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Popular Mudgee property office joins McGrath network

One of Mudgee’s most well-known real estate offices, Professionals Mudgee, has joined leading residential real estate group McGrath Estate Agents.

McGrath Central Tablelands is the first McGrath office for the NSW Central Tablelands and its sales manager Adam Woods says the move will help them expand their service in the region.

“By partnering with McGrath, I believe we can take our business to even greater heights locally, providing a sophisticated service to both buyers and sellers and we are excited about the opportunities ahead for our business and our clients.” said Mr Woods.

McGrath Founder and Executive Director John McGrath said opening its first office in the Central Tablelands region was a strategic and considered move as the company continues its expansion into new regions.

“We are excited to be expanding into this new market as we see opportunities for growth in this semi- rural area. I believe there is a strong synergy between Sydney and Mudgee, making it a natural fit for the McGrath brand.”

Being a popular tree-change destination, Mudgee has experienced healthy price growth over the past five years with house values rising by 15.4 per cent to $378,000, according to CoreLogic RP Data February 2017.

“Mudgee and its surrounds are becoming increasingly sought after as buyers recognise the value and lifestyle on offer. Mudgee has long been popular with downsizers however we are now seeing more young families moving to the area, attracted to the selection of quality schools, parks and green spaces and strong sense of community,” said Mr Adam Woods.

McGrath Central Tablelands is led by Principals Denis and Helen Woods, who bring with them more than 30 years of industry experience, with Sales Manager Adam Woods leading their sales team.

Together they will continue to offer the first-rate property service the Mudgee community has come to expect.

McGrath Central Tablelands is located at 79 Church Street, Mudgee NSW. Phone: (02) 6372 2584.

4 ways to make small rooms appear bigger

Before you start thinking about adding an extension to your home, you may want to consider a few small changes to help make your rooms feel larger.

There are a number of ways to create the feeling of more space in a home, and if done correctly it can be an extremely cost effective way to improve your home’s appeal, and its value too.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Let more light in – Dark rooms with little natural light can feel small and cramped, but they can be improved by letting some light in. Installing larger windows or skylights is one way to increase the amount of natural light in a room and make it feel more open. A cheaper option might also be to paint the room in lighter colours and change the window coverings so they allow more light to get in the room.
  1. De-clutter – Even big spaces can feel closed in when they are full of too much stuff. To free up more space you should spend some time de-cluttering your home and throwing away old knick-knacks and items you don’t need or want. Aim for clear countertops and try not to get carried away with decorative items.
  1. Think carefully about furniture choices – Pick furniture that is suited to a room’s dimensions because if a piece of furniture is out of proportion it can highlight how small a room is. In particularly small spaces it is also worth looking into furniture that serves a dual purpose so you don’t need to put as many items in the room.
  1. Add in extra storage – Extra storage can help you get rid of that clutter and free up space where you need it. If you have no floor space for a new cabinet, consider adding in extra wall shelves or utilising space in high up places (like above your kitchen cabinets) where people often forget to look.

The amount of space on offer in a home can be a massive drawcard and that’s why it can be well worth making changes that create the look and feel of more space.

If you’re looking to sell, it could be worth engaging a professional stylist to get more ideas on how to make your home feel more open and spacious.

Chat to a Professionals Mudgee Real Estate Agent if you’re after further advice about improving your property to get it ready to sell.

Preparing your home for the start of autumn

Summer is almost at an end which means we can look forward to cooler days ahead and hopefully some much milder weather too.

At the end of every summer it’s a good idea to check that your property has stood up to the season just past and that it’s ready for the changing weather conditions ahead.

Below are some things that may require particular attention as the new season rolls around:

  1. Ensure smoke alarms are compliant

When the days start getting cooler we’re more likely to start using heaters and fireplaces, which can increase the risk of home fires. It’s recommended that people check their smoke alarms and change batteries when daylight savings ends each year, but it’s worth checking them earlier to ensure that your home remains safe.

  1. Inspect the heating system so it’s ready for colder weather

Speaking of heating, it’s well worth checking any heating systems now so you know they’re working and ready to go when it starts getting cold. There’s nothing worse than finding out your heater doesn’t work on the days when you really want to use it.

  1. Clear out gutters

Get your gutters off to a good start in autumn by cleaning them out now. Gutters tend to get a good workout in autumn when all of those deciduous trees start losing their leaves, so do what you can now to help prevent any serious drainage issues later.

