Tips to cut costs when moving homes

Got a move coming up and want to find a way to cut costs? You’re probably not alone. New research has come out that has found that half of Australian home buyers forget to factor in moving costs.

According to the ING Cost of Moving Home Report, Australian home buyers are spending approximately $863 million on moving each year, averaging to about $1600, based on 1.6 million households moving in the last 3 years.

This is a significant cost for many households and yet it was found that 50 per cent of Australian home buyers don’t budget for moving costs, while 48 per cent spend over their estimated budget.

With so many other costs involved with buying and moving into a home, it’s important that people try and cut back on expenses where they can.

A few tips to keep moving costs down:

  1. Move with as little as possible

Moving will be a lot easier and cheaper if you have less to move with. Aim to get rid of old clothing and other items that you no longer want or need. There is no point paying to transport items that will just sit around in your new home gathering dust.

If you have any items of value then it may be worth selling them to try to earn a little extra money to help with the move. 

  1. Save on packaging 

The cost of packaging can add up quickly, but you may not need to buy any packaging at all if you’re clever or thrifty.

Before going on the hunt for moving boxes look for anything you can already use in your home for packing. This might include things like bags, suitcases or laundry containers. You might be surprised at what you already have.

If you still need boxes try asking local retailers if they have any spare old boxes they are willing to give away. 

  1. Ask for help

You’ll save significantly on moving costs if you don’t need to hire a removalist. The ING report found that home buyers that chose to move on their own spent almost $1000 less than those who hired removalists.

So call up family and friends and see if they can lend a hand with your move. A friend with a truck or ute will be particularly handy.

  1. Get multiple quotes 

If you have no choice but to use removalists then shop around to find the best value. Try to get at least 3 quotes before deciding which removalist is the right one for you and be sure to find out exactly what the cost includes.

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