Property inspection checklist: Things you need to look out for at open homes

Heading to one property inspection after another can be exhausting and sometimes homebuyers forget to take notice of some of the most important aspects of the property.

It can be hard to know right away whether or not a property is going to be the one. Some people base their buying decision on how they “feel” about the property when they walk in the door and while it’s important to fall in love with the home you buy, there’s a few other things you should pay attention to too.

Structural issues: Check for signs of potentially serious issues such as pest damage, mould, cracks or poor building construction. While some of these issues won’t be deal breakers, they may require further investigation.

Hire a professional building and pest inspector to inspect the property if you’re not sure exactly what to look out for.

Parking: Don’t forget to consider how many vehicles you will need to have parked at your potential new abode. If you will need to park a car on the street, or your visitors will, then also consider whether there is adequate parking space available.

Enough space: If you have a lot of stuff that you’ll be moving with you then ensure it’s all going to fit in your new property. Consider things like whether the couch will fit comfortably in the lounge room or whether your fridge can fit in the kitchen. Of course if you really love the house these things can be replaced but you still want to ensure the house has adequate room to suit the needs of you and your family.

Location: You can change the property after you buy it but you can’t change the location. Take note of the general surroundings of the property and things like road access and nearby amenities.

Neighbours: You could be living next to your future neighbours for a long time so you want to consider things like whether or not your property provides enough privacy or whether your neighbours might have any noisy pets or bad habits like an untidy yard that could become an issue.

Keep in mind when you’re inspecting a property that there’s likely to be at least one or two things that aren’t quite perfect.

A few minor issues with a property don’t need to be a deal breaker but they are worth thinking about when you’re deciding on the most suitable property to buy.

If you decide to proceed with the purchase of a property don’t forget to get expert advice from both legal and building experts.

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