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Are Big Houses on Big Blocks the Australian Dream?

In past decades we’ve always heard that owning your own home is the great Australian dream, but as finances become tighter for many especially in city areas, is this still true? And if it is, is it still a big house on a big block of land that Aussies are dreaming about?

For a long time, Sydney-siders just didn’t consider the option of a big block of land a possibility without spending a lot of money, and New South Wales saw a lot of residents move to places like Brisbane and Perth where city living could offer a big house on a big block at more affordable prices. This doesn’t appear to be the case any more though…

In recent times property data has shown that rural cities in New South Wales (such as our very own Mudgee) are becoming more popular for Sydney-siders. Where interstate migration used to be relatively high, we’re now seeing intrastate migration.

Buyers are starting to realise that they can achieve their goal of owning a big home on a big block of land by living in a rural city like Mudgee and travelling to the city when needed. You don’t need to move interstate for an affordable land package and lifestyle – there are plenty of wonderful properties in the Mudgee region and we would be happy to recommend some to anyone who is looking to upsize to their great Australian dream home.

Want Insider Advice on Everything Real Estate?

We try to share as much real estate information as we can on the I Love Mudgee blog, because we believe that helping people to research and educate themselves in the language and processes involved in real estate is beneficial to helping them achieve their ultimate property goals.

So in this day and age where many of us are expected to be experts at everything whether it’s knowing our industry, being parents, finding our way around technology and social media, cooking MasterChef inspired meals or everything else, we would like to present REinsider – a free community resource from Professionals, offering hints, tips and up-to-date property information direct from industry insiders.

Whether you’re making decisions about buying, selling, investing and renting, the guides, information booklets and videos that are offered as part of REinsider can be used by anybody! Combine the forces of REinsider with our very own Showtime Magazine, and you’ll have just about everything you need to achieve your next property goal.

The website has all of the latest information and it is live right now – so jump onto www.REinsider.com.au (UPDATE: Link no longer active) and check it out for yourself.

What Makes A Home Family Friendly?

We quite often hear buyers refer to their dream home as being family friendly, so we thought today we’d clarify just what that means in terms of property searching, because for the most part, property searches are filtered by number of bedrooms, car accommodation, land size and other specific items.

A family friendly home is one that is suitable for one or many children to grow up in, from infancy to teenage-hood. Here are the things that we believe make a home family friendly:

  1. Proximity to desirable schools, amenities, shops and parks. If you’re searching on our Professionals Mudgee website, you can use the ‘Walkscore’ feature on each property to see how it rates for walking distance to different types of facilities including eateries, schools, entertainment, parks, banking, shopping and more.
  1. A family orientated neighbourhood. Talk to your preferred agent about the demographics of the area you’re buying in, having plenty of other families around you can help you build a network of friends and also help keep the neighbourhood safe.
  2. Transport accessibility and car accommodation. They’re not just something that city-dwellers definitely have to consider, here in Mudgee, you may want to consider how your children will get to school and how you and/or your partner will be getting to and from work, as well as how many cars/bikes/caravans/trailers etc you’re going to need to park on your property.
  3. Adequate area for your child or children to play indoors and outdoors. A home with a larger backyard, room for a play set and undercover areas outside, plus a separate rumpus or living area inside may be desirable for families who don’t want to feel like they’re living on top of one another.
  4. Necessary bedrooms and bathrooms. You can’t underestimate the necessity for an additional or separate bathroom and toilet. The more people in your home, the more likely there are to be issues when the bathroom is occupied, so having enough amenities in the home to accommodate everyone is recommended.

One of the greatest things about Mudgee is the fact that it’s hard to find areas that don’t offer family friendly homes like the ones described above. Whilst not all properties will tick 100% of the boxes, you can generally find something to suit your needs by weighing up what you absolutely need in a property and then looking for the added bonuses or budgeting to renovate or add onto the existing property at a later date when the kids get bigger.

If you’d like to chat property or anything “Mudgee”, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us – Adam and Chandelle Woods, Professionals Mudgee  – 6372 2584.

Moving Tips for the Budget Conscious

Moving house can be more expensive than people realise. By the time you’ve bought boxes, tape, hired a moving company with two big blokes and then spent all of your energy coordinating everything, your precious time and money can been chewed away quite significantly.

Here are some tips we came across that we thought you might find helpful, especially if you’re moving on a budget!

