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Gulgong’s Henry Lawson Heritage Festival

It’s back again for another year, the Henry Lawson Heritage Festival in Gulgong, from Friday the 8th of June to Monday the 11th of June 2012. For those who haven’t been before, pop it in your diary because not only is a great family event, it also showcases much of the region and of course tells you lots about our pioneering forefathers’ lifestyles, including that of Henry Lawson himself.

The long weekend will give you and your family and friends the opportunity to take in everything that the festival has to offer, from exhibitions of art and photography, having your photo taken in heritage outfits, street markets, bush dancing and music, parades, poetry readings and of course the Gulgong Country Race Meet on Sunday afternoon.

As one of Australian history’s most famous poets, Gulgong is proud to have had Henry Lawson call it his home since being brought to the area as an infant. The Mudgee and Gulgong regions played a large part in influencing Henry Lawson’s writings, which is one of the reasons he’s celebrated in Gulgong to this day.

You can visit the Henry Lawson Society of NSW website to read more about the festival’s competitions and the legend of Henry Lawson himself, or download the full program (PDF) here. If you’ve got any questions about visiting Gulgong for the event, contact the Tourist Information Centre on 1800 816 304.

Hospitals… The Debate Continues

We’ve watched and commentated on the closing of Gulgong Hospital, and have recently read about the commencement of the Gulgong HealthOne facility that is to bring health care back to the local area.

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Comparing Your Commute

Something that buyers and tenants generally consider when they’re looking to move location is the accessibility to work or school. Is there adequate road infrastructure to travel between popular places of interest? Simply put, we’re very lucky in Mudgee with our commute… compared to Sydney-siders who spend up to 2 hours in the car just getting to work in the morning!
If you think about what you can achieve in the time it takes you to travel to and from work, shopping or school, it isn’t any wonder that regional areas like Mudgee are attracting more city people to live and work here. People that have moved to rural areas have also commented how a similar travel time commuting here is much more relaxing then in the traffic and congestion of major cities.
Another great benefit of living in a community like Mudgee, or other towns in the Mudgee region, is that we can walk or ride a short distance to facilities such as shops, schools, parklands, medical facilities and sports grounds. At worst it’s only a few minutes to commute anywhere by car within Mudgee or Gulgong townships. With no traffic lights, there’s not much to hold us up which is a bonus.
As a seller or investor, make sure you point out to your agent, the benefits of living in the location of your property and the time it takes to travel to popular parts of Mudgee. It can be a real feature in attracting potential buyers or tenants, especially those from out of town.
What are your thoughts about your commute here in Mudgee, or Sydney for that fact. If you travel to and from Sydney city regularly, how do you compare the two? And if you take public transport, are you happy with it? What are your feelings on commuting?