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We’re Back at Work!

Professionals MudgeeWhile our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate sales team was still working over Christmas, many would have noticed that our office doors were closed.  We know many Mudgee families are out and about enjoying the holidays, but we wanted to let you all know that we’re back in the office and excited to help you fulfil all your real estate goals.

Whether you’re in the market to buy, sell, invest or rent, our friendly team at Professionals Mudgee can help you.  Phone us on 02 6372 2584 or simply pop into our office at 91 Market Street for a chat, or pick up a FREE ‘Showtime Guide – 101 Ways to Showcase your Home’ for tips on presenting your home for sale.  Whatever your real estate question or problem, big or small, we’re happy to help.


Thinking of selling? How will you pick your real estate agent?

real estate agent who will you chooseWhen speaking with family and friends we find it really interesting to hear what people look for in a real estate agent.  There seems to be a two way tie between their personality and the dollar figure they suggest your home may sell for.  While these may be important attributes, we find it a little concerning that people aren’t noticing other really important factors that we believe should also be driving their decision.

For example, very few people we’ve spoken to mentioned anything about agents’ marketing strategies.  In our minds this should be at the forefront of your mind when questioning an agent you’re thinking of entrusting with the sale of your home.  A marketing strategy should be tailored individually to your home, ensuring it will gain maximum reach in the market and optimise your potential for achieving the best price possible.  A marketing plan that sees you spending excessive money on strategies that won’t help your property reach more buyers is clearly a waste of your money, and not spending enough dollars on strategies that clearly put your home in the mind of more buyers is similarly detrimental to your campaign.  Your agent should be able to advise you about what strategies will work best for your home, and come up with a marketing campaign that will ultimately create competition for your home and drive the price up – our ultimate goal.

It’s also a concern to us when our friends tell us they just went with the agent who said they could sell their property for more money.  This is very risky, particularly if the bottom line is the only factor influencing your decision.  Agents should be supplying you with information about what has recently sold in the area that’s comparable to your home, as well as properties currently for sale that would form your home’s competition if placed on the market today.  If an agent does their research, the price range they suggest your property may sell for will be based on fact, rather than simply a figure they have plucked out to try to buy your listing.  We must offer a word of caution – Properties tend to reach the most number of buyers in the first 4 to 6 weeks of hitting the market, after which time inspection rates and buyer interest tends to drop off.   If you price yourself too high in that initial period it’s going to be very difficult to generate enough interest in your home to reach a high price.  We urge you to listen to the facts, and be realistic about your price.  A little optimism can be harmless, but pricing your home a full price bracket above where buyers think it should be can really hurt a sales campaign.

If you are thinking of selling your Mudgee home and would like some advice about your property’s price, marketing or presentation, our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team would love to help you.  Please call us or come in for a no obligation chat.

A Mudgee Property Market Update (Sales)

SoldAt the moment we’re experiencing a balanced market with buyers showing genuine interest and enthusiasm for properties that are well priced.  In fact all segments of the property market are busy, vacant land, units, homes, investment properties, small farms and broad acres are all selling well.  Again it just comes down to how well it is priced.  The NSW Government’s extension of new home grants for brand new properties has kept first home buyers active in the market .  To be competitive in the Mudgee market it’s really important to get your price right from the start.  Properties that sit at the wrong price for too long will lose out on a lot of interest they should be gaining from the initial buzz properties attract when they first hit the market.

Mudgee real estate news:

  • We have a couple of major projects due to launch in the next month, including 19 house and land packages priced from $325,000 and another release of house land packages coming soon.
  • Council Approval has been granted on “Caerleon”, Mudgee’s newest land release.  It will include 1200 residential, rural residential and commercial blocks. The development features extensive parkland, walking and cycleways, and a relaxed semi rural feel. This development ensures the supply of land for Mudgee over the next decade and beyond.

Can you keep a secret? 

Which well known property show is going to be filming in Mudgee in the near future staring Professionals Mudgee Real Estate?  Shhhhh…

Our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate office is calling out for homes and vacant land to sell, as the high buyer demand and speed at which our properties are selling means we’re starting to experience shortages.  If you’re thinking of selling and want some advice about pricing, presentation or marketing strategies that will optimise your property’s reach in the market, we’d love to help you.  Please contact us at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate on (02) 6372 2584 for a no obligation chat today.

If you’re interested to know what’s happening in the rental market please keep an eye out for our Mudgee rental market update coming soon.

