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Tips to improve your garden before selling

Thinking of putting your home on the market this summer? Make sure you don’t neglect your front garden.

Proper landscaping is an often forgotten area of property improvement, however it can make a huge difference to the look and appeal of a property, and when it’s done right it can help bring buyers to your front door.

Aim for a low-fuss garden

In a lot of cases the best thing you can do for a garden is scale it back and make it look as neat and tidy as possible.

Keep your gardens simple with a couple of feature trees and neat walking paths and garden beds. Anything too elaborate could scare off would-be buyers who don’t have the time to take on a major gardening project.

But be mindful that you don’t make your garden look too sparse and empty either. Plants bring life to a home, so have at least a few in the garden to suit the style of property and that don’t require too much upkeep.

Keep useability in mind 

The aesthetics of a garden are important, but so is its functionality.

When planning your gardens, think about how the space will be used and whether you need to make way for car parks, a clothesline or a space to entertain.

Another important consideration is privacy. You might like to use trees as a screen to block out your neighbours, or perhaps as a barrier against wind or noise.

Don’t overspend

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your garden look better, but you might need to put in some hard work.

A lot of gardens will look better after a solid weekend of mowing, clearing out weeds and pruning back trees.

You might also need to pay ongoing attention to watering your garden and keeping plants alive on dry and hot summer days.

If you’re getting your home ready for sale, here are a few more tips:

– Replenish lawns with fertiliser and water (if needed) and mow regularly
– Pull out weeds and trim back overgrown plants
– Add mulch and edging to neaten up garden beds
– Introduce plants that will add to the visual appeal of the property – i.e. feature trees or pot plants at the entrance
– Fix broken fencing or ornaments
– Hose down pathways and fences

For more advice on how to prepare your garden for sale, call the team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate.

Is your property ready for the spring selling season?

The spring selling season is just around the corner and traditionally that that brings buyers out of the woodworks, looking to find their new home by the end of the year.

While property markets can still run hot during the colder months of the year, there’s little question that selling numbers ramp up in the spring selling season and there is a lot more buyers and sellers looking to make their next property move.

If you’re thinking about putting your property on the market this spring, it’s best to get in early. Now is the best time to act because it can take several weeks to get your property ready for sale and you want to make sure that you make the most of the fresh new buyers coming into the market.

Start that spring clean

You can start preparing your property for sale by starting that spring clean as soon as possible.

A few cleaning tips:

  • Get rid of any clutter or furniture that brings down your home’s appearance (hiring a storage unit might be worthwhile if you have too much furniture or clutter)
  • Wash windows and walls to make the house feel fresh and clean
  • Dust in every nook and cranny of the house and remove any cobwebs
  • Polish door knobs and taps
  • Wash curtains and blinds
  • Steam clean carpets to remove any stains

Pay attention to kerb appeal

People tend to pay more attention to gardens and outdoor living spaces as the weather gets warmer. Before putting your property on the market make the effort to mow the lawn and make your garden beds look neat and tidy. It’s also worth doing any odd jobs outside such as fixing loose paling on the fence, dodgy letterboxes, or broken roof tiles.

Present your home at its best so that it stands out amongst other homes in the area and has buyers knocking on the front door.

For more advice on selling or presenting your home this spring selling season contact the team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate.

5 ways to boost your home’s kerb appeal

When you’re selling your home, one of the first things that potential buyers will notice is your home’s exterior.

Sure the inside of the property is important too, but the outside of the home is where you can make a real impact and create that all important first impression on buyers.

So what can you do to improve your home’s kerb appeal and reel in those buyers?

  1. Landscaping – Don’t overlook the importance of planting trees and plants around your property to make it feel homely and inviting. A bare front yard tends to make a property feel stark and exposed, so add some new garden beds and trees to help bring a bit of life to your front and backyard.
  1. Front door – Painting the entire house can be an expensive endeavour, but if you just want your home to look a little more modern then it might be worth just painting the front door. A fresh coat of paint on the front door can lift the appearance of the entire home and help add property value too. Check out Pinterest for some front door colour inspiration, with bright yellows, reds and blues being extremely popular at the moment.
  1. House numbers and letterbox – Sometimes small things can have a big impact. If your mailbox and house numbers are looking a little worse for wear then consider changing them to add a little bit of style or colour to the front of your home, and give it a more modern look.
  1. Windows and trim – If your windows are scratched, broken or old then your property is bound to look 100% better with new ones. If you can’t afford to replace windows then at least make sure they’re clean and that the trim looks neat and tidy. Adding window boxes can also help add a bit some colour and life to your home’s appearance.
  1. Pressure clean – If your home’s exterior has a build-up of mould, mildew or dirt on it, then a good pressure cleaning is probably the best thing you can do for it. Pressure cleaners can be bought or hired if you want to DIY, or you might prefer to hire a professional exterior cleaner to do the work for you.

Keep in mind that every property is different, so you need to decide what you can change at your property to make the biggest impact. If you would like any advice on improving your home’s kerb appeal then don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team.