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Would you like to see year round aquatic facilities in the Mudgee region?

Mudgee residents recently had the chance to have a say on the future of the region as part of the Mid-Western Regional Council’s engagement for the 2030 Community Strategic Plan.

The council has been reviewing all of the feedback they’ve received and have identified some key projects and initiatives that are worth investigating further.

One of the many priorities that was identified by the community was the delivery of all year round aquatic facilities in the region.

The council wants to further explore this idea and they are looking for further feedback.

The council is interested to know the future preference that people have for aquatic facilities in the region and what people would want included if an indoor aquatic centre were built. They’re also interested in knowing how often people would use an aquatic centre if one were available.

We’re sure a lot of people living in the region would love to have access to an aquatic facility all year round, so if you’re one of them then make sure you have your say and make your voice count.

You can share your thoughts by completing a survey on the Mid-Western Regional Council website.

For all further details about the 2030 Community Strategic Plan and community feedback, contact the Mid-Western Regional Council on 1300 765 002.

Help shape Mudgee’s future

Mid-Western council residents currently have the chance to have their say on the projects they would like to see prioritised in the region.

The council considers new infrastructure and service delivery projects as part of their budgeting process each year and are currently asking people to provide submissions for consideration.

All submissions will be evaluated and reviewed by council and will help them create the Draft 2017/18 Operational Plan, with the Final Operational Plan set to be adopted in June this year.

People are invited to send their suggestions and comments via the Mid-Western Council website before March 31 2017.

We strongly recommended that everyone head over to the council website to have a say and help shape the future of the Mudgee region. By having a say you can help influence the future development of the region and help ensure the projects you care about get off the ground.

The Draft Operational Plan will be released in April this year and the community will get a chance to have a say again before the Final Plan is adopted.

Contact the Mid-Western Regional Council for any further details.

Mudgee Bowling Club could be turned into seniors living facility

Mid-Western Regional Council is looking at turning the former Mudgee Bowling Club into a seniors living facility.

According to an article in the Mudgee Guardian, the council voted unanimously to investigate the possibility of turning the old club into a seniors style living facility, after having recently purchased the site between Burrundulla Avenue and George Street.

In the article, Mayor Des Kennedy said the strategic investment is intended to create some opportunities for developing own-source income  – a requirement under the Fit for Future framework for Local Government.

“We’re a quickly aging population and we are going to run short of aged care facilities into the future,” Cr Kennedy said.

The proposed development is not to be confused with a nursing home. The plans are for the aged living facility to be an option for older residents to live independently in a community environment, while also being in close proximity to the centre of town.

There are still questions over the viability of the facility and whether it will be able to produce an income to support itself while also meeting community needs. These questions will be part of the council’s investigations.

The council will develop a master plan for an independent living development at the site, and no doubt the Mudgee community will be given a chance to provide feedback at some stage during the investigation period, and point out any issues or opportunities that the development might present.

It’s important that those who have opinions or would like to provide feedback on the development to stay up to date with any news and have a say when given the opportunity.

To stay-up-to-date with council news and what is happening at council meetings, visit www.midwestern.nsw.gov.au.

It’s also worth following council on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MWRCouncil, so you don’t miss out on any important announcements that might be relevant to you.

Council to transform the old Cudgegong Shire Building into art gallery

Mid-Western Regional Council plans to transform the old Cudgegong Shire Building into a regional art gallery.

The council will be making an application to purchase the heritage-listed site, located on the corner of Douro and Market streets, from the state government and create the long-awaited regional art gallery the community has been waiting for.

Some in the art community may have been hoping for a purpose-built art gallery, however this is currently unfeasible due to the high costs required to build one.

The Cudgegong Shire Building could be a suitable option for a gallery nonetheless, and unlike a brand new gallery it would require only moderate costs to become operational.

Despite the building being 131 years old, it is reported to be in excellent condition, however further investigation is still needed to see if it will be suitable as an art gallery.

The Mid Western Arts Alliance has a number of concerns as expressed on their Facebook page. One of the main concerns is the buildings heritage listing and the constraints that this might present. There is also the question of whether the building will be able to expand in the future to accommodate a growing arts community and what the ongoing costs of the building will be

Despite any concerns however, a new art gallery could be an exciting step forward for the arts scene in Mudgee and it could add another avenue for showcasing and celebrating art in Mudgee.

