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Improve Your Backyard For Spring

We know that we’re still in the middle of winter, and boy are we feeling it! But in the lead up to spring and summer, it can be a good idea to plan and get into any improvement works that you want to do for your backyard, that way it’ll be ready to enjoy by the time the warmer weather hits.

So with our backyards being a little quieter at this time of year, here are some ideas on how you can improve your backyard for spring and make it just that little bit more practical and attractive for those times when you want to use it most.

Recycled timber– timber looks great outside and what’s even better is that there are many types of renewable timber sources that make it an environmentally friendly choice as well as being cost effective and extremely durable. You could use it to spruce up or create new outdoor furniture, edge gardens or create a feature in your backyard… the options are endless.

Pool fence – pool fences aren’t always pretty and aren’t always maintained as well as they could or should be, but it’s very important to keep them up to code so that they meet current NSW pool safety standards. A new pool fence can also help modernise your backyard space and even expand your yard space if it can be moved to a more suitable location around the pool.

Retaining wall – for those with a sloped backyard, a retaining wall can help you utilise more of your backyard space by flattening out and making it a more practical area to use. Retaining walls can be expensive, but they can also help add value to your home and give you extra space for entertaining or maybe even a new pool. There are many that choose to DIY, but please ensure you get expert advice from your preferred landscaper and retaining wall supplier before attempting to do this yourself, as there may be stability and safety requirements depending on your retaining wall needs.

If you have other great ideas to help improve your backyard for spring, we’d love to hear them, and we’re sure that there’ll be people in Mudgee that will find value in your input, so please don’t hesitate to comment below or post on our I Love Mudgee facebook page.

Which Green Improvements for Mudgee?

With a local resident recently winning a solar hot water system for her home, we got to thinking about green improvements.
Living in a semi-rural town means that the sorts of green improvements that may be suited to your home are probably different to those being implemented in city suburbs. Here are the best ways to green up your patch.
Solar hot water is a no-brainer – whilst the initial outlay can be expensive, it can make a serious difference to your electricity bill, and with constant price rises in the country any way that you can reduce your dependence on the main power grid is going to be an investment in your future budget and peace of mind.
Water Tanks are something that the larger house blocks of a country town are ideally suited to. They now come in more convenient shapes, materials and colours than their bog-standard galvanized predecessors and can save you money and help you green up your garden for less.
You may be less familiar with a grey water recycling system, but it can turn runoff water from your kitchen and laundry into safe water for your garden. See if your garden is suited today!
It may cost you a little bit at first, but in the long run a green improvement may add value to your home and save you money!