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What you need to know if you’re selling your home over Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and if you were hoping to sell your property in the next couple of weeks you need to be aware of the opportunities, and possible obstacles, that selling over the festive season can bring. 

This time of year is obviously a very busy time for a lot of people and, in general, you’ll find that there is less real estate activity from buyers and sellers than usual.

But, the real estate market never sleeps and even though some people might choose to hold off on any real estate decisions until after the New Year, there will always be people on the search for a new home and those that sell now could be rewarded.

Most people looking to buy over Christmas tend to be serious purchasers who have deadlines to meet and want to move as quickly as they can. Some might have jobs to start, or want to settle into a home before the next school term begins and so they are keen to lock in a sale, which can give sellers the upper hand in negotiations.

With the Mudgee region being a holiday destination there is also a good chance that buyers will be in town during their Christmas break and hoping to visit some properties while they are here.

Don’t underestimate how long the sales process takes

If you were hoping to sell by the end of the year you’ll need to get in quick. A lot of people forget to factor in the time it takes to do up their property for sale and get professional photos and marketing ready.

For this reason it’s a good idea to start chatting to an agent as soon you have decided to sell so you can get the wheels in motion and ensure that you do everything you need to from the start to help your property sell for maximum value.

The Professionals Mudgee team are happy to help you buy and sell over the festive season and into the New Year, so feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the next steps in your property journey.

The Mudgee Christmas tradition that keeps on giving

Christmas is a time for giving and the Mudgee community has been known to be an extremely charitable bunch during the festive season.

Each and every year, there are plenty of local families and individuals who take the time to not just buy presents for their loved ones, but they also buy a gift to place under the Club Mudgee Giving Tree.

Placing a gift under the Giving Tree is a popular Christmas tradition for Club Mudgee members and others in the community, and it help teaches young children about the importance of generosity and doing things for others.

Presents placed under the Giving Tree are collected by child protection charity Barnardos Mudgee and delivered to children in the Mid-Western Region who are going through tough times, and who might not otherwise receive a Christmas gift.

To donate a gift, simply visit the Club Mudgee Giving Tree with your gift and choose a gift tag from the tree that is appropriate for the tag’s gender and age.

Place the tag on the gift and place it in the sleigh found next to the Giving Tree.

Those who want to donate a gift should do so before Friday, December 16 so they are ready to be delivered to children around the region in time to be opened on Christmas Day.

If you want to find out more about who you can bring a little magic to children in need this Christmas, contact Club Mudgee by calling 02 6372 1922.

To find out more about Barnardos and the work they do over Christmas, visit www.barnardos.org.au/giftsforkids.

We wish you a very merry Mudgee Christmas!

There’s just 2 sleeps left until Christmas Day!

This time of year is always a fun and exciting time to be in the Mudgee region, and we hope that everyone will get at least a few days off where they can catch up with good company, and relax a little before the New Year gets in full swing.

Remember to stay safe whilst you’re on holidays, and be aware that it is the “silly season” so you need to be mindful of the people around you and help them stay safe too.

If you’re going away then read our home security tips from yesterday’s blog to make sure your home is left safe and secure. If you’ll be taking any road trips then remember to obey the speed limits and take regular breaks when travelling for long periods.

For those who are spending their holidays in town, we hope you get the opportunity to see some of the wonderful natural and historic sights in the region and get to stop in and see some of our wonderful wineries too. If you need any help deciding what to see and experience then the team at the Mudgee Visitor Information Centre at 84 Market Street are always happy to help.

We’ve had a blast bringing you all of the latest Mudgee news, events and real estate information through this blog this year, and we have lots more in store for 2016, so watch this space!

Have a happy and safe Christmas, Mudgee! We look forward to chatting with you soon!

Why you should support local Mudgee businesses this Christmas

At Professionals Mudgee Real Estate we’re big fans of local businesses and services and we strongly encourage other locals to support local business when they’re doing their gift shopping this Christmas (as well as at other times of the year too)!

While it’s great that in this day and age we have so many options available to us, and we can order products from far and wide with a few clicks of a button, that doesn’t mean that we should forsake all of the wonderful things that can be found on our own doorstep.

What many people forget is that if we don’t support local businesses then we don’t get to keep them. Local businesses require support from the local community and in return they provide much more back, with every dollar spent at a local business returning many times that amount to the local economy through things like employee wages, rates and the purchase of goods and materials.

Let’s not forget that shopping locally is also good for the environment as it helps reduce the global carbon footprint, due to fewer goods needing to be transported across vast distances.

There are plenty of fantastic local producers in Mudgee that we can all take advantage of. Mudgee wine is an obvious choice when it comes to local gift ideas (particularly for our out-of-town friends), but there are plenty of other fantastic products you can find locally too, such as gourmet food, arts and craft, fashion and jewellery and much, much more. You can find these products by looking around town or by heading to local markets or events.

