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Hospitals… The Debate Continues

We’ve watched and commentated on the closing of Gulgong Hospital, and have recently read about the commencement of the Gulgong HealthOne facility that is to bring health care back to the local area.

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Gulgong Heath Services UPDATE

Since our last blog on the subject in September 2010, there have been some stirring rumours surrounding the Gulgong Hospital closure and what future plans may be in the pipeline if certain political agendas are realised.

It’s been interesting watching the local news on the topic and depending on the outcome of the election coming up on the 26th of March, the Gulgong community could see the hospital reopen with a multipurpose health service put into place.

What are your thoughts? Do you think these statements are merely a political campaign, or do you think there is the real possibility that Gulgong’s community could see their hospital regenerated and upgraded in the near future?

Further Development for Gulgong Health Services

As of last week, the Gulgong Health Service is located at a temporary location in Mayne Street in Gulgong until the new HealthOne facility is completed.

There was outcry back in August, when rallies were held to help save Gulgong Hospital, but alas, Gulgong Hospital has finally waved its final flag and has now closed its doors. To everyone in the Gulgong community, the spirit and passion you have for your local area and fellow community members shouldn’t be dampened, and we’re sure that with the opening of HealthOne, some solace may be found in the future development of health services in the area.

As we learn of any further developments regarding the Gulgong Health Services, we’ll post them on our blog.

Help Save Gulgong Hospital

With a population of around 5,000 people, Gulgong is a tight knit community who are passionate about the needs of the community. Members have been crying out for support from neighbouring communities, to help petition to keep the Gulgong Hospital which was announced last week to be closed at the end of the month.

As proud supporters of our own community, we are passionate about sticking up for the little guy and having our voices heard, so we thought it a prudent blog post for today, to encourage community-minded people of Gulgong, Mudgee, Ulan and other surrounding areas to join the cause on their facebook group.

We’d love to see more people support the Gulgong community in their fight to keep the hospital. Visit the facebook group for more details and discussion on the topic.