Latest council budget announced

Mid-Western Regional Council has announced that they have now adopted the 2018/19 Operational Plan, which sets out their action plan and budget for the year ahead.

The Operational Plan is a guideline for the council. It provides a blueprint of how much council will spend, what it will be spent on, and how council will fund expenditure.

New infrastructure and facilities have come out as clear financial winners from this year’s plan.

The plan includes $51 million in capital expenditure in 2018/19 and $141 million over the next four years.

Major projects set out in the plan include the following:

  • Continuation of the Wollar Road upgrade, realignment of Ulan Wollar Road and continued investment in road networks
  • Stage 2 of Glen Willow Regional Sports Complex
  • A new Art Gallery facility
  • Further property development in Mortimer Street
  • Recreational infrastructure for youth including a water park, skate park upgrades and district adventure playground
  • Upgrade of important waste management infrastructure
  • Continuation of shared pathways around the region, including a new footbridge
  • Upgrades to a wide range of corporate and community buildings across the region
  • Ongoing renewal and upgrade of the water supply and sewerage networks
  • Stormwater drainage improvements

Council received approximately 108 funding proposals from the community and where appropriate they incorporated these into the Operational Plan.

The adopted 2018/19 Operational Plan can be viewed on council’s website –

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