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Would you like to see year round aquatic facilities in the Mudgee region?

Mudgee residents recently had the chance to have a say on the future of the region as part of the Mid-Western Regional Council’s engagement for the 2030 Community Strategic Plan.

The council has been reviewing all of the feedback they’ve received and have identified some key projects and initiatives that are worth investigating further.

One of the many priorities that was identified by the community was the delivery of all year round aquatic facilities in the region.

The council wants to further explore this idea and they are looking for further feedback.

The council is interested to know the future preference that people have for aquatic facilities in the region and what people would want included if an indoor aquatic centre were built. They’re also interested in knowing how often people would use an aquatic centre if one were available.

We’re sure a lot of people living in the region would love to have access to an aquatic facility all year round, so if you’re one of them then make sure you have your say and make your voice count.

You can share your thoughts by completing a survey on the Mid-Western Regional Council website.

For all further details about the 2030 Community Strategic Plan and community feedback, contact the Mid-Western Regional Council on 1300 765 002.

Help shape Mudgee’s future

Mid-Western council residents currently have the chance to have their say on the projects they would like to see prioritised in the region.

The council considers new infrastructure and service delivery projects as part of their budgeting process each year and are currently asking people to provide submissions for consideration.

All submissions will be evaluated and reviewed by council and will help them create the Draft 2017/18 Operational Plan, with the Final Operational Plan set to be adopted in June this year.

People are invited to send their suggestions and comments via the Mid-Western Council website before March 31 2017.

We strongly recommended that everyone head over to the council website to have a say and help shape the future of the Mudgee region. By having a say you can help influence the future development of the region and help ensure the projects you care about get off the ground.

The Draft Operational Plan will be released in April this year and the community will get a chance to have a say again before the Final Plan is adopted.

Contact the Mid-Western Regional Council for any further details.

Australia Day Celebrations in Rylstone

The Mid-Western region will be celebrating Australia Day with a special event at the Rylstone Showground.

On Thursday 26 January from 8am till noon there will be a heap of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy, as well as a free BBQ breakfast!

The day will kick off with the free brekky, accompanied by live music, kid’s activities, and market stalls.

The Australia Day celebrations will also feature a citizenship ceremony where we welcome new Australians, as well as the official Mid-Western Australia Day Awards. This is where we find out who our citizens of the year area and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of people in our community.

It’s truly a day that is worth heading along to and will make you feel proud to call Australia, and the Mid-West region home.

There is likely to be plenty of other Australia Day celebrations around town too, from jam sessions at the pub to a delicious lunch at one of our local restaurants or cafes. Or if you’re looking to celebrate on the cheap, there’s not much more Australian then having a backyard barby with friends, topped with a game of cricket.

To find out more about Mid-West Australia Day ceremony and celebrations, contact the Mid-Western Regional Council on 6378 2850.

Those interested in holding a market stall at the event can also register their interest on the Mid-Western Regional Council website.

Kandos and Gulgong pools offering discounted season tickets

Planning on spending the rest of the summer in the water? Take advantage of discounted season tickets at Kandos and Gulgong pools.

Both pools are offering 40 per cent off of the normal price of season tickets due to delays in opening the pools this year.

Kandos pool needed to be retiled and a disabled access ramp was installed at Gulgong pool as part of a council initiative to improve access for all residents at regional facilities.

The renovations coupled with unprecedented rainfall and construction issues during winter led to a delay in the pools’ regular opening.

But now that all of the pools in the region are open, it’s time to head along and enjoy a dip.

Studies have shown that swimming has many valuable health and psychological benefits that can’t be achieved from other activities. Swimming also has a number of safety benefits for children and adults, such as increasing water awareness and lifesaving skills.

Plus, swimming is also a heap of fun and an easy way to cool down when the temperatures get too high in Mudgee.

The region’s pools are for all ages and they are fully supervised by qualified staff with additional lifeguards on duty during the school holidays.

Discounted tickets are available to Kandos and Gulgong Pools only, with Mudgee pool still offering regular pricing.

To find out about opening hours and prices visit www.midwestern.nsw.gov.au/community–recreation/Swimming-pools.

Do you have a local hero in Mudgee?

Do you know a person or group in Mudgee who deserves recognition for all of their hard work and achievements?

Perhaps they have done something to inspire others, or have made an achievement in the areas of sport, art, farming or the environment?

