Property maintenance tips for spring

With spring just around the corner it’s important to consider the maintenance needs of your property to keep it in good condition and to avoid any problems as the weather starts heating up.

A property is an extremely important investment and keeping it well maintained will help keep you comfortable in your home and protect the property’s value too.

What should you do as we head into the spring months?


  1. Check smoke alarms – Smoke alarms need to be checked regularly to ensure they are working correctly. According to Fire and Rescue NSW you should test your alarm batteries monthly, vacuum dust off every six months and replace lead or alkaline batteries every 12 months.
  2. Inspect air-conditioning systems – Have your air-conditioning system inspected by a qualified professional before the weather heats up. They may need to clean out air filters to guarantee air quality and ensure it’s working effectively.
  3. Examine rooms for maintenance issues – Look through rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets in particular and see if you notice any cracks or holes. This may require caulking or grouting to prevent future water damage.
  4. Clean out areas prone to dust – Things like clothes dryers and exhaust fans will accumulate dust over time. Use the change of seasons as an excuse to rid the house of dust so it feels fresh and revived in time for spring.


  1. Inspect the exterior and roof – Give the exterior of your property a thorough inspection, looking for things like chipped paint, damaged siding, loose boards or cracks. Repair if necessary.
  2. Troubleshoot drainage issues – Clogged gutters and drains can lead to water damage at your property and so they need to be checked and cleaned out regularly if necessary.
  3. Freshen up plant life – Get into the garden and remove any weeds and dead trees and mow lawns. Trim back healthy trees and bushes in preparation for spring growth.
  4. Check the irrigation system – To ensure your plants are getting enough water in the warmer months check that your irrigation system is working effectively and that there aren’t any blockages or damaged hoses.

The above tips are sure to come in handy if you’re thinking of selling this spring. If you would like more tips or advice to help you sell contact the McGrath Central Tablelands team.

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