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Here Comes Mudgee Golf Club!

You may recall that we wrote in January last year (2011) about the devastation that faced the Mudgee Golf Club when it burnt down in December 2010. With serious damage and a blank slate to start from, the plans are now finally complete and work has begun at the site – here comes the new Mudgee Golf Club!

Being someone that doesn’t mind the occasional social game of golf, it will be fantastic to see the new facilities when they are completed, which is planned for March 2013. As a local business and sporting facility, it’s important that we as locals get behind the Mudgee Golf Club and support them wherever we can, whether it’s for social golfing or functions. Taking in green views of the Mudgee golf course makes it the perfect venue for up to 250 people, so keep it in mind if you’re organising an event for next year.

It’s great to see that the rebuild is finally starting and that the club itself can regain some of the patronage that it may have missed out on in the past 18 months. There is much to be gained from the rebuild of Mudgee Golf Club and we look forward to seeing the new facility up and running!

Visit the Mudgee Golf Club facebook page for more updates.

Thought About Going “Dry” for July?

Even though Mother Nature doesn’t seem to be thinking about anything “dry” at the moment, now is the time to start thinking about whether you can go “dry” for the month of July as part of the Dry July campaign.

Giving up the booze next month and raising funds will help improve the lives of adults living with cancer. The annual Dry July campaign encourages people from around Australia and New Zealand to give up alcoholic beverages in support of raising funds to benefit adult cancer patients and to help raise awareness of drinking habits and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

It may seem like a challenge that you can’t survive, but there are ways to boost your fundraising and being allowed a night off for something special, by way of a Golden Ticket – your pass for a day.

If you go through the whole month though, consider the benefits to yourself as well – you won’t have a hangover preventing you from being productive, there won’t be any outrageous drunken photos of you posted on facebook for the month, and of course your liver and kidneys can have a good cleanse. The best part though of course is raising funds for people who really need it, with the proceeds of Dry July going to hospitals around the country.

Registration for Dry July has now opened, so head to www.dryjuly.com today, sign up and start sharing with your family and friends and collecting donations. Mudgee is a very generous community, and we’re sure there will be people locally who would benefit from local fundraisers!

Can You Answer Questions About Mudgee?

You might be able to help people who are going online to ask questions about our local area on a new site called Friendorse.com (UPDATE: Site no longer active), where people, local or otherwise can go to ask questions relating to just about anywhere they can think of.

Whilst we’d love for people to come to the I Love Mudgee facebook page, believe it or not there are people that aren’t on facebook, or who don’t know about the page to come and ask, so we’re putting it out there for other locals of Mudgee to answer questions that are posted, or even ask questions of their own.

We think that collaboration like this is essential. It keeps the community spirit alive, increases communication which in turn helps to continue building a tight-knit community like Mudgee. So if you have a question, or if you think there are things you could help people with, we encourage you to jump onto Friendorse.com and start helping each other! Otherwise, you can always post your question on the I Love Mudgee facebook page or send us a private message.

We look forward to seeing some great information being shared about Mudgee!

Mudgee Drop-In Centre A Haven for Elders

Those of us who have spent our whole lives in the country know that our great lifestyle can bring a few struggles along with the many benefits. Support and social services is one of the things that we miss out on more than bigger cities and metropolitan areas, which is why I was so pleased to hear about the running of a Salvation Army drop-in centre in town for the Christmas season.
With so many primary producers from the surrounding areas driving long distances to do the Christmas shop, it can be logistically difficult for those with elderly relatives who cannot be left for extended periods or have shopping to do of their own but cannot spend the whole day on their feet.
This is where the drop-in centre (being run at the Salvos Hall – 23 Perry Street) comes into its own, providing somewhere that anyone can take a little break from the stress and speed of the shops while enjoying the company of friends.
I think that if we all get behind great community amenities like this one; we can improve the friendliness and usability of our town for our elders.
If you’d like to find out more about the Salvos, you can find them on their website or twitter.

Keeping Up with Community News

Springtime leading into summertime is certainly a busy time of year for most people. Through our blog we try to keep Mudgee locals and people looking to relocate to Mudgee or surrounding areas updated with what’s happening in the Mid-Western Region.

Here’s a resource we thought Mid-Western residents may find helpful in keeping up with community news from the Mid-Western Regional Council. If you don’t get the Mudgee Guardian or miss something, you can always visit this page to find out what’s happening before scheduled Council meetings.

Community News contains Council advertisements, completed and pending road works and articles relating to Council activities. There can be some valuable information in these newsletters, so if you’re a local wanting to know what’s happening in the community, stay informed by subscribing to receive notifications as new issues of community news are released.