There are plenty of amazing people in our community who have achieved extraordinary things and if you know them, make sure to put their name down as a nominee for next year’s Australia Day Awards.

The awards are an opportunity for our community to honour those who inspire us and help make a positive contribution to our region.

The Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team would love to see all our hard-working locals get the recognition they deserve, so if you know someone who you would like to nominate then head over to the Mid-Western Regional Council website to make a nomination.

If you have someone in mind, there are a number of award categories that might be applicable – they include (from the Mid-Western Council website):

  • Citizen of the Year: A person (over 25 years) for contribution to the community, taking into account individual acts of compassion, generosity, bravery, or other similar characteristics.
  • Young Citizen of the Year: A person (aged 16-25 years) for contribution to the community or other significant achievement/s.
  • Environment Award: Person and/or persons (of any age) contributing to the sustainability and improvement of our environment.  The award will recognise activities in environmental education and awareness and promotion and implementation of concepts leading to improved environmental outcomes.
  • Sports Award (18 years and over): A sports person taking into account performance, approach to sport or contribution to the advancement of sport.
  • Sports Junior Award (up to 18 years): A sports person taking into account performance, approach to sport or contribution to the advancement of sport.
  • Arts Award: A person (of any age) for contribution to the Arts in any field whether by participation or administration.  This is intended for non-professionals.
  • Glen Johnston Memorial Award – Music: A person of any age who has made a contribution to music in the community be it either singing, writing or playing music.  This is intended for non-professionals.
  • Community Event of the Year: An event which contributes to the community in some way or raises the profile of the Mid-Western Regional Council.
  • Young Farmer of the Year: A person (under 30 years) who has displayed initiative and commitment to the farming industry.
  • Volunteer Services Award:A person or group who volunteers their time and energy in ways that benefit our community as a whole, or individuals in our community.
  • Volunteer Emergency Services Award: A person or group who volunteer their time and efforts during emergencies (e.g. flood, fire) to serve and protect our community.
  • Wall of Reflections: A deceased resident or pioneer of the Mid-Western Regional Council area who has contributed to the community in any field of endeavour.

Voting closes this December 9, 2016, so be quick because there’s not much time left to nominate!

The winners will be announced at 2017 Australia Day Celebrations will be held in Rylstone on Thursday 26 January.

To find out more about the awards, and to make a nomination, head to www.midwestern.nsw.gov.au.

How much do you know about our council nominees?

Don’t forget to head to the polls this Saturday 10 September to vote in the Mid-Western Regional Council Local Government Elections.

Voting in the council election is our chance to have a say in shaping the future of our region and it’s extremely important that we all take the time to think about who we would like to vote for.

The people we vote into our council help make important decisions for our region, such as making decisions on local policies and planning, and deciding where the council’s budget is spent.

Councillors play a pivotal role and that is why it’s important that we choose people that best represent our region and will continue to fight to keep Mudgee and the rest of the Mid-Western region a place we all want to live, work and play in.

If you don’t know who is up for nomination then it’s time to start your research. You can find information on our local council nominees at http://candidates.elections.nsw.gov.au.

There are also short videos of the council nominees stating why they deserve our votes on the Mudgee Guardian website.

Pre-poll voting is currently open for those who can’t make it to a polling booth on Saturday. There is no absent voting so you must vote at a polling place or pre-poll venue.

Remember, it’s compulsory for all Australian citizens who are resident in this council, 18 years of age or older, to enrol and vote for representatives of their council this Saturday, 10 September 2016.

To find out more information about the upcoming Mid-Western Regional Council Elections, visit http://www.midwestern.nsw.gov.au/council/Council-elections/.

Mudgee Bowling Club could be turned into seniors living facility

Mid-Western Regional Council is looking at turning the former Mudgee Bowling Club into a seniors living facility.

According to an article in the Mudgee Guardian, the council voted unanimously to investigate the possibility of turning the old club into a seniors style living facility, after having recently purchased the site between Burrundulla Avenue and George Street.

In the article, Mayor Des Kennedy said the strategic investment is intended to create some opportunities for developing own-source income  – a requirement under the Fit for Future framework for Local Government.

“We’re a quickly aging population and we are going to run short of aged care facilities into the future,” Cr Kennedy said.

The proposed development is not to be confused with a nursing home. The plans are for the aged living facility to be an option for older residents to live independently in a community environment, while also being in close proximity to the centre of town.