What do you want from www.ilovemudgee.com.au?

Adam and ChandelleAs we’re sure you’re all aware by now, the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team proudly bring you the ‘I Love Mudgee’ facebook page, and community website www.ilovemudgee.com.au.  We thoroughly enjoy updating each of these throughout each week with blogs relating to things going on in the Mudgee community, real estate news, and general tidbits we think may be of interest to residents and friends of Mudgee.

However, we’d now really like to stand back and ask you, our friends and readers, what would you like to see on the www.ilovemudgee.com.au website?  What stories do you enjoy?  What do you generally skip past?

We’re currently re-vamping our community website in an attempt to better reflect the current needs of our community… otherwise, what’s the point?!  So we’d love you to let us know, as a person who lives in, works in or visits Mudgee, what do you want from your Mudgee community website?   How could we improve our www.ilovemudgee.com.au website to better reflect your interests and community needs?  All suggestions are welcomed, in fact, we challenge everyone to please provide a comment below.   We’d LOVE to know your thoughts!

Looking For Schools In Mudgee?

When moving to a new area, one of the biggest considerations for many families is the schooling on offer in the area.  Our team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate have spoken with several families considering moving to our Mudgee area with school aged children, and with the school year beginning shortly, many are becoming anxious about finding the right school for their youngster.

With different children excelling in different areas, it’s important, as a parent, to weigh up the options available and consider which school has the programs, curriculum and philosophies that best fit in with the values and needs of your family.

Luckily for Mudgee locals, there are plenty of schools in Mudgee to choose from that can help meet your child’s educational needs.  To help parents who are trying to find schools in Mudgee, schools found within our area include:

Cudgegong Valley Public School

Mudgee High School

Mudgee Public School

St Matthew’s Catholic School

Based on what we have heard from local residents, all of the schools in Mudgee are outstanding and have wonderful teachers, so your choice may depend on the school’s proximity to your house, or the specific educational needs your child might require.

For parents looking for more information about Mudgee schools, you can either search for their individual websites, or visit www.myschool.edu.au where you can view facts and statistics about schools in Australia, including their annual NAPLAN performances.

If you’d like to share any positive stories or experiences with any of our local Mudgee schools, please share them here.

‘I Love Mudgee’… What A Year It’s Been!

Adam and Chandelle Woods from Professionals Mudgee Real Estate office has been proudly bringing you the ‘I Love Mudgee’ blog throughout 2012, and with the year fast coming to an end we thought we’d take this opportunity to re-visit some earlier posts and share with you a few of the stories you may have missed.

At the beginning of the year, we discussed the overhaul of Mudgee Library and Old Town Hall, reported the new NSW smoking laws, changes to the NSW first home buyer’s grant, and new NSW swimming pool laws, introduced Mudgee Target Country, and wrote of the re-building of Mudgee Golf Club.

We gave you tips for investing, stretching your dollar further, moving on a budget, lowering your power bill, finding a family friendly home, moving with children,  decorating, renovating, buying interstate, renting with pets, keeping up to date with Mudgee’s developments, and provided a guide for first time renters in Mudgee.

We asked whether you’re for or against Boxing Day trading, and whether you believe compulsory swimming lessons are necessary for all Mudgee school children.  We analysed Mudgee’s past 5 years from the 2011 Census data, and celebrated Mudgee’s highest rating wineries.

It has been a big year for our team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate and judging by these few selected stories, it’s been a huge year for our Mudgee community!

If you’d like to contribute a story for our ‘I Love Mudgee’ blog, we encourage you to put pen to paper and send us anything you think may be of interest to our readers; it could be anything from a review of your favourite Mudgee restaurant to the success of your Mudgee sporting team, or a real estate tip.  All you have to do if you want to contribute anything to this blog is send your article to Adam at Adam@professionalsmudgee.com.au, and if it is appropriate we will post it and provide you with the credit of course.

We hope you’ve all had a fantastic year, and we look forward to bringing you many more stories of local news, real estate tips and community achievements in 2013!

Who’s Coming To The Mudgee Cup?

With December fast approaching our team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate have noticed anticipation in the air and a certain buzz of excitement around town that can only mean one thing – the Mudgee Cup has almost arrived!

On Friday the 7th of December Mudgee families, residents, workers and friends are invited to join in on all the fun of Robert Oatley Vineyards Mudgee Cup.  For those who have only recently moved to Mudgee, Mudgee Cup is a massive community event which continually draws a crowd in excess of 5,000 people.  At only $15 per ticket, there is simply no other event like it in the area.  In short, if you’re only going to frock up for one event a year, make it the Mudgee Cup!

