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“A Day in the Life” of the Mudgee Region

Ever wondered what a typical day in Mudgee looks like?

As part of the Mudgee Underground’s latest project “A Day in the Life”, they are asking the local community to send in photos this Sunday of what they are doing in Mudgee.

The photos will be used collectively to create a wall of images to be displayed at Outside the Square café and will also be posted onto the Mudgee Underground and Mudgee Guardian websites, and showcased in next week’s Mudgee Guardian newspaper.

Your typical Sunday in Mudgee might consist of a late breakfast at one of our local cafes, or perhaps you’ll be visiting a local winery or spending the day exploring the outdoors.

There is plenty to capture in Mudgee, and if you want to get involved in the Mudgee Underground’s latest project you can post an image this Sunday, June 29 to the Mudgee Underground Facebook page, or you can email it to secretsquirrels@mudgeeunderground.com.au. You can also submit a photo by following and tagging @mudgeeunderground on Instagram.

So what are you doing this Sunday in Mudgee? Will you be sending a photo to the Mudgee Underground?

Get to Glen Willow Regional Sporting Complex Today!

Today is the Open Day for the new-look Glen Willow Reserve, and all Mudgee locals are encouraged to take their first gander at the new facilities on offer. The Mudgee community have been waiting for the development to be completed, and there’s a touch of excitement in the air for the sporting groups that will be taking full advantage of the Mid-Western Regional Council’s revamped Glen Willow Regional Sporting Complex.

There will be afternoon clinics for the kids on the main playing field between 4pm-5pm and 5pm-6pm and will give them a first hand look at the first class oval. According to an article in the Mudgee Guardian late last week, there’ll likely be a number of winter sports clubs holding registration days today as well.

Be there between 4pm and 7pm and you can tour the new grandstand, enjoy live music and a free BBQ, and if you wear your team’s colours you can be part of the commemorative photo. You can also be in the running to win a family pass to the AAMI Country v City Origin match on Sunday 22nd of April 2012, so there’s definitely good reason to be there!

It’s great to see that Mudgee’s sporting facilities are comparable to other state of the art sporting fields in NSW, and that the Council have committed to providing these facilities to the Mudgee community. It’s going to be a busy part of Mudgee on weekends, so if you’re a local sports supporter, let us know what you think of the new-look Glen Willow Regional Sporting Complex, we’d love to hear your opinions!

Four More Flights to Mudgee

How awesome is it that the Mudgee community will be opened up to Sydneysiders even more so with the announcement of Aeropelican’s four extra flights between Mudgee and Sydney commencing Wednesday the 29th of February 2012?

We think the extra flights to and from Mudgee will be a great asset to the region, especially for people that commute on a regular basis. It also opens up for more tourism which is always a good thing for the local economy.

According to the article that we read in the Mudgee Guardian, the extra flights will run on the following schedules:

Mudgee – Sydney

Sydney – Mudgee

Dep:  Wed 10:30am Arr:  11:20am Dep:  Wed 2:30pm Arr:  3:20pm
Dep:  Fri 10:30am Arr:  11:20am Dep:  Sun 2:30pm Arr:  3:20pm

It’s not just Mudgee that will benefit either, it’ll be many of the other towns such as Kandos and Rylstone with reasonable scheduled times and appropriate days that will suit the many mining industry employees  and agricultural professionals who fly in and fly out as well.

As the population of Mudgee increases, and we’ve spoken about the predictions for growth in past blogs, the need for more services will only increase, so this is a great start for the Mudgee Region and kudos should go to the Mid-Western Regional Council which backed the airline.

If you’d like to read more about the subject and the introduction of Aeropelican’s new flights, click here to visit the Mudgee Guardian story.

Mudgee Growth Story Affirms Our Predictions

Just days after our Mudgee Real Estate Market Report, we find out that Smart Property Investment magazine is naming Mudgee as one of the top 50 Australian suburbs/towns likely to experience large growth in 2012.

New South Wales as a whole is earmarked for big things this year, mostly due to regional mining I would say, but what really needs to be focussed on in the wake of this article, is that more investors are needed in these growth areas, to cope with the demand for rental properties.

If Mudgee’s population is to grow by the reported 25 percent, then there’s going to be massive pressure on the housing market. It will be interesting to see if the likely shortage in rental properties flows over to an increase in sales here in Mudgee, and whether those sales come from independent mum and dad investors or investor groups looking to capitalise on the region’s growth.

It really was great to read the article in the Mudgee Guardian about the growth and the opportunity that brings with it. It affirms our belief that the Mudgee property market has potential to grow, especially in the investment sector, and definitely helps to promote the area as a real estate hot spot for 2012.

Pick up the February edition of Smart Property Investment magazine at one of Mudgee’s newsagencies today.

Keeping Mudgee Clean – You Could be Rewarded!

Have you ever seen someone throw a bit of rubbish out of their window and wondered to yourself “I wish they wouldn’t do that”, and continued on your way? I’m sure the majority of Mudgee motorists don’t litter, but there are definitely some that are making out streets and roadways less attractive by tossing their rubbish out of their car windows or losing it out of the back of their ute.

Interestingly, the topic of littering and vandalism has been spoken about in the Mudgee Guardian recently, and suggested that the Mudgee community be more proactive in holding events such as community clean-up days and running educational campaigns.

To have more of an impact of offenders, the Mid-Western Regional Council probably needs to be more stringent and proactive in issuing fines to offenders, and call upon the community to dob in people they have seen littering from their car or vandalising property.

You may be surprised at just what constitutes littering too. It can be anything from a flyer under a windscreen wiper, on letterboxes outside of a group of flats, gates, fences, walls and footpaths; to stubbing a cigarette out and leaving the butt on the ground, tossing litter from a vehicle; to aggravated littering which includes intentionally breaking glass, discarding lit cigarettes during fire season or discarding sharps such as syringes.

Littering penalties can be hefty, so if you see someone in the act of littering and want to report it, you can let the council know. Having back up evidence is crucial to them being able to enforce the infringement, and you should be prepared to give evidence in court to back up your claim. Call the Police Assistance Line on 131444 for more information about reporting a litter-bug.

With vandalism, Mid-Western Regional Council is even offering significant rewards for people passing on evidence and information that leads to a conviction. You can read more about this in an article posted on the Mudgee Guardian website.

Wonderful Weekend in Mudgee

We’re very proud to report that thanks to amazing community support, some of the latest events that we’ve talked about in previous blog posts, have gone off with a bang, and raised much needed funds for their respective causes.

Firstly, the Mudgee2Sydney walk for MS began last weekend in Mudgee and the weather was perfect for the event that had people making their way through Mudgee streets and tracks. The walk is planned to finish on Wednesday (22nd of September) in Sydney and we look forward to seeing the final amount raised for Multiple Sclerosis. We’ve heard it’s expected to reach the $100,000 mark!

The Mudgee Readers Festival has also been ‘hailed a success’ according to an article in the Mudgee Guardian, which we’re also very happy to hear. Without community support of locals and visitors, Mudgee’s vast range of festivals and events wouldn’t be the successes they are. Thank you also to the organisers of these events for bringing them to Mudgee – we love the attention Mudgee gets!

With the Mudgee Wine Festival in full swing now, so as Mudgee locals, we want to ensure we’re putting on some great hospitality for our visitors! Click on the link to see the program of events coming up between now and the 25th of September – don’t forget Motown in Mudgee!


How have you found the latest spate of events in Mudgee? There are plenty more to come!