There are still questions over the viability of the facility and whether it will be able to produce an income to support itself while also meeting community needs. These questions will be part of the council’s investigations.

The council will develop a master plan for an independent living development at the site, and no doubt the Mudgee community will be given a chance to provide feedback at some stage during the investigation period, and point out any issues or opportunities that the development might present.

It’s important that those who have opinions or would like to provide feedback on the development to stay up to date with any news and have a say when given the opportunity.

To stay-up-to-date with council news and what is happening at council meetings, visit www.midwestern.nsw.gov.au.

It’s also worth following council on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MWRCouncil, so you don’t miss out on any important announcements that might be relevant to you.

The Mudgee region – Towards 2030

Every four years, the Mid-Western Regional Council reviews and updates the Community Plan. They’re in the process of updating the plan right now and local residents are being encouraged to have their say on it.

The Mid-Western Region Towards 2030 Community Plan sets out the community’s vision for the future. The plan becomes a guideline for the council when deciding on new developments and projects for the region.

The plan sets out where we are now, where we want to be, and the steps needed to get there.

The Mid-Western region continues to grow and change. We live in a region experiencing unprecedented growth in industry and population, fuelled largely by the global demand for resources. Our region is also home to a significant agricultural sector and continued growth of tourism, which presents unique challenges and opportunities for the community.

It’s important that we meet these challenges and harness every opportunity we can to help our region prosper.

The Towards 2030 Community Plan was developed with extensive consultation with the community in which over 3000 residents provided input.

A Resourcing Strategy including Long Term Financial Plan, Workforce Strategy and Asset Management Planning together with a Delivery Program, Operation Plan and Annual Report will complete the reporting framework.

It’s important that the Mudgee and Mid-Western region continues to be a place we want to call home. If you want to view the Towards 2030 Community Plan and provide feedback then visit the Mid Western Regional Council website – www.midwestern.nsw.gov.au.

How local businesses can engage with council

Local businesses are being encouraged to register on a new online system that will make it easier for the Mid-Western Regional Council and other organisations to find local suppliers.

Called MarketPlace, the system will provide a one-stop shop of local suppliers and will be the place for council staff to go to when they need to find a supplier.

The council spent $32.7 million on contractors and materials last financial year and we’re sure that most in the community will agree that this money is best spent on local businesses where it can be, and this new system will help the council do just that.

The online MarketPlace system is specifically for non-tendered items less than $150,000.

Council will use the system to obtain quotes and engage suppliers on an ad hoc basis, and local businesses that register will also be exposed to other organisations across New South Wales who use the system.

The system will provide the best way for council to ensure there are as many opportunities as possible available for local businesses.

It’s free to register on MarketPlace, all you need to do is follow the links on the Mid-Western Regional Council website to Business > Doing Business With Us, and read the relevant information and select the appropriate category to register as a supplier.

There are 70 different categories on MarketPlace that businesses can register under.

With 2,561 businesses in the Mid-Western Region, we’re sure there are many that can benefit from the new system, so take the time to go and register.

Highlights of the 2016/2017 council budget

Mid-Western Regional Council’s budget for the 2016/17 financial year has been finalised and it includes a number of major projects set to improve local roads and amenities.

The $58 million budget includes a $43,774 million program towards capital works in the local region. The bad news however is that local residents will be paying more to help fund this year’s spending, with a rate increase of 1.8 per cent across all rate categories.

Budget highlights include:  

  • $8.4 million to continue the Wollar Road upgrade;
  • $1.028 million for the Henry Lawson Drive Bridge;
  • Continuation of the Glen Willow walkway, and a cycleway linking Lawson Park to Pitts Lane;
  • $5.4 million to continue upgrades of the Ulan Road;
  • Gulgong pathways and other shared pathways around the region;
  • $769,000 on parks and gardens, including $500,000 on youth infrastructure;
  • $148,000 on upgrades of public halls including $125,000 on Kandos Hall;
  • $280,000 on sporting grounds;
  • A total of $23.29 million roads budget.

The council also voted on whether or not to fund improvements to the off-leash dog park at Glen Willow, as we mentioned in our blog last week, and decided on spending $10,000 to upgrade the park. A further $10,000 was will also be used for improvements at the Gulgong Dog Park.

For further details about this year’s budget and future plans for the area, contact the Mid-Western Regional Council.