  1. Tidy the garden

Start getting your garden ready for the autumn months by planting new flowers that will thrive in the cooler weather. Also use this time to prune any overgrowth and mow lawns. Keep your lawn green and happy by mowing and watering regularly.

  1. Check for leaks and gaps

You want your home to stay warm and dry in autumn and it will be much easier to do that if there are no gaps letting the cool outside air in. Check for leaks and gaps in the house and seal them up with some new caulking or weather stripping to keep the cold out.

The above checklist should help you prepare your property for the colder weather.

If you’re thinking about selling your property in autumn and would like some advice on how best to prepare your property to suit the season then get in touch with us at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate.

Quick ways to spruce up your home before selling

Getting your property ready for sale? Wondering what to do to make it more presentable to buyers?

If you want to impress buyers and help them realise the full potential of your property then it’s crucial to spend a bit of time getting your property in tip-top shape.

Clean and de-clutter

Make your property shine before it hits the market. Clean out every nook and cranny of your house and get everything looking spotless and new again.

Also take some time clearing out old drawers and cupboards of all those things you no longer want and need. The cleaner and more spacious your home feels, the better it’s going to present to buyers.

Get out the paintbrush

If it’s been a few years since your home last saw a fresh coat of paint it could be due for an update.

Paint colours can date very quickly so by repainting you can instantly make your home feel fresh and modern again. Fresh paint colours also show buyers that you have spent some time keeping your property well maintained.

If you decide to repaint your interior, opt for light and neutral shades that also match the character of the house.

Spend some time in the garden

Get outside and cut back overgrown foliage, mow the lawn and rake up leaves.

Make those first impressions count by spending some time making your garden look great. The front garden in particular will help set the tone for what’s inside your property so it’s important that it looks neat and tidy and not overgrown with weeds and plants.

Fix and repair

Even the smallest issues can stand out like a sore thumb to potential buyers and that’s why it’s so important that your property is in perfect shape.

Ensure that everything in your home is working and presentable, and of course safe for visitors, whether it’s something as simple as a leaking tap or a larger issue that needs to be addressed.

Keep in mind that buyers will overestimate the cost to fix any issues with the property so it’s much easier to deal with them before the property goes on the market.

Set the right ambiance

Those final little touches can actually make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your home. Consider adding little decorative items like artwork or indoor plants to help give your home a bit of character and a stylish touch.

Also think about your furniture placement in each room and ensure that it suits the room’s layout and purpose.

For specific advice regarding preparing your property for sale, contact us at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate.

Property inspection checklist: Things you need to look out for at open homes

Heading to one property inspection after another can be exhausting and sometimes homebuyers forget to take notice of some of the most important aspects of the property.

It can be hard to know right away whether or not a property is going to be the one. Some people base their buying decision on how they “feel” about the property when they walk in the door and while it’s important to fall in love with the home you buy, there’s a few other things you should pay attention to too.

Structural issues: Check for signs of potentially serious issues such as pest damage, mould, cracks or poor building construction. While some of these issues won’t be deal breakers, they may require further investigation.

Hire a professional building and pest inspector to inspect the property if you’re not sure exactly what to look out for.

Parking: Don’t forget to consider how many vehicles you will need to have parked at your potential new abode. If you will need to park a car on the street, or your visitors will, then also consider whether there is adequate parking space available.

Enough space: If you have a lot of stuff that you’ll be moving with you then ensure it’s all going to fit in your new property. Consider things like whether the couch will fit comfortably in the lounge room or whether your fridge can fit in the kitchen. Of course if you really love the house these things can be replaced but you still want to ensure the house has adequate room to suit the needs of you and your family.

Location: You can change the property after you buy it but you can’t change the location. Take note of the general surroundings of the property and things like road access and nearby amenities.

Neighbours: You could be living next to your future neighbours for a long time so you want to consider things like whether or not your property provides enough privacy or whether your neighbours might have any noisy pets or bad habits like an untidy yard that could become an issue.

Keep in mind when you’re inspecting a property that there’s likely to be at least one or two things that aren’t quite perfect.

A few minor issues with a property don’t need to be a deal breaker but they are worth thinking about when you’re deciding on the most suitable property to buy.

If you decide to proceed with the purchase of a property don’t forget to get expert advice from both legal and building experts.

