Support local farmers through 200Bales campaign

The Mudgee community is known to pull together when times are tough and that has been demonstrated yet again with the 200Bales campaign.

The local initiative started with the simple goal of providing a truckload of hay bales to help out farmers struggling in the current drought and has snowballed from there.

Businesses and people all throughout the Mid-Western Regional Council area and beyond have been putting their hands up to chip in the $200 needed for each bale of hay to be put on the trucks and sent to a farmer in need in the local region.

Each bay of hale has the donors’ name attached to it and can help make a big difference to a farmer’s life.

Those who can’t afford the full $200 to pledge to the cause can get a group together to share the cost of one bale of hay.

So far it has been announced on the 200Bales Facebook Group that enough has been raised for 500 bales, which will be well needed by farmers in the region as the drought looks set to continue.

If you want to pledge funds towards the 200Bales campaign you can find out more at their Facebook group. Find it by searching for ‘200BALES’.

Donations can also be made at the We Care Community Shop in Byron Place, Mudgee.

200Bales Charity Night @ Mudgee Golf Club

The Mudgee Golf Club is hosting a 200Bales Charity Night from 5:30pm tonight, August 1 2018.

The night will give people in the community an opportunity to help support the 200Bales campaign, particularly if they can’t afford the $200 needed for a bale of hay.

There will be raffles and games at the event, as well as food and drink specials and entertainment by bands Wicked Whiskey and Two Mile Twangers.

All proceeds for the night will be donated to 200Bales.

Contact the Mudgee Golf Club on (02) 6372 1811 for further details.

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