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Get in early for ‘A Day on the Green’!

A Day on the GreenWe know that filling your hot water bottle in winter probably doesn’t conjure up too many thoughts of ‘A Day on the Green’, but we’re here to tell you that it’s time to get excited Mudgee!  The line up for this year’s event to be held at the Robert Oatley Vineyards in October has been announced, and it’s absolutely world-class.

As posted on our ‘I love Mudgee’ Facebook page yesterday, A Day on the Green 2013 have announced that this year’s big event will feature live performances from Bernard Fanning (former lead singer of ‘Powderfinger’), Sarah Blasko and Bob Evans.  Our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team is incredibly excited, and we’re sure everyone in Mudgee will be joining us in the queue for tickets as soon as they’re available.  The good news is, there are a few ways to get in early before the general public release and get your hands on some much sought after pre-sale tickets.

According to Ticketmaster, all release dates are as follows:

  • Onsale to General Public from Monday the 8th of July at 9am local time
  • A day on the green Members Presale from Tuesday the 2nd of July at 10am local time until Thursday the 4th of July at 5pm.
  • Bernard Fanning Presale from Friday the 5th of July at 9am local time until Sunday the 7th of July at 5pm.
  • MMM Music Jury Presale from Friday the 5th of July at 9am local time until Sunday the 7th of July at 5pm.
  • My Ticketmaster Presale from Friday the 5th of July at 9am local time until Sunday the 7th of July at 5pm.

This is one Mudgee event not to be missed!  With the promise of a sensational line up such as this we know tickets will sell out fast, so please heed our advice and get in early.

Are you excited about this year’s line up for ‘A Day on the Green’?

Subscribe to ‘The Mudgee Project’

Our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team are long time advocates that Mudgee is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and it seems we can now all share in its charms each week simply by subscribing to ‘The Mudgee Project’.

The Mudgee Project promises to publish one photo of Mudgee per week for a whole year, leaving us with 52 absolutely sensational images.  Our team are subscribers, and have been blown away by the images being captured.   Rather than merely snapping nice angles of pretty landscapes, The Mudgee Project consistently captures images that reveal the true heart of Mudgee, from wine barrels at Robert Stein Winery & Vineyard to a full action shot at the Mudgee Rodeo, and of course the Mudgee Races and Mudfest.  If there’s an event in Mudgee, Amber from The Mudgee Project will capture it and post it up for all to enjoy and share.

For your weekly dose of all things wonderful about Mudgee, please subscribe to http://themudgeeproject.com.au/, or follow their stunning work on Facebook.

Our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team would love to see more images of our gorgeous region flooding the internet.  If you’re out and about in Mudgee or at a Mudgee event and would like to send us your favourite snap, please post them on our ‘I Love Mudgee’ Facebook page or send them to Adam Woods at adam@professionalsmudgee.com.au and we’ll happily post them up for you.


What do you want from www.ilovemudgee.com.au?

Adam and ChandelleAs we’re sure you’re all aware by now, the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team proudly bring you the ‘I Love Mudgee’ facebook page, and community website www.ilovemudgee.com.au.  We thoroughly enjoy updating each of these throughout each week with blogs relating to things going on in the Mudgee community, real estate news, and general tidbits we think may be of interest to residents and friends of Mudgee.

However, we’d now really like to stand back and ask you, our friends and readers, what would you like to see on the www.ilovemudgee.com.au website?  What stories do you enjoy?  What do you generally skip past?

We’re currently re-vamping our community website in an attempt to better reflect the current needs of our community… otherwise, what’s the point?!  So we’d love you to let us know, as a person who lives in, works in or visits Mudgee, what do you want from your Mudgee community website?   How could we improve our www.ilovemudgee.com.au website to better reflect your interests and community needs?  All suggestions are welcomed, in fact, we challenge everyone to please provide a comment below.   We’d LOVE to know your thoughts!

What would you do without Facebook?

FacebookWhen you consider that the 2012 Sensus revealed that facebook reaches 97% of all social media users, and on average users access Twitter 22.65 times per week, social networking is obviously becoming a huge part of the Aussie lifestyle.  So just how much time do you spend on social networking websites, and what do you do there?

When chatting with Mudgee locals, and those in our own Mudgee office, it seems there are a variety of reasons people jump online.  It may be as simple as checking an email or paying a bill, or as specific as catching up on the Twitter reaction to a current media issue or ‘checking in’ to your favourite Mudgee restaurant on Facebook.

It is fast becoming the age of the online consumer.  You can find almost anything online; you can look online for news and weather, live sports scores, live streamings of your favourite TV programs, gossip forums, and ‘how to’ videos, not to mention all the money you can spend shopping online.  And of course, we wouldn’t be a real estate agency without mentioning the browsing you can do for Mudgee rental properties and houses for sale.  In fact, ‘online browsing’ is how most people begin their search for a new home.

So we thought we’d ask you, our I Love Mudgee blog readers, I Love Mudgee Facebook ‘likers’ and Professionals Mudgee Twitter followers, how much time do you spend online, and what do you do there?   Are there any websites you simply can’t live without?


