Easy DIY projects to boost the value of your Mudgee home

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars remodelling your kitchen and bathroom to increase the value of your home.

While large-scale renovations can be a good way to make a property more appealing to buyers, there are a lot of small and inexpensive projects you can do yourself that can add substantial property value too.

  1. Get painting

A fresh coat of paint is often recommended before selling a property and it’s not hard to see why. Paint can make a dramatic difference to a home, and if you choose your colours correctly it can make rooms feel bigger and brighter.

If you’re selling and hoping to make your property appeal to a broad range of buyers then it’s best to choose a neutral colour scheme.

  1. Install new window treatments

The wrong types of window treatments can let down an otherwise attractive property.

Window treatments can help unify the look of a home and provide its occupants with much-needed privacy. The right choice of window treatments will also be able to block out the hot sun or let in light and views where needed.

Shutters, curtains and roller blinds can all be suitable choices depending on what each room requires. Just try to keep window treatments consistent throughout the home and choose colours that fit in with the home’s existing colour scheme.

  1. Update fixtures and fittings

Everything from light switches and fans to tapware, door handles and curtain rods can age a property, so replacing them is an easy way to provide a quick facelift.

When choosing new products, again, try to keep styling consistent throughout the property and aim for classic designs that will appeal to a broad range of buyers.

  1. Clean up gardens

There’s no question that a beautifully well-maintained garden will increase the value of your property. Make sure lawns are mowed often and paths and driveways are kept clear.

You might also like to add a bit of colour and life to your home with flowers and other plants. Talk to the experts at your local garden nursery for help finding plants that are suitable for your property.

  1. Jazz up the front entrance

Make the first impression to your property count by making sure that your home has a little bit of ‘wow’ factor at the entrance. Consider investing in a new front door that adds a bit of architectural appeal to the home, otherwise if your door is already in good condition then a new coat of paint or new hardware could help make it more attractive.

Adding a new doormat, a couple of pot plants or lights are other ways you can make the entrance to your home a more welcoming one.

If you’re looking for more ideas to help add value to your home contact McGrath Central Tablelands.

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