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Developments – What’s Happening in Mudgee?

With a city that’s developing at the rate Mudgee is, and with so many works happening in local neighbourhoods, sometimes it’s really difficult to keep up with what’s happening in Mudgee.

The Mid-Western Regional Council provides public information on local development applications that have been submitted for both commercial and residential developments, whether they be subdividing, demolishing an existing dwelling or putting an addition on a house.

To know what’s happening in your own street, you can access development application submissions on a site – planningalerts.org.au – which outlines broadly what the application is for and when it was lodged, however we’ve found that the site provides mostly liquor licensing applications, whereas the Mid-Western Regional Council website, provides a month-to-month documentation of planning development applications.

For instance, if you’re travelling along your street and notice a garage being added to a home and you’re curious about what is happening or concerned that things aren’t being done to council’s standards, you can take a look at the council website to see whether the development has actually been approved.

Development applications (DA’s) are development proposals that require approval from council before they can proceed. To read about the development application process for the Mid-Western Regional Council area, click here.

Part 3 of “Why Buy Real Estate in Mudgee Now”: Building Costs

With recent increases in the cost of developing land and a shortage of upcoming residential land supply throughout New South Wales, there is no doubt that the cost of buying a block of land in the Mudgee area is set to increase. 

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