Tips for moving during the holidays

Moving homes is very common during December and January as people take advantage of a short break from work or need to move so they are settled in their new home by the start of the school year.

Whilst moving at this time of year can be hectic, proper planning and organisation can help you avoid stress and make your move go smoothly.

A few moving tips:

Get organised early

Organise as many things as you can as far in advance as possible so you’re not left running around doing everything at the last minute.

Book in removalists or a moving truck if you need them so you know they will be available for the day of your move, while keeping in mind that a lot of companies will be unavailable on public holidays.

It’s also a good idea to organise things like moving boxes and any other packing materials as soon as you can so you don’t need to head out in the height of the Christmas rush.

Let people know you’re moving

Notify relevant companies of your move so you don’t miss any mail. It is also a good idea to organise a mail redirection with Australia Post for at least a few months in case you have forgotten to let anyone know of your new address.

You may also like to let family and friends know about your impending move in case they want to send you gifts or Christmas cards.

Make a to-do list

Keep track of everything you need to do by writing a to-do list. Add items to your list as you remember them so they aren’t forgotten.

Everything from buying presents to paying bills should be added so that no jobs fall through the cracks while you’re busy concentrating on the big move.

Ask family and friends for help

Many hands make light work. Don’t be shy about asking family and friends for help with your move. Most people are more than happy to lend a hand, especially being that it’s the season of giving. If you can get people to help you move, you will be able to save significantly on moving costs.

Good luck with moving over the holidays, and hopefully you will have some spare time to take a break and enjoy the festivities.

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