Green waste collection begins in Mudgee region

Are you ready to recycle your food and garden waste? This week marks the first week that the Mid-Western Regional Council will be collecting organic waste so it can be diverted from landfill and turned into a valuable compost resource.

All standalone domestic residential properties in the region should now have received their new 240L lime-green lidded bin along with a kitchen caddy and a roll of compostable liners as part of the service rollout.

According to Council’s General Manager Brad Cam, the collected green waste will be processed at a regional composting facility in Dubbo.

“The resulting compost will be Australian Standards certified and available in early 2019 to farms, parks and gardens, commercial markets and residents,” Mr Cam said.

What can be placed in the green-lidded bins?

All food and garden waste can be placed in the bin including: fruit and vegetables, any leftovers or expired foods, meat, chicken, fish, all bones, dairy (cheese, milk, yoghurt etc.), tea leaves and tea bags, coffee grounds, bread, rice, pasta and all grains, cake and biscuits.

Garden waste including: lawn/grass clippings, twigs and small prunings, leaves (dry or green), flowers, soiled paper and cardboard (like pizza boxes and serviettes) can also be placed in the bin.

Kitchen caddies can be lined with the free compostable liners provided by Council, newspaper or with nothing at all.

Residents are reminded not to use plastic, degradable or biodegradable bags as these do not break down in the composting process.

If you run out of liners you can contact Council for a replenished supply free of charge.

For more information about the new collection service you can refer to the education kit supplied with your bin or visit the Mid-Western Regional Council website –

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