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Are Big Houses on Big Blocks the Australian Dream?

In past decades we’ve always heard that owning your own home is the great Australian dream, but as finances become tighter for many especially in city areas, is this still true? And if it is, is it still a big house on a big block of land that Aussies are dreaming about?

For a long time, Sydney-siders just didn’t consider the option of a big block of land a possibility without spending a lot of money, and New South Wales saw a lot of residents move to places like Brisbane and Perth where city living could offer a big house on a big block at more affordable prices. This doesn’t appear to be the case any more though…

In recent times property data has shown that rural cities in New South Wales (such as our very own Mudgee) are becoming more popular for Sydney-siders. Where interstate migration used to be relatively high, we’re now seeing intrastate migration.

Buyers are starting to realise that they can achieve their goal of owning a big home on a big block of land by living in a rural city like Mudgee and travelling to the city when needed. You don’t need to move interstate for an affordable land package and lifestyle – there are plenty of wonderful properties in the Mudgee region and we would be happy to recommend some to anyone who is looking to upsize to their great Australian dream home.

What's Your House-hunting style?

I often have home buyers (particularly those looking for their first property) ask me what the best way to conduct their search would be. As someone who’s been involved with real estate for almost longer than I can remember, I’ve seen many different methods and thought we should compare some options so that you can figure out which one (or which combination) could be right for you – ready to start this weekend.

The Online Addict
This is now one of the most common strategies, and it’s popular for a very good reason. Using sites like realestate.com.au and Domain is, to put it simply, very easy. It allows you to see every property that agencies have listed online (which these days are generally all of them). You can ask the website to compare the
One major downside of online searching is that your idea of what a particular search term might mean could be completely different to. You’re at risk of performing a broad but superficial search. Not all agencies provide enough photos for you to get a reasonable idea. Ask yourself why there might not be photos of the inside of a particular property.

The Agents Best Friend
This is a more traditional house-hunting style, and lots of people have had luck finding a great home by making and maintaining relationships with the agents in their area. The reality is that realtors have the inside run on hot properties in your area, and if you’ve given your agent a clear idea of what you’re after then they may think of you when the perfect home comes along. Fans of UK property show Location, Location, Location will know that often the best houses that the hosts find aren’t even on the market yet!

A Combination
Probably the best all-round strategy is to keep the pulse of what’s happening online without being a slave to your browser. Search a few times a week, contact agents and use the website to make a list of homes for inspection. Then, use your networking skills to ring agents and stay abreast of what’s happening in your dream street.
For more information (and to make friends with us) contact the office, and we’ll do all we can. Happy hunting, and see you out there.