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Thought About Going “Dry” for July?

Even though Mother Nature doesn’t seem to be thinking about anything “dry” at the moment, now is the time to start thinking about whether you can go “dry” for the month of July as part of the Dry July campaign.

Giving up the booze next month and raising funds will help improve the lives of adults living with cancer. The annual Dry July campaign encourages people from around Australia and New Zealand to give up alcoholic beverages in support of raising funds to benefit adult cancer patients and to help raise awareness of drinking habits and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

It may seem like a challenge that you can’t survive, but there are ways to boost your fundraising and being allowed a night off for something special, by way of a Golden Ticket – your pass for a day.

If you go through the whole month though, consider the benefits to yourself as well – you won’t have a hangover preventing you from being productive, there won’t be any outrageous drunken photos of you posted on facebook for the month, and of course your liver and kidneys can have a good cleanse. The best part though of course is raising funds for people who really need it, with the proceeds of Dry July going to hospitals around the country.

Registration for Dry July has now opened, so head to www.dryjuly.com today, sign up and start sharing with your family and friends and collecting donations. Mudgee is a very generous community, and we’re sure there will be people locally who would benefit from local fundraisers!

Gulgong’s Henry Lawson Heritage Festival

It’s back again for another year, the Henry Lawson Heritage Festival in Gulgong, from Friday the 8th of June to Monday the 11th of June 2012. For those who haven’t been before, pop it in your diary because not only is a great family event, it also showcases much of the region and of course tells you lots about our pioneering forefathers’ lifestyles, including that of Henry Lawson himself.

The long weekend will give you and your family and friends the opportunity to take in everything that the festival has to offer, from exhibitions of art and photography, having your photo taken in heritage outfits, street markets, bush dancing and music, parades, poetry readings and of course the Gulgong Country Race Meet on Sunday afternoon.

As one of Australian history’s most famous poets, Gulgong is proud to have had Henry Lawson call it his home since being brought to the area as an infant. The Mudgee and Gulgong regions played a large part in influencing Henry Lawson’s writings, which is one of the reasons he’s celebrated in Gulgong to this day.

You can visit the Henry Lawson Society of NSW website to read more about the festival’s competitions and the legend of Henry Lawson himself, or download the full program (PDF) here. If you’ve got any questions about visiting Gulgong for the event, contact the Tourist Information Centre on 1800 816 304.

Don’t Be Afraid To Contribute to I Love Mudgee!

We’re often asked by people to write about particular topics and events, and we certainly love to help anyone and everyone we can in the Mudgee community! Today we’d like to remind people not to be afraid to contribute posts, comments and even articles if you want! We have plenty of great friends and readers who would be able to provide some answers to questions, share local knowledge and promote community events!

So to help our readers get as much information about the local community and region as possible, if you have something you would like to share and you think it would be appropriate for the I Love Mudgee blog, then let us know and we will be happy to review and add your posts here… and don’t forget to put your name and link to your business on it as well… the more we can help locals and their businesses, the better!

All you have to do if you want to contribute to I Love Mudgee, is send your article and information to adam@professionalsmudgee.com.au, and if it is appropriate we will post it and provide you with the credit! It can be a video, written article or a photo montage, whatever you’d like… happy blogging! We look forward to getting lots of community interaction and support happening!

Hospitals… The Debate Continues

We’ve watched and commentated on the closing of Gulgong Hospital, and have recently read about the commencement of the Gulgong HealthOne facility that is to bring health care back to the local area.

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Gulgong Heath Services UPDATE

Since our last blog on the subject in September 2010, there have been some stirring rumours surrounding the Gulgong Hospital closure and what future plans may be in the pipeline if certain political agendas are realised.

It’s been interesting watching the local news on the topic and depending on the outcome of the election coming up on the 26th of March, the Gulgong community could see the hospital reopen with a multipurpose health service put into place.

What are your thoughts? Do you think these statements are merely a political campaign, or do you think there is the real possibility that Gulgong’s community could see their hospital regenerated and upgraded in the near future?

Further Development for Gulgong Health Services

As of last week, the Gulgong Health Service is located at a temporary location in Mayne Street in Gulgong until the new HealthOne facility is completed.

There was outcry back in August, when rallies were held to help save Gulgong Hospital, but alas, Gulgong Hospital has finally waved its final flag and has now closed its doors. To everyone in the Gulgong community, the spirit and passion you have for your local area and fellow community members shouldn’t be dampened, and we’re sure that with the opening of HealthOne, some solace may be found in the future development of health services in the area.

As we learn of any further developments regarding the Gulgong Health Services, we’ll post them on our blog.