditions will suit you.  Can you stay put until the house becomes available; do you have any pets that will not meet the owner’s approval; will the length of lease be problematic for you?  You don’t want to be settling into your new home only to find the owner is moving back in six months, and equally, you don’t want to sign a 12 month lease if you’re only planning on staying for the summer.
  5. Can you afford it?  In a competitive rental market it is unlikely that you will be able to negotiate the price down, so make sure you look in the right price range for you.  If you’re preparing to rent your first home it’s highly likely that you’ve been shielded from the expensive reality of paying bills up until now.  It’s a good idea to calculate your typical weekly food and petrol costs, find out the costs of a phone line, internet, insurances, water, electricity and gas, and then work out how much you will have left over.  This will be used to pay for rent and entertainment, like going out for dinner and movies.  Are you willing to fore-go a night out to pay an extra $50 per week?

With the help of these guidelines, do your research and make the choice that’s right for you.  Whether you’re looking to rent or buy in Mudgee, please contact us at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate or call us on 6372 2584; we’d love to help you find your new home.

How to be a Sustainable Renter

We all want to cut down on our energy and water use where we can, but while it is easy for homeowners to switch over to more sustainable fixtures and fittings in their homes, renters must keep their property as is unless they obtain permission to make environmentally friendly changes from their landlord.

There are still things that renters can do to help live more sustainably though, so here are some tips if you want to become a greener renter:

  • Educate yourself – The first step to becoming a sustainable renter is educating yourself about what it actually means to be sustainable. Find out what behaviours support a sustainable environment and what habits you need to change in your lifestyle. A great place to find information is www.naturalstrategies.com.au.
  • Think about what you can do differently – Once you have educated yourself about what it means to be sustainable, take a look at your own habits and think about the things you can do differently both in your home and outside of it. For instance you might be able to buy better products or catch the bus instead of driving.
  • Use less utilities – You may not be able to change the fittings and fixtures in your home, but you can still cut down on water and energy use by being more vigilant. For example, turn lights off when you leave a room and don’t leave taps running.
  • Grow your own – One way to be more sustainable is to grow some of your own food produce. If your garden isn’t big enough to grow vegetables though, then you might like to grow herbs in a window box, pot or trough.
  • Chat to your landlord – Your landlord may be willing to make certain changes to the property to help make it more sustainable. Certain changes may be tax deductible anyway or help add value to the property, so discuss with your landlord any changes you would like to make. There are changes you might be able to make yourself too, such as installing water saving showerheads or tap aerators, but make sure you ask for permission if you would like to install any of your own sustainable products.