‘I Love Mudgee’… What A Year It’s Been!

Adam and Chandelle Woods from Professionals Mudgee Real Estate office has been proudly bringing you the ‘I Love Mudgee’ blog throughout 2012, and with the year fast coming to an end we thought we’d take this opportunity to re-visit some earlier posts and share with you a few of the stories you may have missed.

At the beginning of the year, we discussed the overhaul of Mudgee Library and Old Town Hall, reported the new NSW smoking laws, changes to the NSW first home buyer’s grant, and new NSW swimming pool laws, introduced Mudgee Target Country, and wrote of the re-building of Mudgee Golf Club.

We gave you tips for investing, stretching your dollar further, moving on a budget, lowering your power bill, finding a family friendly home, moving with children,  decorating, renovating, buying interstate, renting with pets, keeping up to date with Mudgee’s developments, and provided a guide for first time renters in Mudgee.

We asked whether you’re for or against Boxing Day trading, and whether you believe compulsory swimming lessons are necessary for all Mudgee school children.  We analysed Mudgee’s past 5 years from the 2011 Census data, and celebrated Mudgee’s highest rating wineries.

It has been a big year for our team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate and judging by these few selected stories, it’s been a huge year for our Mudgee community!

If you’d like to contribute a story for our ‘I Love Mudgee’ blog, we encourage you to put pen to paper and send us anything you think may be of interest to our readers; it could be anything from a review of your favourite Mudgee restaurant to the success of your Mudgee sporting team, or a real estate tip.  All you have to do if you want to contribute anything to this blog is send your article to Adam at Adam@professionalsmudgee.com.au, and if it is appropriate we will post it and provide you with the credit of course.

We hope you’ve all had a fantastic year, and we look forward to bringing you many more stories of local news, real estate tips and community achievements in 2013!

Who Wants To Win An Early Christmas Present?

Our team at Professionals Real Estate in Mudgee are on the hunt for a photo of the BEST Mudgee Christmas lights display.  The winner will receive a $100 Bunnings voucher – So start snapping!

These days, a flashing Christmas tree in the front window is just one of the many alluring sights that define Mudgee neighbourhoods around Christmas time.  When walking the streets of Mudgee and surrounding areas, it’s not unusual to be met with inflatable Santas, novelty candy canes, fake snow falling from roofs, and spectacular light shows.  Whether you find excessive Christmas lights tasteful or tacky, I’m sure most parents can testify to the joy and wonderment twinkling Christmas lights typically bring to the faces of their children.

As December approaches, many Mudgee families will no doubt be on the lookout for the best Christmas lights and front garden displays to stroll past on their evening walks with the kids.  We suggest you grab a camera before pounding the pavement this December, as our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team will be awarding the best Christmas light photo posted to our facebook page a $100 Bunnings voucher!

Of course Christmas lights can go horribly wrong.  We all remember Clark Griswold’s hilarious attempt to put on a show for his neighbours with 25,000 twinkle lights, only to cause a black-out.  If you’re planning to adorn your Mudgee home with a bevy of twinkle lights and novelty decorations, there are a few tips to remember:

  • Make sure you specifically buy outdoor lights.  Indoor lights will not be waterproof and are not sufficiently insulated.
  • Use outdoor powerpoints whenever possible, rather than trailing cords through windows.
  • Avoid hanging lights against metal structures.
  • Always use hooks rather than piercing the cable with nails, tacks or screws.
  • Don’t leave your Christmas lights running while you’re in bed or out for the evening.
  • Finally, make sure you fill in your neighbours.  Nothing is guaranteed to revoke your invitation to the street Christmas party more quickly that forgetting to let your neighbours know about the dazzling display you plan to leave glowing through their windows at all hours of the night.  Letting them know what you’re planning to do, and what days/times you plan to switch the display on and off will no doubt ease tensions… and who knows, if they’re really appreciative of the early ‘heads-up’ they may even offer to help you with the installation!

Don’t forget to grab your camera before heading out this December, as a photo of a great light display could earn you an early Christmas present from Bunnings. 

Simply post your Christmas light display photograph to our I Love Mudgee facebook page.  The best photo, as judged by the most ‘likes’ at 9am on the 20th of December, will receive the $100 Bunnings voucher.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!  So start pounding the pavement, get snapping and involve your friends – remember the most ‘likes’ wins!  We can’t wait to see the sensational Mudgee displays you all find.

Mudgee Real Estate Tips – 5 Ways to Stage Your Home

When selling Mudgee real estate in a competitive market it’s important to take advantage of every open house, and view every inspection as an opportunity to introduce your home to its next owner.  Imagine going on a blind date and finding they hadn’t bothered to shower, or were wearing clothes that hadn’t been cleaned or ironed.  Sure, they may be a lovely person, but we all know that first impressions count!  And so it is with houses too.  By implementing these 5 easy staging tips, you’re helping your Mudgee home to make a great first impression.

