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Gulgong’s Henry Lawson Heritage Festival

It’s back again for another year, the Henry Lawson Heritage Festival in Gulgong, from Friday the 8th of June to Monday the 11th of June 2012. For those who haven’t been before, pop it in your diary because not only is a great family event, it also showcases much of the region and of course tells you lots about our pioneering forefathers’ lifestyles, including that of Henry Lawson himself.

The long weekend will give you and your family and friends the opportunity to take in everything that the festival has to offer, from exhibitions of art and photography, having your photo taken in heritage outfits, street markets, bush dancing and music, parades, poetry readings and of course the Gulgong Country Race Meet on Sunday afternoon.

As one of Australian history’s most famous poets, Gulgong is proud to have had Henry Lawson call it his home since being brought to the area as an infant. The Mudgee and Gulgong regions played a large part in influencing Henry Lawson’s writings, which is one of the reasons he’s celebrated in Gulgong to this day.

You can visit the Henry Lawson Society of NSW website to read more about the festival’s competitions and the legend of Henry Lawson himself, or download the full program (PDF) here. If you’ve got any questions about visiting Gulgong for the event, contact the Tourist Information Centre on 1800 816 304.

Four More Flights to Mudgee

How awesome is it that the Mudgee community will be opened up to Sydneysiders even more so with the announcement of Aeropelican’s four extra flights between Mudgee and Sydney commencing Wednesday the 29th of February 2012?

We think the extra flights to and from Mudgee will be a great asset to the region, especially for people that commute on a regular basis. It also opens up for more tourism which is always a good thing for the local economy.

According to the article that we read in the Mudgee Guardian, the extra flights will run on the following schedules:

Mudgee – Sydney

Sydney – Mudgee

Dep:  Wed 10:30am Arr:  11:20am Dep:  Wed 2:30pm Arr:  3:20pm
Dep:  Fri 10:30am Arr:  11:20am Dep:  Sun 2:30pm Arr:  3:20pm

It’s not just Mudgee that will benefit either, it’ll be many of the other towns such as Kandos and Rylstone with reasonable scheduled times and appropriate days that will suit the many mining industry employees  and agricultural professionals who fly in and fly out as well.

As the population of Mudgee increases, and we’ve spoken about the predictions for growth in past blogs, the need for more services will only increase, so this is a great start for the Mudgee Region and kudos should go to the Mid-Western Regional Council which backed the airline.

If you’d like to read more about the subject and the introduction of Aeropelican’s new flights, click here to visit the Mudgee Guardian story.

Come To Kandos’ Kickin’ Car Show

If you’re a rev-head, car-buff, petrol-head, motoring enthusiast, looking for something to do on the weekend, like shiny things, or all of the above, you should come to the Kandos Street Machines Hot Rod Show being held this weekend (28th and 29th of January) at Simpkins Park Sport Complex on Ilford Rd Kandos.

Although it’s not a free event, it’s definitely worth the ticket price which includes burnout demonstrations, show and shine, live music and plenty of other entertainment! There’s also stuff there for the kids!

Gates open 8am both days and entry prices are as follows:
Saturday 28th January 2012: Adult $15, Children (10 – 15 yrs) $10, Family pass $40 (2 adults and 2 children)
Sunday 29th January 2012: Adult $10, Children (10 – 15 yrs) $5, Family pass $25 (2 adults and 2 children)
Weekend – Adult $20, Children (10 – 15 yrs) $10, Family pass $50 (2 adults and 2 children)

For more information about the Kandos Street Machines & Hot Rod Show check out their website at www.kandosstreetmachine.org.au (UPDATE: Site no longer active) or their facebook page here. It’s a great family friendly event, something a little different, and definitely well worth checking out!

There’s always something to do around Mudgee and surrounding districts, so please let us know about them by emailing adam@professionalsmudgee.com.au so your event can be published on the I Love Mudgee Blog and of course our facebook page.

Community Groups: Do You Need Government Funding?

If you’re part of a local community organisation that requires funding, then you may want to consider applying for a share in $300,000 worth of funding as part of the 2011 Community Building Partnership Program provided by the NSW State Government.

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How Long Have You Lived In Your Home?

Here’s a question we’d like to pose to the people of Mudgee – how long have you lived in your home?
Recently published by RPData, statistics are showing the people are staying in their homes longer rather than moving around. The average number of years that people stayed in their homes in 1999 was 6.8 years, but it appears the turnover of our primary residences has increased to 8.6 years in 2011.

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NSW Stamp Duty Changes – What First Home Buyers Need To Know

The NSW Government recently announced that it will be cutting out stamp duty exemptions for first home buyers purchasing established homes as at the 1st of January next year (2012).

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Mudgee MotorFest 2011

If you’re a car enthusiast, have a love of all things motoring, then you’re in for a treat in a couple of weeks, because Cudgegong Cruisers Inc are coming to town for their third annual MotorFest.
You’ll see all kinds of vintage, classic and very cool cars rocking around town, with people coming from far and wide to bring their machines to Mudgee. If you’re anywhere near AREC (Australian Rural Education Centre) you’ll probably hear the rumble of mufflers for the three day event from October 14 to 16.
Let’s show all of our out-of-town visitors how great Mudgee is and show them the meaning of real hospitality. I can’t wait to see some of the cool vehicles that will be driving around the streets of Mudgee!
For more information about the event, go to their website – www.cudgegongcruisers.org.au.

Part 5 of “Why Buy Real Estate in Mudgee Now”: Investment Security

Highly volatile world share markets in recent times have re-enforced the old adage “Safe as Houses”. As a property investor, you make the decisions that affect your investment and you’re provided with both short term (rental income/tax benefits) and long term (capital growth) economic benefits.

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Speaking of Food…

We talk often about the awesome produce we’re lucky to have in the Mudgee Region, and today we thought we’d talk about food from another perspective.

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Part 4 of “Why Buy Real Estate in Mudgee Now”: Changeover Costs

So you have to sell to buy? Waiting for your home to be worth more sounds like a good idea but if the price of others climb relative to the market you will also be paying more as well. The thing about selling for more and buying for more is… It costs you more!
That’s right readers! By selling for more you pay more agent fees and by buying for more you pay more stamp duty. So if your home and the one you buy rise in value at the same percentage and you are paying more for your next home, then your net result is worse on a rising market.
It’s hard to wrap your head around, but it’s important to know whether your net position is going to be better or worse if you wait and we believe that now is the time for you to be selling and buying.
Don’t forget that other incentives currently available make now a great time to buy as well, include a $7000 regional relocation grant for those selling in the city to buy here in Mudgee; the First Home Buyers Grant; and the continued Stamp Duty Concessions for buying new or off the plan property.