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What will you do to help bring Hamish and Andy to Mudgee?

hamish and andyTo emphasise the reach of social media, Mudgee High School have taken Rainbow Day 2013 to a whole new level.  A school assignment asking the students to create an internet campaign has seen them create a local media sensation in their quest for none other than comic duo Hamish and Andy to join them for Rainbow Day 2013.

It seems while other school across the country appear to suffer vandalism and strife on their last day of school, our Mudgee students are making headlines for all the right reasons.  That’s right, we’re used to the students of Mudgee High School creating a media frenzy at their end of year celebrations, but it’s because of their amazing fundraising skills!  Last year Mudgee High School raised in excess of $11,000 on Rainbow Day to help the Mudgee Volunteer Rescue Squad replace their aging truck.

This year the Mudgee High School kids have banded together, and despite initial suggestions that Hamish and Andy won’t be able to make it, are persisting with their online efforts in the hope that enough publicity and social media popularity may convince the ‘caravan of courage’ to make the trip to Mudgee.  The staff and students at Mudgee High School need to be congratulated for their shift of thinking for the younger generation and for their valued contribution to the Mudgee community. We owe it to them to get behind them and help them achieve their goal this year of having Hamish and Andy attend Rainbow Day.

Our team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate would love to get everyone behind their great effort and ask you to jump across and ‘like’ their ‘Bring Hamish and Andy to Mudgee for Rainbow Day 2013’ facebook page.  By sharing this post and liking their page, at worst you’ve helped the kids realise the impact of social media, and at best we can all enjoy a few more laughs in Mudgee this September.

What would you say to Hamish and Andy to get them to come to Mudgee?

Looking For Schools In Mudgee?

When moving to a new area, one of the biggest considerations for many families is the schooling on offer in the area.  Our team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate have spoken with several families considering moving to our Mudgee area with school aged children, and with the school year beginning shortly, many are becoming anxious about finding the right school for their youngster.

With different children excelling in different areas, it’s important, as a parent, to weigh up the options available and consider which school has the programs, curriculum and philosophies that best fit in with the values and needs of your family.

Luckily for Mudgee locals, there are plenty of schools in Mudgee to choose from that can help meet your child’s educational needs.  To help parents who are trying to find schools in Mudgee, schools found within our area include:

Cudgegong Valley Public School

Mudgee High School

Mudgee Public School

St Matthew’s Catholic School

Based on what we have heard from local residents, all of the schools in Mudgee are outstanding and have wonderful teachers, so your choice may depend on the school’s proximity to your house, or the specific educational needs your child might require.

For parents looking for more information about Mudgee schools, you can either search for their individual websites, or visit www.myschool.edu.au where you can view facts and statistics about schools in Australia, including their annual NAPLAN performances.

If you’d like to share any positive stories or experiences with any of our local Mudgee schools, please share them here.