Tips to get your garden ready for summer

Summer will be hear before you know it and if you want to get your garden ready for summer entertaining, or perhaps a summer sale, then it’s time to get your hands dirty.

A vibrant and healthy garden can be a massive asset, it helps you get the most out of your property and it can add value too.

What can you do now so your garden looks great in time for summer?

Get pruning 

Most gardens will benefit from a good dose of pruning to make them look neat and to help encourage new growth.

In order to keep your garden from growing out of control you should aim to keep them simple with orderly garden beds and a couple of feature trees to add interest to the property.

If you’re selling then keep in mind that a lot of buyers can be turned off by a messy or overgrown garden. Low-maintenance gardens are often the most attractive to buyers as they may not be keen on getting into the garden and doing the work themselves.

Revitalise your lawn

Lawn looking dull or overgrown? Bring it back to life by giving it regular attention. Start by removing dead grass and weeds and then mow, feed and water your lawn regularly.

The more love you give your lawn, the more likely it will be vibrant and green in time for summer.

Think about functionality

What do you use your garden for? Does there need to be a space for a clothesline or do you need an area to entertain guests?

While the aesthetics of a garden are important, you need to plan any garden features around practical elements. For example, if you like to entertain then its important to have a clear area you can use to place tables and chairs. In the summer you might also need to add a bit of shade so people can stay out of the sun.

When planning your garden don’t forget to take privacy into account too. You may like to use trees or plants as a screen to block out the view of your neighbours.

There’s no reason to overspend

While you can spend a fortune on fancy landscape designs to get your garden looking better, the best thing you can do is put in some hard work.

A lot of gardens will look better after a solid weekend of doing the basics such as mowing, clearing out weeds and pruning back trees.

You might also need to pay ongoing attention to watering your garden and keeping plants alive on dry and hot summer days.

A few more tips for those getting their homes ready for a summer sale:

  • Replenish lawns with fertiliser and water (if needed) and mow regularly
  • Pull out weeds and trim back overgrown plants
  • Add mulch and edging to neaten up garden beds
  • Introduce plants that will add to the visual appeal of the property – i.e. feature trees or pot plants at the entrance
  • Fix broken fencing or ornaments
  • Clean out the pool if you have one
  • Hose down pathways and fences
  • Add basic lighting in case of night time visitors
  • Focus on making the property look attractive from the street

For more tips and advice about getting your property ready for sale contact the McGrath Central Tablelands team.

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