Tips for creating a stylish home

Whether selling your home, or just looking to spruce up your space, you’re no doubt keen to improve your interior decor and impress your houseguests.

Styling a property isn’t always as easy as it seems, especially since decorating trends change on an almost weekly basis depending on current trends, but there are plenty of things you can do to help give your home a quick and modern update.

While a property stylist can take the hard work out of styling for you, a lot of people want to try their own hand at styling their home.

Here are some ideas for those wanting to DIY their home’s style:

Add a splash of colour – Home décor changes from season to season so those wanting to refresh their living areas with modern colours palettes should consider changing around a few key pieces for a quick update. A room can be easily dressed up with items like cushions, table runners, throws or rugs.

If you’re selling, the great thing about these updates is that you can take all of your new items with you to the next house so there’s no need to skimp on quality if you don’t want to.

Find some indoor plants – Plants help bring colour and life into a home and can really enhance its visual appeal too.

Consider using larger plants to fill bare corners and using small plants to decorate tables and bench tops.

Put up artwork – Art provides a great way to add colour to a room and tie together furniture choices.

Affordable options can be found in department stores and online, but don’t forget to also check out Mudgee’s local markets or the upcoming Unearthed exhibition in Gulgong for some fantastic local art.

Let there be light – Letting more natural light into a room can instantly make it feel more spacious and welcoming, so open up curtains or buy new ones to let as much light find its way into each room as possible.

If not much natural light is available consider using mirrors or lamps to lighten a room up.

Get rid of the clutter – The main thing that will let down the appearance of a room is clutter. If you want a room to look it’s best then spend some time cleaning and de-cluttering. Open spaces and clean lines in a home can make a huge difference to its appearance and help make your home shine.

If you’re looking to style your home for sale and are after more tips to help it look great, contact the Professionals Mudgee team.

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