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Know A Sydney-sider Looking for a Tree-Change?

If you know of someone living in Sydney, who’s looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, you may like to pass on this information… it may be just the incentive they need to make the tree-change to Mudgee or one of our surrounding townships.

You may have read in our blog previously about the NSW state government’s $7,000 regional relocation grant which were introduced last year for homeowners relocating from the city to established homes in regional areas of NSW. The big news now is that the grant also applies to those who want to build a new home as well as those purchasing existing homes. The idea is that the incentive will help boost the NSW construction industry and regional economies.

To be eligible for the grants, those who live in metropolitan areas would need to sell their city home and buy a parcel of vacant land valued up to $450,000, or a completed or off-the-plan home valued up to $600,000 in regional NSW which could be Mudgee, Gulgong, Kandos or one of our other regional townships.

For those who buy vacant land, the foundations must be laid within six months of completion of the land purchase and the home must be occupied as a principal place of residence within 12 months. The city residence can be sold within the 12 months prior to or after the purchase of the regional home.

Your city friends and family may like to do some more research, and can visit www.osr.nsw.gov.au/benefits/rrg/ for more information.

Of course, for local market knowledge and property availability, we’re always happy to chat, so please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, email, comment on our post, or visit our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate website for property listings in Mudgee and surrounding districts.

Four More Flights to Mudgee

How awesome is it that the Mudgee community will be opened up to Sydneysiders even more so with the announcement of Aeropelican’s four extra flights between Mudgee and Sydney commencing Wednesday the 29th of February 2012?

We think the extra flights to and from Mudgee will be a great asset to the region, especially for people that commute on a regular basis. It also opens up for more tourism which is always a good thing for the local economy.

According to the article that we read in the Mudgee Guardian, the extra flights will run on the following schedules:

Mudgee – Sydney

Sydney – Mudgee

Dep:  Wed 10:30am Arr:  11:20am Dep:  Wed 2:30pm Arr:  3:20pm
Dep:  Fri 10:30am Arr:  11:20am Dep:  Sun 2:30pm Arr:  3:20pm

It’s not just Mudgee that will benefit either, it’ll be many of the other towns such as Kandos and Rylstone with reasonable scheduled times and appropriate days that will suit the many mining industry employees  and agricultural professionals who fly in and fly out as well.

As the population of Mudgee increases, and we’ve spoken about the predictions for growth in past blogs, the need for more services will only increase, so this is a great start for the Mudgee Region and kudos should go to the Mid-Western Regional Council which backed the airline.

If you’d like to read more about the subject and the introduction of Aeropelican’s new flights, click here to visit the Mudgee Guardian story.

Tips: Investing In Real Estate

We talk a lot about Mudgee being a major hotspot for investors because of the rental demand caused by increased mining operations in surrounding areas. But for people who have never invested in real estate before, here are some tips that might be of benefit to you.

Even if you’ve bought a property to live in, investing can be slightly different because what you want to be looking for in an investment though may differ from what you’d buy if you were purchasing a home for you and your family.

Real estate investment tips:

1)      What is the rental population of the suburb you’re looking in?

2)      What sort of rental returns to similar properties in the area return?

3)      Will the property attract desirable tenants?

4)      Are your finances in order so that you can afford to borrow enough to cover mortgage, maintenance, insurance premiums, etc?

5)      What insurances do you need? Building, Landlord, Public Liability etc?

6)      What sort of maintenance is the property likely to incur during your ownership? The age of the property should give you an indication of what will likely need fixing or replacing.

7)      Does the property have any other costs associated with it? These might include strata levies, sinking funds, management fees etc.

8)      What are your long term goals? When do you plan to sell the property? Is it practical/possible/probable that you’ll achieve your goals in the predicted market?

9)      Have you spoken to property managers in the area about their services and fees?

10)   Are you investing by yourself or with someone else? Are you comfortable that you’re entering an agreement with another person?

As usual, we recommend you talk to people you know about their experiences, but remember that some people are cut out for property investment, and others are more suited to shares, term deposits or other types of investments. Definitely talk to professionals in the area of finance and property sales as well, because they’re the experts in their fields and can give you current market information based on your circumstances.

If you’re looking for real estate advice or your first investment property, visit our website to check out what’s available or contact us for a private and confidential chat. We would love to help you secure your first real estate investment.

Mudgee Growth Story Affirms Our Predictions

Just days after our Mudgee Real Estate Market Report, we find out that Smart Property Investment magazine is naming Mudgee as one of the top 50 Australian suburbs/towns likely to experience large growth in 2012.