For those looking for more help finding the right property in Mudgee, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the friendly team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate.

What you absolutely must do before selling

When it comes to selling your home, there’s one crucial thing you should do, that surprisingly some sellers don’t make time for – cleaning!

While not the most glamorous or fun task, every hour you spend cleaning can pay off in the long run.

Buyers want to see a home that looks fresh and untouched when they visit and so every corner of your home needs to be absolutely spotless if you want buyers to fall in love with it.

Before the property is on the market, give it a thorough clean both inside and out. Throw away old clutter and pack away things that you’re not likely to need for the duration of the sale. If you have a lot of stuff it could be worth keeping it in storage for the duration of the sale.

By preparing your home early it will not only look great, but also you’ll be one step ahead of packing when it comes time to move.

Once you’re home is clean it will be ready for its first inspections, but if your property remains on the market you’ll have to put some effort in to keep it clean.

A few tips to keep your property clean while selling include:

  • Make beds every morning – Make sure that everyone living in the house helps make the effort to keep it clean and make beds each morning.
  • Wipe counters daily – Pay attention to kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms that are being used regularly because these areas have a habit of looking dirty very quickly.
  • Close off rooms that aren’t used regularly – The less rooms and areas of the home you use, the less you’ll have to try and keep clean.
  • Pack things away right after use – Make a habit of putting things away after you use them so there isn’t a big build-up of things to do when buyers come knocking.

If you’re looking to sell and would like any more tips or advice, feel free to contact the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team.

How to tick off your 2017 property goals

A lot of people will be planning on eating healthier and starting a new fitness regime this month but there will also be a lot of people looking at changing their property situation.

The problem with a lot of goals is that it’s hard to make those first few steps and kick them into action, so we have a bit of advice to get some common property goals off the ground.

Property goal #1: find a new home

Outgrowing your current home or just looking for a change? With interest rates at record lows, it’s a great time to buy and there are plenty of fantastic property opportunities in Mudgee to suit a variety of buyers and budgets.

If you had no luck finding a property in 2016, your problem could be that you’re looking at properties that are out of your price range. Try to expand your search this year and look at properties in new suburbs or properties that might not have all the features you originally wanted. The home you buy now doesn’t need to be the home you have forever, you can always renovate or move when you have saved more later on.

For those who live in Sydney and are getting frustrated by escalating property prices, now could be the time to look at your lifestyle and ask if a tree-change to Mudgee is the right move for you. 

Property goal #2: renovate

If you’re not thinking about moving you might be looking at improving the home you’ve already got. Renovations are a personal decision based on what you want to get out of your home, but if you’re looking to sell soon then it’s worth considering the renovations that will add the most value.

In general, the renovations that help add value include new kitchens and bathrooms, extensions and painting. Every property is unique though and different renovations will be needed to help it reach its full potential.

To help you get your renovations off the ground, talk to local builders, draftsmen, agents or an architect to help you decide what is right for your home.

Property goal #3: sell up and move on

Looking to move on to a new place or lifestyle? Making the decision to sell is never easy and there is always a lot to think about – such as where you will move to next and what you need to do to get the property ready for sale.

To help you make an informed decision about selling it’s worth having a chat to a Professionals Mudgee Real Estate Agent to find out what your home is worth and what you can do to help maximise its sale price. A chat with an agent might also help you understand what it happening in the local market and what else is available to buy when you do decide to move on.

Best of luck in all of your property goals for 2017, and remember if you need any help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team at Professional Mudgee Real Estate.

What’s in store for Mudgee property in 2017?

The sun has set on 2016 and it’s time to look to the year ahead and predict what’s in store for the Mudgee property market.

Last year was an interesting year for the Australian real estate market. We saw interest rates reach record lows; Sydney property prices get out of control and a growing issue of affordability in many of our major cities.

Will this year be any different, and what does it all mean for us here in Mudgee?

Affordability still an issue

Housing affordability isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Despite the best efforts of regulators, Sydney prices continue to escalate and even if prices stabilise they will still remain out of reach for most first home buyers. The median sales price for units alone in Sydney, NSW in the last year was $695,000, according to realestate.com.au.

Compare this to Mudgee, where median sales price for houses in Mudgee, NSW in the last year was $374,000. For almost half the price of a unit in Sydney you can get a house in Mudgee – not a bad deal!

