How to create a quiet home oasis

Whether your neighbours are too loud or you can hear too much noise from the street, many people want to block out outside noises at their home.

Luckily there are a few simple things that anyone can do to soundproof their homes so they can enjoy some peace and quiet.

Close gaps around doors and windows – Sound can “leak” into a house in a similar way to air so it’s important to seal up any external gaps that will let noise carry through into your home.

Install double-glazing and thicker doors – If you can afford it then invest in double-glazed windows and thick external doors. These will all help create an added barrier against outside noise.

Insulate – Insulation will help dampen sounds and is worth investing in if you’re renovating or building. Ordinary insulation in the walls will help create a bit of a buffer to the outside, but if noise is an issue at your home it’s best to spend a bit more on a sound proof insulation material designed to help with noise reduction. Specialised plasterboard is also worth considering if you are trying to soundproof your home.

Add inside layers – Things like thick curtains, or carpets and rugs can all help with noise reduction. There are even companies that specialise in ‘soundproof’ curtains and window treatments that could be worth looking into.

Build a solid fence – A well-constructed fence will create a barrier against noise. Aim to build as high and thick a fence as finances and regulations allow if you want to reduce noise as much as possible.

Plant trees and shrubs – Landscaping is a great way to combat external noise issues and help provide privacy too. Plant lots of trees and bushy hedges planted along fence lines to help create an added sound buffer. Use evergreen trees if you want year round sound protection.


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