What to look out for when doing ”on the ground” research

You can research a property extensively online, but nothing beats hitting the pavement and doing research “on the ground”.

Mudgee is an area that draws in a lot of buyers from Sydney and further afield and many people consider buying a property without first seeing it in real life.

But while many people have made successful purchases without first viewing the property, to get a real feel for an area and what a property is like it is best to see it in person.

Once you decide to visit a property it’s important that you make note of the right things and don’t just do a quick walk-through. Take your time and really get to know the property and the area.

So what should you look out for?

Neighbouring streets

To get a good feel for the area you want to buy in it’s a good idea to have a long drive around the neighbourhood. Take note of what other houses look like and how people maintain their properties. It’s also worth noting whether there are a lot of renovations in the area, as this can signify a lot of new wealth coming into an area.

Nearby amenities

Find out how close the property is to things like schools, parks, cafes or other amenities. While you can figure out the rough distance to places online, it may not take into account whether there are hills that would make walking harder, or other obstacles that make a trip longer than it initially seems.

Different times of day

To really get to know a property it is worth visiting at different times of the day and week. This will help you figure out if an area is noisy or busy during peak times or if there are other things that you need to be aware of.

Talk to local agents

When visiting a property don’t forget to ask the selling agent as many questions as you can. Find out about local sales history or what people look for in the area. The answers to these questions can help you decide what property will be right for you.

For any more information about buying properties in the Mudgee region, contact the McGrath Central Tablelands team.

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