Preparing your home for an autumn sale

While many consider spring to be the ideal time to sell property, there’s plenty to love about autumn – the weather is mild, gardens look pretty with their auburn shades and many people are starting to get serious about ticking New Year’s resolutions off their list.

If you want to take advantage of selling at this time of year then you’ll need to get your property in tip-top shape and ready to show to buyers.

Tidy up the garden

Autumn is a great time for rejuvenating the garden. Pull out any plants that are unlikely to make it through the colder months and find new colourful flowers that will thrive when winter’s chill sets in. Don’t forget to mow lawns and get rid of weeds too, as they will only get more out of hand the longer you leave them.

Clean out gutters

Falling autumn leaves might look pleasant at first, but they can do a quick job of clogging up your gutters and downpipes. The problem is only going to get worse as the season passes by so clean gutters out as soon as possible to prevent any damage later on.


A clean and clutter-free home is important no matter the season you’re selling in. Aim to de-clutter every nook and cranny of you home, whether it’s cupboard space, kitchen drawers or your garage –it all counts! De-cluttering will make your home appear more spacious and attractive to would-be buyers.

Prepare for the chill

Autumn buyers will want a home that stands up to the cold. Make sure that any heaters or fireplaces are up to scratch and ready to warm up your home for property inspections. Also, look out for and seal any gaps around doors and windows that can let the cold air in during winter

Talk to an agent

Every property is different so always make sure to discuss how to best present your property for sale with your agent.

For advice about selling in the Mudgee region, contact the McGrath Central Tablelands team.

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