A lot of people from Sydney have been looking at alternative pathways to get into the market, from rentvesting to buying with friends. Many buyers are also looking to escape from Sydney altogether, which brings us to our next point…

The rise of the tree-changer

Regional areas are looking increasingly attractive to people living in major cities. Lots of people want to escape from the hustle and bustle and get out and enjoy nature, space and peace and quiet, while still having a vibrant town to visit when they want to experience culture and entertainment.

Places like Mudgee offer all that and more with beautiful houses at affordable prices and a lifestyle that can’t be beat.

Tree changers used to be reserved for people of retirement age, but it’s becoming much easier for younger generations to make the move to regional towns thanks to many jobs now offering the ability to work remotely.

A lot of people can do their work from home, and if they need to travel from Mudgee to Sydney regularly can do so via daily flights.

More and more people are discovering the magic of Mudgee and this will continue in 2017 and beyond. 

Renovations will remain popular

A lot of homeowners will look to maximise their home’s value by making improvements. Renovations have and will always be popular, but as we see more renovation shows and drool over pictures on Pinterest, it’s hard to not want to make our homes look as good as the ones we see elsewhere.

Expect to see a lot of locals rejuvenating their old Mudgee properties and making them look like something you would see in a magazine. Particularly people selling, who realise the importance of presenting their home at its best.

We can’t wait to see what else 2017 will have in store for the Mudgee region! If you want to talk more about the local property market then feel free to call us at Professionals Mudgee on 02 6372 2584.

Tips for selling your Mudgee home over Christmas

Selling your home and wondering whether it’s a good idea to put the Christmas decorations up this year?

Putting Christmas decorations up is an important part of most people’s Christmas tradition, however a lot of sellers ask us whether it’s appropriate to put them up when their home is on the market because they want to ensure that their property presents at its very best to buyers.

Should you put up the tree?

A Christmas tree and a few festive ornaments can actually help add a bit of life to your home and may help buyers connect with it emotionally.

However, before you put up your tree think carefully about where it should go and make sure that it’s not too big for the space you want to put it in, because an oversized tree can make a small area appear even smaller.

What about other decorations? 

A wreath on the front door can be a nice way to be welcomed at the front door, but when it comes to other decorations you need to be careful of going too far and making your home feel cluttered and messy.

It’s best to keep decorations to a minimum and only use them to help enhance the overall look of your property.

For example, Christmas lighting up all over the house can just end up looking like messy wiring during the day, but in the right place they can bring a bit of life to your home, particularly if you plan on having any inspections at night.

Ask your Mudgee Real Estate Agent for advice

 It’s hard to generalise for every property because they are all very different and will appeal to different groups of buyers.

No matter the time of year though, it’s important to remember the basics when presenting your home for sale – i.e. keeping the property clean and tidy and making sure gardens aren’t overgrown.

So by all means put up some Christmas decorations, just ensure that your property looks clean and presentable when buyers come knocking.

For more advice about selling over Christmas, get in touch us at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate.

What you need to know if you’re selling your home over Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and if you were hoping to sell your property in the next couple of weeks you need to be aware of the opportunities, and possible obstacles, that selling over the festive season can bring. 

This time of year is obviously a very busy time for a lot of people and, in general, you’ll find that there is less real estate activity from buyers and sellers than usual.

But, the real estate market never sleeps and even though some people might choose to hold off on any real estate decisions until after the New Year, there will always be people on the search for a new home and those that sell now could be rewarded.

Most people looking to buy over Christmas tend to be serious purchasers who have deadlines to meet and want to move as quickly as they can. Some might have jobs to start, or want to settle into a home before the next school term begins and so they are keen to lock in a sale, which can give sellers the upper hand in negotiations.

With the Mudgee region being a holiday destination there is also a good chance that buyers will be in town during their Christmas break and hoping to visit some properties while they are here.

Don’t underestimate how long the sales process takes

If you were hoping to sell by the end of the year you’ll need to get in quick. A lot of people forget to factor in the time it takes to do up their property for sale and get professional photos and marketing ready.

For this reason it’s a good idea to start chatting to an agent as soon you have decided to sell so you can get the wheels in motion and ensure that you do everything you need to from the start to help your property sell for maximum value.

The Professionals Mudgee team are happy to help you buy and sell over the festive season and into the New Year, so feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the next steps in your property journey.