So when you’re coming up with this year’s Christmas gift list, take a look around the Mudgee region and think about what you could buy from one of our local producers. If you’re looking for local suppliers, check out www.mudgeebusiness.com/local-produce.html for a great list of local and regional producers.

We always love to hear about local products too, so if you own a local business or know of a great one in the Mudgee region, then let everyone in the community know by leaving a comment here or over at our Facebook page, I Love Mudgee.

Pick your own cherries in Mudgee!

Cherry season has begun in Mudgee and if you want to stock up on the festive fruit then you won’t want to miss the “pick your own cherries” events at Roth’s Orchard this Sunday and next.

Individuals and families are invited to head along and make a day of cherry picking, with lots of cherries hanging low enough so that the kids can reach them too.

The two days of cherry picking (Dec 7 & 14) will run from 8am to 12 noon each day and entry to the orchard will be just $5 per family, with cherries set to cost $5 a kilogram.

Picking buckets will be supplied but everyone is asked to bring their own container to take their cherries home in, or purchase a box for $3.

If you don’t want to pick your own cherries then that’s ok too, as there will be pre-packaged boxes available on both Sundays for $50 for five kilograms, and $25 for two kilograms.

The entry fee and a portion of the profits from the event will be donated to the Eurunderee Provisional School to help them restore their school.

Roth’s Orchard is located at 108 Eurunderee Lane, Mudgee.

Will you be heading to one of the cherry picking sessions?


Photo Credit: Babi Santander, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

How to stay in the black this Christmas

richI know a lot of Mudgee families spend up big over the summer months, throwing parties, buying Christmas presents, booking holidays, and entertaining the kids during the holidays.  It’s definitely an expensive time of year. So it’s no surprise that already many Mudgee residents are starting to feel concerned about the months ahead.

Our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team have previously posted a few tips for making sure your bank balance is Christmas ready.  We thought we’d brainstorm around the office and put together a few more tips that we use during this time of year to help keep the bank balance in the black for the New Year.

  1. Start by budgeting.  Set yourself a few limits when it comes to what you’re going to spend on Christmas presents, and write a list of what you plan to buy for who, so you can estimate whether you’ll be able to keep to your budget.  If you find that your list of presents grows larger than your wallet, try choosing a different present or head to eBay to see if there’s a less expensive version of the gift for sale.
  2. If you really can’t cut down on Christmas present expenses because there are too many names to buy for, consider introducing a Kris Kringle idea to your family.  Draw names from a hat, so that everybody buys a present for one other family member (this can also work for groups of friends and work colleagues), and set a dollar limit on the gifts.  This should significantly lighten your load, and you’ll likely find that your whole family will love this idea!
  3. Instead of buying a new outfit for every party, borrow from fashionable friends, or change the look of an old outfit with new accessories.  You’d be amazed how your look can change with a different necklace, clutch, shoes, earrings or hairdo.
  4. Hosting a Christmas party and scared your entire pay is going to go on puddings and turkey?  Why not ask everyone to bring a plate?  That way you can concentrate on a main ‘specialty’ dish, and enjoy being a sensational host/hostess instead of worrying about how you’ll live on two minute noodles for the next month.
  5. Finally, change your focus.  Many of us feel the pressure to up the ante on the gifts we buy from year to year – Particularly when our kids are begging us for the latest and greatest toys and games, that ALL of their school friends apparently own.  One of the best gifts you can give your family is the gift of giving.  Volunteering at a kitchen may not be possible, but you might let them wrap all the Christmas gifts for family and friends, or you could help the kids organise a family donation to a charity that will help bring Christmas joy to those less fortunate.  Switching the focus to giving rather than receiving can help alleviate the pressure on you to constantly have to keep up with the Joneses.

If you have more strategies for staying out of the red this December, please share them here.  We’d love to see all Mudgee families enjoying this fun time of year without stressing about the costs.


Wishing You A Merry Mudgee Christmas!

It is hard to believe that we’re nearly at the end of another calendar year, it’s certainly been a wild ride and with Christmas Day still to come, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of the Mudgee community for all of your contributions, comments, post, photos and encouragement.

Remember to stay safe whilst you’re on holidays, and be aware of people around you so that you might help them stay safe as well. It would be great to be able to start the New Year without any reports of injury or death on our roads, so please make sure nobody drinks and drives, drives while tired, speeds or uses their phone while driving. By all means though, have an awesome time over Christmas and Boxing Days, just do it safely.