If you’re yet to decide where to host your work Christmas party this year, why not spoil your staff with a day of fun and festivities on and off the track.  Nothing says “thanks for all your hard work” like a day out at a picturesque track with beautiful horses from all corners of the state competing, a modern bar full of refreshments, live band, on-course bookmakers and TAB facilities, as well as the ever-glamorous fashions on the field.  All private marquees have now sold out; however, dining packages with air-conditioned private seating are still available if you’d like to enjoy the day in comfort and style.

Our very own Adam Woods has been on the Mudgee Cup race committee for the past 8 years, and Deputy Chairman for the past 3, and he believes this year’s $25,000 Cup will be the best yet!

Don’t waste another minute!  Gather your family, friends and/or work colleagues, and get ready to party at the track.  Please contact Colleen on 6372 3490 for more information or to book a seating package, or feel free to come along on race day with your mates and buy your tickets at the door.

Thought About Going “Dry” for July?

Even though Mother Nature doesn’t seem to be thinking about anything “dry” at the moment, now is the time to start thinking about whether you can go “dry” for the month of July as part of the Dry July campaign.

Giving up the booze next month and raising funds will help improve the lives of adults living with cancer. The annual Dry July campaign encourages people from around Australia and New Zealand to give up alcoholic beverages in support of raising funds to benefit adult cancer patients and to help raise awareness of drinking habits and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

It may seem like a challenge that you can’t survive, but there are ways to boost your fundraising and being allowed a night off for something special, by way of a Golden Ticket – your pass for a day.

If you go through the whole month though, consider the benefits to yourself as well – you won’t have a hangover preventing you from being productive, there won’t be any outrageous drunken photos of you posted on facebook for the month, and of course your liver and kidneys can have a good cleanse. The best part though of course is raising funds for people who really need it, with the proceeds of Dry July going to hospitals around the country.

Registration for Dry July has now opened, so head to www.dryjuly.com today, sign up and start sharing with your family and friends and collecting donations. Mudgee is a very generous community, and we’re sure there will be people locally who would benefit from local fundraisers!

Giving is Rewarding, No Matter Where You Are

Last week I was lucky enough to be involved with Professionals Future Leaders and Chairman’s Club conference which was held in Fiji this year. Whilst we do like to have a great time, there’s also a serious side to things which includes learning the latest trends in real estate across Australia, plus this year, we helped give back to the community we were in by providing goods and time to the local school.

Our CEO, Glyn Morgan has talked in past blog posts about social responsibility, and I have to say it was incredibly rewarding to see the joy that our gifts brought to the school kids of Nadi District School. Some of us also rolled up our sleeves to paint chalk boards, play games and help kids with school work. It just goes to show that no matter where you are in the world, giving is rewarding.

Check out some of the photos from the experience – I highly recommend anyone going to Fiji to pitch in and offer a helping hand to locals, some of whom lost everything in severe flooding earlier in 2012.

Investing in Property from as Little as $50K?

We talk sometimes about investing in property here in Mudgee, but we’ve also got some great opportunities over in the USA that have become available to Australian investors through the Professionals network of offices here and abroad. Want to know more?

Without a doubt, property in the US is on sale at the moment and as such, here at Professionals we have developed a system and a series of reputable US members to help make it safe and easy to invest. Property investing in the US doesn’t have to cost a lot and returns are fantastic. If you would like to find out more than we are running a FREE information evening featuring Steve Taplin from the US to answer any questions you may have. We think it should be a great evening with an opportunity to really look at a different way to invest.

From 5pm Thursday 28th of June, our information event will guide you through the US investment opportunities, explain the purchasing and property management options and processes, and of course introduce you to a whole new world of positively geared real estate investing, from as little as $50,000.

The information event is for anyone with an interest in investing in property and finding out what the benefits are of investing off-shore through a trusted brand and experienced team of Professionals both here and in the United States. This is where you will be able to have all of your questions answered, and see whether this type of investment suits your circumstances. Best of all, for many people, investing in Australia can be too expensive, but investing in the USA presents a new opportunity to get into the property investment market, helping you plan for your financial future.

Email Adam Woods at Professionals Mudgee or give him a call on 6372 2584 to secure your place at the US investment information event. There are limited seats so booking are essential.