5 surprising ways to increase your home’s value

So you’ve done all the common tricks to help add value to your home – you’ve painted and renovated the kitchen and bathroom – but what else can you do?

There are plenty of things you can change at a property to help increase its appeal to buyers and help add value. Oftentimes it only takes a few simple changes to have a big impact.

Create a sense of space

You may not be able to increase the size of your block, but there are things you can do to help increase the size of living areas. Moving furniture around and getting rid of clutter can help make rooms feel larger and provide more open space. But if you really want to open up a space then knocking out a non-structural wall may be an option. Replacing swinging doors with sliding doors is another space saving idea.

Paint the roof 

Many sellers consider painting their exterior walls when they go to sell their home, while forgetting about the roof. A painted roof is like the icing on a cake, it helps it look more polished and finished and will vastly improve a property’s kerb appeal. Pressure cleaning may be another option for improving appearance, depending on the type of roof.

Hire an interior expert

Little things can make a big impact when it comes to the look and feel of a property so to help make sure you get them right it could be worth hiring an interior stylist. They will be able to provide advice on colour choices and pick out statement features that will make a property look more upmarket and help it resonate more with property buyers. 

Add an outdoor entertaining area

Most Australians love to spend their free time outdoors, so it makes sense that they love homes that incorporate outdoor living. Find a space outside your home where you can add a BBQ and tables and chairs. The best outdoor areas lead seamlessly from indoor living areas.

Find a “wow” factor

 It helps to have something at your property that makes it stand out from others. Whether it’s marble bench tops, heritage features or a large butler’s pantry, find something that will capture buyer’s imagination and have them daydreaming about what life would be like if they purchased your home.

For further advice about adding value to your home contact McGrath Central Tablelands.

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