Looking to sell in Mudgee this spring? Follow this checklist

The spring property market has well and truly sprung and prospective buyers have started hitting the pavement, hoping to find their dream home.

If you’ve decided to sell during spring it’s time to start putting some effort in if you want to help buyers fall in love with your property.

Spring brings about a lot more property competition so it pays to make your property stand out amongst the rest. If you take the time to present your property in its best light you will have the best guarantee of achieving the best sale price possible.

Replace and repair

  • Test things around the property and make sure everything is in working order.
  • Finish any renovations you’ve started on the property. If anything is left unfinished it can make the property harder to sell.
  • Consider painting if walls are looking dated, or if the paint is chipped or cracked.


  • Sort through each room and throw away items you no longer want or need.
  • Make sure rooms don’t feel too cluttered with furniture or small knock-knacks.
  • Consider hiring storage or asking a friend to store excess items. Only keep items in the home that will help enhance it’s appearance.


  • Make the property sparkle inside and out.
  • Do more than you would do in a weekly clean i.e. clean windows and walls and scrub down bathrooms.
  • Have carpets steam-cleaned.
  • If you’re short on time hire a professional cleaner and make sure no corner of the property is missed.

Spend time on curb appeal

  • Fix fencing by replacing loose boards and painting, if necessary.
  • Remove weeds and prune dying plants.
  • Mow and fertilise lawns.
  • Clean and clear paths and driveways.
  • Add mulch to garden beds.

Get staging

  • Carefully choose the items left in each room.
  • Use Pinterest or magazines for style inspiration.
  • Use fresh linen in bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Consider a professional staging service to help give your property extra “wow” factor.

Always be prepared for a showing

  • Keep property clean and tidy while it remains on the market.
  • Get every member of the household to chip in and help out.

Thinking of selling in the Mudgee region this spring and want more tips? Get in touch with McGrath Central Tablelands team.

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