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How local businesses can engage with council

Local businesses are being encouraged to register on a new online system that will make it easier for the Mid-Western Regional Council and other organisations to find local suppliers.

Called MarketPlace, the system will provide a one-stop shop of local suppliers and will be the place for council staff to go to when they need to find a supplier.

The council spent $32.7 million on contractors and materials last financial year and we’re sure that most in the community will agree that this money is best spent on local businesses where it can be, and this new system will help the council do just that.

The online MarketPlace system is specifically for non-tendered items less than $150,000.

Council will use the system to obtain quotes and engage suppliers on an ad hoc basis, and local businesses that register will also be exposed to other organisations across New South Wales who use the system.

The system will provide the best way for council to ensure there are as many opportunities as possible available for local businesses.

It’s free to register on MarketPlace, all you need to do is follow the links on the Mid-Western Regional Council website to Business > Doing Business With Us, and read the relevant information and select the appropriate category to register as a supplier.

There are 70 different categories on MarketPlace that businesses can register under.

With 2,561 businesses in the Mid-Western Region, we’re sure there are many that can benefit from the new system, so take the time to go and register.

New owner for Mudgee’s T & A Discount Carpets

After 30 years working in the Mudgee community, Tass and Arthur have sold their well-known T & A Discount Carpets to local businessman Adam Reilly, who is looking to partner the business with his existing kitchen cabinetry business, T & T Kitchen Design.

Over their many years working in Mudgee, Tass and Arthur have created a strong repeat and referral clientele, built on by the fact that they worked closely with their builders and homeowners to ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

The business went from strength to strength, starting out by specialising in carpets and vinyl, to now also being a supplier of quality laminate flooring and rugs.

After 30 years in the business, working alongside their wives Vicky & Jeanette, retirement will allow Tass more time for golfing, and provide Arthur with more time to spend on his beloved farm and to go travelling.

Taking over the reigns, Adam sees the business as the perfect opportunity to partner with his existing business, T & T Kitchen Design.

“Our aim is to minimise the stress in building or renovating and we believe by better choice of product and trade co-ordination we can certainly do that,” he said.

“We are continually looking for ways to simplify the process, but at the same time adding value to our clients. It is also a great feeling knowing we can continue the hard work that Tass, Arthur and the girls have put in over the years.”

The business will remain in the same location it has operated in for over 30 years at 79 Church Street Mudgee (behind Professionals Mudgee) and Adam is looking forward to meeting with any new or old clients to assist with their total flooring needs.

Why you should support local Mudgee businesses this Christmas

At Professionals Mudgee Real Estate we’re big fans of local businesses and services and we strongly encourage other locals to support local business when they’re doing their gift shopping this Christmas (as well as at other times of the year too)!

While it’s great that in this day and age we have so many options available to us, and we can order products from far and wide with a few clicks of a button, that doesn’t mean that we should forsake all of the wonderful things that can be found on our own doorstep.

What many people forget is that if we don’t support local businesses then we don’t get to keep them. Local businesses require support from the local community and in return they provide much more back, with every dollar spent at a local business returning many times that amount to the local economy through things like employee wages, rates and the purchase of goods and materials.

Let’s not forget that shopping locally is also good for the environment as it helps reduce the global carbon footprint, due to fewer goods needing to be transported across vast distances.

There are plenty of fantastic local producers in Mudgee that we can all take advantage of. Mudgee wine is an obvious choice when it comes to local gift ideas (particularly for our out-of-town friends), but there are plenty of other fantastic products you can find locally too, such as gourmet food, arts and craft, fashion and jewellery and much, much more. You can find these products by looking around town or by heading to local markets or events.

So when you’re coming up with this year’s Christmas gift list, take a look around the Mudgee region and think about what you could buy from one of our local producers. If you’re looking for local suppliers, check out www.mudgeebusiness.com/local-produce.html for a great list of local and regional producers.

We always love to hear about local products too, so if you own a local business or know of a great one in the Mudgee region, then let everyone in the community know by leaving a comment here or over at our Facebook page, I Love Mudgee.

Support Mudgee businesses by buying local products this Christmas

It’s hard to believe that Christmas Day is just over a week away, and while we know quite a few of you have been organised and finished your Christmas shopping already, we also know there are lots of people that have yet to get started!

