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Are You For or Against Boxing Day Trading in Regional NSW?

We’d love to know whether the people of Mudgee are for or against the NSW Government’s plans to lift restrictions on Boxing Day trading in regional areas of the state because from what we’ve heard, retailers in other regional areas aren’t massive fans of the idea.

The plan would be that Boxing Day would remain a public holiday and workers would be paid public holiday rates in accordance with their employment, but the question is whether there is a demand for it in regional NSW areas such as Mudgee, and whether it is going to be profitable for local businesses.

Other concerns include the impact of working on the public holidays will have with families and whether it’s sustainable in our local economy.

The Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association (SDA) have started up a state-wide campaign called “Take the Time” to help people of regional areas voice their opinion, namely their opposition of the state government’s plan. You can find out more about the campaign at www.takethetime.org.au but if you’re not into signing petitions or contacting local MP’s, then you can comment here as to whether you’re for or against Boxing Day trading in Mudgee.

The Famous “Go Grazing” Event In Mudgee

We love the slogan: “It’s famous for a reason.” It epitomises the atmosphere felt at Mudgee’s Go Grazing event, which is coming up in April, so pop it in your diaries and on your calendars.

Go Grazing obviously provides tastes of local Mudgee wineries and producers, but there’s much more to it than that! It also showcases the amazing talents that some of our local chefs have as well in creating tasty morsels from quality local ingredients.

Hosted at the Mudgee Racecourse (one of our favourite places in Mudgee of course) from 6:30pm on Saturday the 23rd of April, it is another of Mudgee’s must-attend events of 2011. Tickets are $70 per person and can be purchased from the Mudgee Visitors Information Centre in person, over the phone or online – our advice, don’t miss out, purchase yours early!

With 11 wineries involved in the event, there’ll definitely be a red wine, white wine or sparkling that will take your fancy, we’re sure of it. Add to that the flavours created by 10 incredible chefs and kitchens from throughout the Mudgee region, it would be almost impossible to walk away without feeling truly satisfied.

With the support of local businesses throughout the Mudgee region, we can’t wait to be sharing some great times with family and friends at Go Grazing this year! Visit the Mudgee Wine website for more information!