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Australia Day Activities in Mudgee

You can’t be a true-blue Aussie if you don’t take pride in our country on Australia Day! And no doubt, the people of Mudgee will be celebrating in true Aussie fashion next Thursday.

Whether it’s a BBQ in the park or backyard, having a few coldies at your favourite establishment, or simply taking the day off to reflect on just what a lucky country we are, Australia Day will surely be another great event for many.

If you’re after something that doesn’t require you to prepare for guests, there are events happening all over Mudgee, including a concert at Club Mudgee, various activities at a number of bars and wineries, and of course the Mid-Western Regional Council will also be celebrating Australia Day with the official Australia Day Awards Ceremony and Citizenship Ceremony at Robertson Park in Mudgee, kicking off from 6pm. The evening will comprise of a number of special guests, a ceremonial raising of the Australian Flag, the announcement of Mudgee Citizen of the Year awards in various categories, followed by plenty of fun entertainment for the whole family.

What are your plans for Australia Day? Got any local events that you’d like to share with other Mudgee residents and visitors?

Good Old Aussie Home Entertaining

An oldie, but a goodie! Especially for this time of year, and with Australia Day coming up in a couple of weeks, barbecues and home entertaining are probably one of the biggest weekend activities around Mudgee!

So, from an earlier blog post, here are some great tips to help you enjoy entertaining in your home, even when you’re the hosts!

Firstly, the right type of house helps when you’re trying to fit a number of people into a limited space. Maximising space by moving clutter and unnecessary furniture out of the way helps not only to fit people in more comfortably, but may preserve your furniture from spills as well – bonus!

If you’re hosting a smaller gathering in your home, make sure you create an atmosphere that encourages everyone to have a good time… the last thing you want to hear are the crickets in the backyard!

Catering is one of those things that you either enjoy or you don’t, so if you’re not getting professionals in to cater, make sure you prepare as much as you can ahead of time so you can spend your time mingling and enjoying yourself with your friends, rather than being in the kitchen trying to keep up with hungry mouths.

The dreaded clean-up generally takes place the following day, but if you are able to, once everyone’s gone and assuming you have the presence of mind at the end of the night, clear away any food scraps and rubbish so not to attract possums or other unwanted post-party guests.

Happy home entertaining everyone! Remember, party responsibly, and of course have a good time! Let us know if any of the above tips helped you out!