  1. Sort out whether you’re going to keep, sell, give or throw things away. Only keep what you’re going to use in your new home.
  2. Time permitting, sell old belongings online or in a garage sale to make a little extra cash.
  3. Empty your fridge, pantry and freezer as much as possible by eating what you can.
  4. Contact your utility companies and service providers to advise of your vacate date.
  5. Pack it yourself, but start as early as possible so you’re not rushed to meet your moving deadline.
  6. Pack into things you already have, like suitcases, shopping bags, school bags, tubs etc.
  7. Use recycled boxes from friends or local businesses.
  8. Save newspapers or ask local newspaper or newsagents for old paper to wrap breakables.
  9. Ask friends to help, they’re generally cheaper than professional movers.
  10. Get multiple quotes if you’re going to use professional movers.
  11. Clean up as you go, it will make the final clean up after everything’s gone a bit easier.
  12. Have a plan for moving day – who takes what, when things need to be moved by etc.

Do you have any other moving tips you could share with readers? We’d love to help out as many people as we can, so feel free to share these tips or comment below.

Why Invest in Mudgee?

We’re avid supporters of investors here in Mudgee because with a zero percent vacancy rate with rental properties, and an ever increasing demand on rental housing, without investors, the market becomes even tighter and more competitive for renters!

Mudgee, along with other towns that support mining communities, provides some unique investment opportunities in that returns can be above the average market rental rate. If you’re in it for the long haul, it’s likely that the real estate cycle will see good returns when selling in the future too.

Other investments such as superannuation and shares can be more volatile than real estate, depending on the longevity of your investment and the choices you make, however with real estate, any fluctuation in value isn’t generally as intense, and the value lay in the fact that you have a tangible product at the end of it that will always have a demand.

Of course you should still do your research when investing in real estate, even in Mudgee, because property investing isn’t for everyone. However if you do it within your means and with the right ambitions and expectations, you can certainly capitalise on the Mudgee real estate market for rental properties.

We can help you start or build your property investment portfolio, simply contact us for a private and confidential chat or visit the Professionals Mudgee website to see available properties for sale.

First Home Buyer Grants Still Available

It’s not too late!

If you’re a first home buyer, you would know that the 1st of January brought about the end of the First Home Plus Scheme exemptions and concessions here in New South Wales. The good news for first home buyers is that it was replaced by the First Home – New Home Scheme.

For new homes valued up to half a million dollars, the new scheme means first home buyers will still be eligible for Stamp Duty exemptions. The same goes for vacant land valued up to $300,000 which also still allows the $7,000 First Home Owner Grant rebate.

So our advice for first home buyers is to get serious about your property plans. With so many changes happening within Government, it’s important to stay abreast of what rebates and concessions are available to you for the type of property and price bracket you’re looking to buy in so you can maximise your finances.

If you’re interested in vacant land in or around Mudgee, we’d be happy to help you out, or you can check our property listings online.

Festive Season a Great Time to Buy and Sell in Mudgee

There are some common preconceptions in the marketplace and amongst the public to do with the best time of year to buy or sell a house. As an agent of some experience I can tell you that generally these ideas are untrue – every town is different, and you might be surprised to learn about what times of year are popular in Mudgee.
Most people avoid Christmas like the plague and hold out for the New Year to sell their home. One of the most common fallacies amongst vendors is that the holidays are bad news for sales. If this was your belief, then get ready for a steep learning curve!
It’s true that warmer weather is good news for our housing market and we have great movement over spring and summer. What you may not realise is just how many keen buyers are looking to purchase in December. Plenty of people who are either current residents of Mudgee or looking to move to our fair city often plan their annual leave in December to coincide with school holidays or the lead-up to Christmas. This means they have more spare time to knock out the sorts of tasks that many of us may put off throughout the year – repairs to the house, servicing the car and….buying a new home!
That’s right. The weeks leading up to Christmas are often our peak selling period, and if anything we could do with more quality homes to offer keen clients. It’s also a time where people tend to take stock and reassess their lifestyles and family needs, so I often find myself speaking to a lot of interested ‘tree-changers’ from larger cities or second home buyers looking to upsize their home for a growing family.
So if you’re waiting until January, I’d advise you to think again and give me a call. Even if you don’t want to move before Christmas yourself, placing your property on the market now can mean a smoother January settlement.