  1. When selling a home, you’re also selling a lifestyle.  Something as simple as an open coffee table book in the living room, or bottle of wine and glasses on an outdoor setting can make rooms feel more appealing to prospective buyers.  You may like to have a browse through home design and real estate magazines for ideas and inspiration.
  2. A room that appears plain or sterile can easily be dressed up with a splash of colour.  Vases, throw rugs and cushions are simple ways of adding a bit of pizzazz to a room without blowing your budget, and you’ll also get to enjoy the benefits of their aesthetic charms when you bring them to your new home.
  3. Sheer curtains may be used effectively to hide away unpleasant views, while also allowing light into your home.  Sheer curtains now come in a huge range of styles, from metallic to silk-like, so you can select a finish that will best complement your decor.
  4. Help prospective buyers to build an emotional connection to your home by creating a photo album of your favourite snaps of your house and garden in varying lights and seasons, and leave it on display for people to flick through.  Or arrange your images on a digital display (in a digital photo frame or as a slide show on your television screen) and have it running continuously throughout the inspection.
  5. Allow as much natural light to flood through your home as possible by opening blinds and curtains and ensuring the windows are sparkling clean.  Twilight inspections will attract an even greater ‘wow’ factor if you take the time to turn on all lights, lamps, and down lights throughout the home to complement the natural light.

If you would like any more staging tips for your Mudgee home prior to your first inspection, you are welcome to pick up our free Showtime Guide at the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate office, which features 101 ways to showcase your property.

Here Comes Mudgee Golf Club!

You may recall that we wrote in January last year (2011) about the devastation that faced the Mudgee Golf Club when it burnt down in December 2010. With serious damage and a blank slate to start from, the plans are now finally complete and work has begun at the site – here comes the new Mudgee Golf Club!

Being someone that doesn’t mind the occasional social game of golf, it will be fantastic to see the new facilities when they are completed, which is planned for March 2013. As a local business and sporting facility, it’s important that we as locals get behind the Mudgee Golf Club and support them wherever we can, whether it’s for social golfing or functions. Taking in green views of the Mudgee golf course makes it the perfect venue for up to 250 people, so keep it in mind if you’re organising an event for next year.

It’s great to see that the rebuild is finally starting and that the club itself can regain some of the patronage that it may have missed out on in the past 18 months. There is much to be gained from the rebuild of Mudgee Golf Club and we look forward to seeing the new facility up and running!

Visit the Mudgee Golf Club facebook page for more updates.

5 Years Ago in Mudgee…

5 years ago in Mudgee, our demographics were quite different to what they are now, and with the recent release of the 2011 Census Survey results we thought it would be interesting to take a look at Mudgee’s main statistics to give a brief snapshot of how our rural city has changed since 2006.

Mudgee (SSC) Now – 2011 Then – 2006
Number of People 9,830 8,726
Number of Males 4,838 4,204
Number of Females 4,992 4,522
Median Age 37 38
Number of Families 2,519 2,268
Number of Private Dwellings 4,346 3,889
Average Number of People per Household 2.4 2.4
Median Weekly Household Income $1,023 $745
Median Monthly Mortgage Repayments $1,733 $1,192
Median Weekly Rent $240 $165
Average Number of Motor Vehicles per Dwelling 1.6 1.1


Mudgee has certainly grown and you would know that just by living here, and with an additional 457 new homes in the area, (averaging just over 90 new homes per year), it’s easy to see why supply simply isn’t keeping up with demand in the area, with just over 1,100 more people living in here.

The stand out statistics revolve around income and costs, with medians in weekly household income, weekly rent and monthly mortgage repayments all increasing significantly. Remembering that the median is not the average, it’s probably safe to assume that mining in the area has something to do with these increases and that at the far end of the bell curve, the figures are probably far more dramatic.

We’re sure that if we amalgamated other nearby suburbs into these Mudgee stats, there would also be evidence of population increases over the last 5 years combined with increased rental and mortgage figures.

Source: www.abs.gov.au.

Are Current Solar Rebates Sufficient?

If you don’t think that current solar rebates are sufficient you may be interested in signing a petition that a group of Sydney home owners have started, calling for electricity retailers to provide one-for-one feed-in tariffs for energy produced by home solar panels.

Mudgee currently has a number of home owners that have taken up the option of solar power with the aim that they will put energy back into the grid and get a rebate in return for the energy they produce. The compensation however isn’t seen as a massive incentive for new solar panel buyers.

The “FairGo for Solar” campaign has been launched with a petition appealing for retailers to pay the same rates for power as we the customers do. Homes with solar panels feeding energy back into the electricity grid are currently paid by electricity retailers between 5 and 10 cents per kilowatt hour, whereas NSW residents are charged more than 21 cents per kilowatt hour for the energy that they use. Many home owners believe that the solar rebates are insufficient, and if you agree, you can have your say about having a 1-for-1 solar feed-in tariff by visiting the FairGo for Solar petition here.

The Greens have estimated that retailers could be receiving about $100 million worth of free energy a year, so do you think that current solar rebates are sufficient?