Our office will be closed on Saturday 24th and reopening on Wednesday 28th of December 2011 and from 1pm Saturday 31st of December reopening on Tuesday 3rd of January 2012. If you have a real estate related enquiry, please send to adam@professionalsmudgee.com.au and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a happy and safe Christmas Mudgee! We look forward to chatting with you soon!

Giving Back To The Mudgee Community This Christmas

If you’d like to give back to the community this Christmas, join us in supporting the Salvation Army’s Christmas Appeal this festive season. All donations go toward providing much appreciated Christmas gifts for children across as well as helping families in need at this financially stressful time of year.

With floods, fires and the price of food rising, this festive season will see a significant increase of families in need of assistance and the Salvo’s expect to provide more than $10 million worth of goods to more than 350,000 people in need across Australia. This will include the distribution of over 100,000 food vouchers and hampers and nearly half a million toys!

As part of Professionals events last month, salespeople, property manager, administrators and business owners donated goods such as hampers, toys, gifts and vouchers, and we’d love to see the Mudgee community pitch in as well. There’s a lot to be said about the feeling you get from giving something back to people in need.

Don’t forget that you too could win a $200 hamper simply by entering the draw for Christmas on the Professionals too, which we’re sure will offer some relief to any family. Visit www.professionalscommunity.com.au (UPDATE: Link no longer active) for all the terms and conditions and to enter the draw – only one day left!

If you can make a donation to The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal, it will be a decision you don’t regret making… you’ll be putting a smile on a happy child’s face this Christmas. Visit www.salvos.org.au for information on helping the Salvation Army throughout the year.

Mudgee Christmas Carols In The Park 2011

If you haven’t marked it on your calendar yet, make sure you do because Mudgee’s Carols In The Park event is coming up on Sunday December 11th 2011, and it’s an event that the family will surely enjoy!

This is a fun event that is being held at the Mudgee Showgrounds thanks to the community work of the Rotary Club of Mudgee Sunrise and local church groups. We’re yet to meet a person that doesn’t like a good old Christmas carol so pack up a rug, chair, some snacks and drinks (sorry no alcohol) for the family, and get yourself and your family to this year’s Carols In The Park.

There will be food and drinks available on site from 4:00pm, and there’ll be plenty to keep everyone entertained. Santa will be arriving by helicopter at 5.30pm and everyone’s invited to join in the singing of carols from 7:00pm. The event concludes at 9.30pm.

Even though Mudgee’s Carols In The Park is a free family event, we do encourage the people of the Mudgee community to give their support by donating to the Rotary Club on the night. In return your family will receive a carols songbook and glow sticks for the kids.

We hope to see you there!

Don’t Let Dodgy Christmas Lights Ruin Your Festive Season

‘Tis nearly time to put up the Christmas decorations (December 1st traditionally), but we’d like to share with the Mudgee community, a warning that dodgy Christmas lights can be dangerous, and cause your festive season to be spoiled.

Australia’s peak electrical industry body, the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) have warned consumers that it is important to make sure that lights meet Australian standards and that they are used in the intended manner.

To help ensure that we all stay safe this Christmas, here are seven electrical safety tips that the NECA believe we should all pay particular attention to over the festive season:

1. Look up and around – When installing Christmas lights and other decorations make sure there are no overheard power lines or exposed wiring near where you are working. This is especially dangerous if working near metal.

If you notice dangerous wiring, contact your local licensed electrician so the problem can be fixed.

2. Indoor or outdoor lights – Many Christmas lights are designed specifically for indoor use and are not manufactured for use outside. It is important to only use indoor lights inside and not in any areas where they are exposed to the weather.

If you need to use outdoor lights, make sure they a made for this purpose.

3. Use compliant products – Buy Christmas lights from reputable stores and ensure they comply with Australian standards or have a compliance number or the compliance logo (tick of approval).

When purchasing Christmas or decorative lights from overseas via the internet be careful as other countries have different electrical standards and the products may not meet Australian requirements.

4. Educate children – Take the time to explain electrical safety to your children. Some Christmas lights usually have bulbs that operate at extra low voltages but it is important children are taught not to play with electricity.

5. Avoid use in bad weather – During heavy rain and high winds turn off your Christmas lights. This type of weather can damage the lights and potentially cause electrical faults.

6. Never modify electrical products – It is illegal and dangerous for unlicensed people to carry out modifications to electrical installations or electrical products. Never modify or attempt to repair your own electrical products. Ask your local electrician for assistance.

7. Install a safety switch – Safety switches are an additional safety measure that can prevent electrocution. It is recommended that you have a safety switch installed on every electrical circuit in your home for added protection. Contact your local electrician for assistance.

If we all stick to the guidelines that the NECA have outlined above then we can all enjoy our Christmas lights and stay safer this festive season.

 Source: neca.asn.au