In this day and age it can be hard to decide what to get family and loved ones for Christmas, especially considering that we have a world of products available at our fingertips, but when shopping we urge locals to check out what’s on offer from our local producers.

There are plenty of fantastic local producers in Mudgee. Mudgee wine is an obvious choice when it comes to local gifts, but there are plenty of other products you can find locally too, such as gourmet food, arts and craft, fashion and jewellery and much, much more.

Local producers are the mainstay of our community and by supporting them we are helping to support Mudgee at large.

Every dollar spent at a local business returns many times that amount to the local economy through things like employee wages, rates and the purchase of goods and materials. Shopping locally also helps reduce the global carbon footprint, as fewer goods need to be transported.

Local businesses also give a lot back to Mudgee by helping to support local schools, social services and not-for-profit organisations.

So this festive season our team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate encourage everyone to buy locally produced products and to help support our local businesses.

You might be surprised by the shops and services you can find if you take a look around the local area, and best of all you won’t have to travel too far to find them!

To get you started, head to www.mudgeebusiness.com/local-produce.html for a great list of local producers in Mudgee.

If you own a local business or know of a great one in the Mudgee region, then let everyone in the community know by leaving a comment here or over at our Facebook page, I Love Mudgee.

Happy shopping!

Are You For or Against Boxing Day Trading in Regional NSW?

We’d love to know whether the people of Mudgee are for or against the NSW Government’s plans to lift restrictions on Boxing Day trading in regional areas of the state because from what we’ve heard, retailers in other regional areas aren’t massive fans of the idea.

The plan would be that Boxing Day would remain a public holiday and workers would be paid public holiday rates in accordance with their employment, but the question is whether there is a demand for it in regional NSW areas such as Mudgee, and whether it is going to be profitable for local businesses.

Other concerns include the impact of working on the public holidays will have with families and whether it’s sustainable in our local economy.

The Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association (SDA) have started up a state-wide campaign called “Take the Time” to help people of regional areas voice their opinion, namely their opposition of the state government’s plan. You can find out more about the campaign at www.takethetime.org.au but if you’re not into signing petitions or contacting local MP’s, then you can comment here as to whether you’re for or against Boxing Day trading in Mudgee.

Who Was Your Valentine?

Most people would know that yesterday was St Valentines Day, where we openly show our love and admiration for our significant other, or someone who we secretly admire. The build up to Valentines Day in Mudgee appears to have been quite large this year, with plenty of red heart shaped toys, balloons and of course flowers and teddies being delivered all over town.

One of the great things that we find about Valentines Day though is that local businesses such as Mudgee florists and restaurants do a roaring trade, which is truly great for the region’s economy. With the Reserve Bank keeping the cash interest rate steady at 4.25%, many homeowners won’t see a cut in their mortgage rate from banks, so it’s great to see that the people of Mudgee are still willing to splurge on something as significant as love on Valentines Day.

So, what did you get up to on Valentines Day? Did you go to your favourite restaurant? Get a bunch of flowers from a secret admirer? We’d love to hear some of the great experiences that the people of Mudgee had yesterday, so please share in the comments below (and give a local business a plug if they provided you with a great service or experience!).

What’s Awesome About Owning a Home in Mudgee?

It would take us a lifetime to list all of the things that are awesome about owning a home in Mudgee, but we thought we’d see what everyone thinks… and we have listed a few of the main ones we think contribute to the awesomeness that is owning a home in Mudgee.

The sense of COMMUNITY – Settling into the lifestyle that Mudgee offers is unlike anything else we’ve come across. Being able to sit down at the end of the day with a glass of local wine, enjoying local produce, or catching up with friendly neighbours is what it’s all about. It doesn’t take long to establish a life in Mudgee because most people are happy to talk and introduce you to other great things about the local Mudgee region.

Long term INVESTMENT – As with owning your own home anywhere, one of the best reasons for buying a home in Mudgee is that if you own your home for a length of time, you will likely see a good return on your investment because of Mudgee’s booming population predictions and surrounding mining infrastructure developments. When you buy a Mudgee home, you can make it yours. It’s your home.

What is it that you love about owning a home in Mudgee? Is it the lifestyle? The whole region? Business? Opportunity?