The dos and don’ts of renovating

Thinking about renovating your home and don’t know where to begin?

When renovating there’s a lot to consider. Ideally you want to spend conservatively and avoid renovations that will add little value to your home, or worse, devalue it.

Before calling in the trades or getting out the paintbrush it’s a good idea to consider the pros and cons of your planned projects and whether they will help add significant property value.

To help you decide what renovations you should pursue at your property, consider the following renovation dos and don’ts.


The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home and is therefore a popular room to renovate. Kitchen renovations generally pay off and help add value and appeal to a home, but they need to be done right.


  • Install new energy efficient appliances
  • Make room for an adequate sized fridge (the bigger the home the bigger the fridge cavity should be)
  • Create an open plan design
  • Match the kitchen to the style of the home


  • Cut down on storage or bench space
  • Go too trendy – it will date faster than a classic kitchen design
  • Forget to consider the kitchen’s workflow (a kitchen generally needs separate zones for preparation, cooking and cleaning)


A good bathroom renovation should turn it into a beautiful and functional space. It needs to be a room that people can go to for peace and relaxation so it really is an important area to get right.


  • Consider including a double vanity if room allows
  • Hire a builder to help manage the various trades needed
  • Choose products that are easy to keep clean
  • Make sure there is adequate storage


  • Consider DIY in the bathroom as fixing up mistakes can end up costing you more in the long run
  • Get rid of the bathtub and replace with only a shower
  • Move the plumbing if you can help it as this will add significantly to the cost

Living areas/Bedrooms

Living rooms and bedrooms are normally the easiest to update as they don’t require expensive products or cabinetry like the bathroom and kitchen does. It’s still important to get these areas right though as they will help set the mood and flow of the house.


  • Invest in good quality window treatments
  • Make sure there is adequate lighting in each room
  • Invest in home heating/cooling
  • Keep flooring continuous throughout the house


  • Go crazy with colours – light and neutral colours are often the best
  • Overcrowd small rooms – don’t install bulky cabinetry when there is already limited space


The outside of the home can have just as much impact as the inside. People in Mudgee love to spend time outdoors so spending money on a luxurious backyard is likely to add significantly to a property’s overall appeal.


  • Hire a professional landscaper to help you out
  • Choose native trees and plants
  • Install outdoor lighting
  • Include an entertaining area


  • Overdo plants and flowers – try to design a garden that will be easy to maintain
  • Forget to choose a variety of plants so that different flowers bloom each season
  • Plant large trees too close to your house

Renovating is a big expense so you should carefully consider any projects and make sure that you get all necessary council approvals.

If you’re after advice about renovating to help add value to your home in Mudgee contact McGrath Central Tablelands.

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