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Here Comes Mudgee Golf Club!

You may recall that we wrote in January last year (2011) about the devastation that faced the Mudgee Golf Club when it burnt down in December 2010. With serious damage and a blank slate to start from, the plans are now finally complete and work has begun at the site – here comes the new Mudgee Golf Club!

Being someone that doesn’t mind the occasional social game of golf, it will be fantastic to see the new facilities when they are completed, which is planned for March 2013. As a local business and sporting facility, it’s important that we as locals get behind the Mudgee Golf Club and support them wherever we can, whether it’s for social golfing or functions. Taking in green views of the Mudgee golf course makes it the perfect venue for up to 250 people, so keep it in mind if you’re organising an event for next year.

It’s great to see that the rebuild is finally starting and that the club itself can regain some of the patronage that it may have missed out on in the past 18 months. There is much to be gained from the rebuild of Mudgee Golf Club and we look forward to seeing the new facility up and running!

Visit the Mudgee Golf Club facebook page for more updates.

Are You For or Against Boxing Day Trading in Regional NSW?

We’d love to know whether the people of Mudgee are for or against the NSW Government’s plans to lift restrictions on Boxing Day trading in regional areas of the state because from what we’ve heard, retailers in other regional areas aren’t massive fans of the idea.

The plan would be that Boxing Day would remain a public holiday and workers would be paid public holiday rates in accordance with their employment, but the question is whether there is a demand for it in regional NSW areas such as Mudgee, and whether it is going to be profitable for local businesses.

Other concerns include the impact of working on the public holidays will have with families and whether it’s sustainable in our local economy.

The Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association (SDA) have started up a state-wide campaign called “Take the Time” to help people of regional areas voice their opinion, namely their opposition of the state government’s plan. You can find out more about the campaign at www.takethetime.org.au but if you’re not into signing petitions or contacting local MP’s, then you can comment here as to whether you’re for or against Boxing Day trading in Mudgee.

Jazz It Up This Weekend!

If you have a penchant for a relaxing afternoon reading a good book, chatting with friends or just chilling out to easy listening music, then head to Roth’s Wine Bar this Saturday for a day of jazz with the ladies.

Christine Anu, Grace Knight & Paulini will be performing on Saturday 29th of October 2011, and tickets are on sale now at Roth’s Wine Bar website.If you’ve ever been to Roth’s you’ll know that it has a quaint country style setting suitable for a group or just somewhere to hang out and chat with locals. The venue caters for both the wine, and beer lovers of Mudgee and doesn’t skimp on quality.
You’ll find many of Mudgee’s great wines and produce at Roth’s Wine Bar, and you’ll feel welcomed by the friendly staff and inviting atmosphere. If you’re keen for a night of entertainment in mid December too, The Whitlams’ Tim Freedman will be performing along with The Idol on the 16th of December 2011 and tickets are also on sale now.
Roth’s Wine Bar is located at 30 Market Street in Mudgee, conveniently just down the road from our office and is open Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00pm and Friday and Saturday from 3:00pm until late.
We hope to see you there!