New South Wales as a whole is earmarked for big things this year, mostly due to regional mining I would say, but what really needs to be focussed on in the wake of this article, is that more investors are needed in these growth areas, to cope with the demand for rental properties.

If Mudgee’s population is to grow by the reported 25 percent, then there’s going to be massive pressure on the housing market. It will be interesting to see if the likely shortage in rental properties flows over to an increase in sales here in Mudgee, and whether those sales come from independent mum and dad investors or investor groups looking to capitalise on the region’s growth.

It really was great to read the article in the Mudgee Guardian about the growth and the opportunity that brings with it. It affirms our belief that the Mudgee property market has potential to grow, especially in the investment sector, and definitely helps to promote the area as a real estate hot spot for 2012.

Pick up the February edition of Smart Property Investment magazine at one of Mudgee’s newsagencies today.

First Home Buyer Grants Still Available

It’s not too late!

If you’re a first home buyer, you would know that the 1st of January brought about the end of the First Home Plus Scheme exemptions and concessions here in New South Wales. The good news for first home buyers is that it was replaced by the First Home – New Home Scheme.

For new homes valued up to half a million dollars, the new scheme means first home buyers will still be eligible for Stamp Duty exemptions. The same goes for vacant land valued up to $300,000 which also still allows the $7,000 First Home Owner Grant rebate.

So our advice for first home buyers is to get serious about your property plans. With so many changes happening within Government, it’s important to stay abreast of what rebates and concessions are available to you for the type of property and price bracket you’re looking to buy in so you can maximise your finances.

If you’re interested in vacant land in or around Mudgee, we’d be happy to help you out, or you can check our property listings online.

What’s Awesome About Owning a Home in Mudgee?

It would take us a lifetime to list all of the things that are awesome about owning a home in Mudgee, but we thought we’d see what everyone thinks… and we have listed a few of the main ones we think contribute to the awesomeness that is owning a home in Mudgee.

The sense of COMMUNITY – Settling into the lifestyle that Mudgee offers is unlike anything else we’ve come across. Being able to sit down at the end of the day with a glass of local wine, enjoying local produce, or catching up with friendly neighbours is what it’s all about. It doesn’t take long to establish a life in Mudgee because most people are happy to talk and introduce you to other great things about the local Mudgee region.

Long term INVESTMENT – As with owning your own home anywhere, one of the best reasons for buying a home in Mudgee is that if you own your home for a length of time, you will likely see a good return on your investment because of Mudgee’s booming population predictions and surrounding mining infrastructure developments. When you buy a Mudgee home, you can make it yours. It’s your home.

What is it that you love about owning a home in Mudgee? Is it the lifestyle? The whole region? Business? Opportunity?

Who’s Moving to Mudgee?

Moving to MudgeeWe read recently in the Mudgee Guardian that people moving to Mudgee are finding the community very supportive and are singing praises for the Mudgee Region. And why wouldn’t they? We know for a fact that people moving to Mudgee are here for the lifestyle – we’re as big an advocate as anyone for Mudgee!

It was delightful to read that businesses of the people who are moving to Mudgee are thriving here too. It’s always good to read about the positive things that are happening in the community. It’s reassuring to know that the community that we love so much is as supportive of each other as it is of us on the I Love Mudgee blog.

Today we’d like you to give a shout out to a local business that you love. One that you frequent or have only visited once, it doesn’t matter. If you find the service exceptional, the people friendly and the goods of high quality, then they deserve to have their praises sung.

So let’s hear it Mudgee – what’s a great business that you’ve dealt with in the local community? Feel free to share a link to their website or facebook page in your comment too!

Part 5 of “Why Buy Real Estate in Mudgee Now”: Investment Security

Highly volatile world share markets in recent times have re-enforced the old adage “Safe as Houses”. As a property investor, you make the decisions that affect your investment and you’re provided with both short term (rental income/tax benefits) and long term (capital growth) economic benefits.

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Speaking of Food…

We talk often about the awesome produce we’re lucky to have in the Mudgee Region, and today we thought we’d talk about food from another perspective.

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Part 1 of “Why Buy Real Estate in Mudgee Now”: Supply & Demand

It’s always hard to calculate just how many buyers there are in the market, as a lot of people who may be thinking of buying in the future, mightn’t have made their first real move yet. So if you’ve had your eye on the real estate market for a while, our series of “Why Buy Real Estate in Mudgee Now” will hopefully give you some good reasons behind why you should either take that next step, or hold off for now.

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