New organic waste service coming to Mudgee region

Disposing of organic waste in Mudgee is about to get easier with the Mid-Western Regional Council set to introduce a new food and garden waste collection service from July 1.

The new service is being introduced in an effort to help divert waste from landfill. At present, the average household waste bin is made up of 60% kitchen food waste and garden material that could be diverted from landfill and turned into a new resource.

Standalone residential properties with an existing garbage collection service will receive a new bin with a lime green lid, along with a kitchen caddy, throughout May and June as part of the service rollout.

Items such as leftovers, expired foods, tea bags and coffee grounds will all be able to be disposed of using the new service. People will be able to use it to throw away garden waste such as lawn/grass clippings, twigs and small prunings, leaves (dry or green) and flowers.

Soiled paper and cardboard such as pizza boxes and serviettes will also be able to be placed in the new bins.

An education pack will be provided with the new bins to help residents understand what can and can’t be placed in the bins.

The new organic waste bin service will operate weekly along with the general waste collection. Blue and yellow recycling bins will rotate fortnightly.

According to the council’s website, the new service will deliver a cost saving to the region by diverting 3,000 tonnes per annum from landfill, extending the life of the current Waste Facility by 10 to 15 years and subsequently saving millions of dollars in replacement landfill space.

For more information about the new organic waste service visit Council’s website

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