Can Mudgee go plastic-free for July?

Households, schools and businesses in the Mudgee region are being asked if they can go plastic free for at least an entire month.

Plastic Free July is challenging everyone to give up the use of single-use during July in the hopes that this will encourage people to continue their good habits long-term.

Plastic is a major environmental concern. It is polluting our waterways and harming wildlife, and so we all need to find ways to reduce plastic usage in our day-to-day lives where we can.

Giving up plastic may sound impossible but it only takes a few small changes to dramatically reduce its usage and contribute to a cleaner world.

A few ideas include using a keep cup for daily takeout coffees, using reusable bags when shopping and refusing single-use plastic straws.

Even just being aware of your plastic use can help you cut down and look for alternatives.

Below are a few items that can be purchased just once that can help you cut down on single-use plastic items:

  • reusable coffee cups
  • plastic free lunchboxes
  • reusable cutlery
  • reusable water bottles
  • reusable straws
  • foldable tote bags for shopping

The Mid-Western Regional Council will be taking part in Plastic Free July and will be hosting initiatives throughout the month. Last year they got involved by providing 3000 calico bags to supermarkets throughout the region and reminding the community of this important challenge.

To take part in Plastic Free July and find out about more ways to reduce your plastic use visit

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