Will we see the return of Kandos-Rylstone rail?

The Rylstone Rambler might not have made its last journey yet.

According to the Mudgee Guardian, the Mid-Western Council have put their support behind a proposal by Kandos Museum and Lithgow State Mine Railway Limited to develop two tourist rail trips that connect from Lithgow to the currently disused stations at Rylstone, Kandos and Clandulla.

The rail line has been non-operational for more than 12 years until recently when the Rylstone Rambler made a popular return for the Rylstone-Kandos Show and the Kandos Garden Fair.

The journeys both garnered a lot of interest from locals and visitors who travelled from Lithgow through the magnificent Capertee Valley and through to Kandos and Rylstone.

Many people are keen to see the trip return again and there’s little doubt it would prove popular as a permanent attraction, and could even become a popular way for tourists to travel to the region from the Sydney basin for an overnight or day trip.

Transport NSW has agreed to consider an application for a heritage operation license on the rail section.

President of the Kandos Museum, Buzz Sanderson said: “What we can do is we can go on to make that heritage precinct a tourist attraction and we think that that will bring opportunity and income to Kandos and Rylstone which are a bit hard pressed at present and also be of benefit to the wider LGAs of Mid-Western and Lithgow”.

We will have to wait and see what happens but if the plan goes ahead then we might all be able to take regular trips on the rail line in the future.

$60 million upgrade could be on the cards for Mudgee Hospital

A $60 million upgrade for the Mudgee Hospital could be on the cards if the Coalition returns to office after the upcoming state election.

Deputy Premier Troy Grant made the $60 million promise at the hospital last week, stating that the redevelopment would occur in the first term of government, though he wasn’t sure how exactly the money would be spent.

If the project goes ahead it’s possible that the current hospital buildings will be changed, or it may even be knocked down and an entire new facility built.

There are no concrete plans as of yet, but we’re sure that there are many in Mudgee who would love to see an upgrade to the hospital and improved health services in the region.

We’re not sure whether or not the funding will still be delivered if the Labor party gets into government, but with the State election coming up it is definitely worth looking at the promises being made by all of the parties and asking how these will effect you and the Mudgee region.

What do you think? Would you like to see a $60 million upgrade to the Mudgee Hospital? Would it influence your voting decision?

Head to the Mudgee Guardian if you would like to read more about the State Government’s $60 million promise for the Mudgee Hospital.


Developments – What’s Happening in Mudgee?

With a city that’s developing at the rate Mudgee is, and with so many works happening in local neighbourhoods, sometimes it’s really difficult to keep up with what’s happening in Mudgee.

The Mid-Western Regional Council provides public information on local development applications that have been submitted for both commercial and residential developments, whether they be subdividing, demolishing an existing dwelling or putting an addition on a house.

To know what’s happening in your own street, you can access development application submissions on a site – planningalerts.org.au – which outlines broadly what the application is for and when it was lodged, however we’ve found that the site provides mostly liquor licensing applications, whereas the Mid-Western Regional Council website, provides a month-to-month documentation of planning development applications.

For instance, if you’re travelling along your street and notice a garage being added to a home and you’re curious about what is happening or concerned that things aren’t being done to council’s standards, you can take a look at the council website to see whether the development has actually been approved.

Development applications (DA’s) are development proposals that require approval from council before they can proceed. To read about the development application process for the Mid-Western Regional Council area, click here.

Mudgee Library and Old Town Hall Overhaul

Well, the renovations of the Old Town Hall and Library have finally begun on the $3.6 million project, and we’ll be watching with keen interest just how the changes affect the community facilities.

There’s a lot of cultural activity in Mudgee that will benefit from the extensions that are going to take place over the coming months, and hopefully the new upgrades will also see increased enthusiasm for the Mudgee Library.

Whilst we understand that there’s been some conjecture about whether the Mid-Western Regional Council should’ve overhauled the old Regent Theatre building as well, we think it’s positive that there’s been progress in that the Old Town Hall is now being refurbished and upgraded for multipurpose use.

It’s always good to have community buildings and facilities upgraded to meet the standards of the 21st century, and the needs of community members, and we want to encourage the people of Mudgee to support the works and the final products by renewing your cultural side and using the facilities.

What do you think about the Mudgee Library and Old Town Hall overhaul?