How to prepare your property for bush fire season

After experiencing one of the driest winters in 15 years, the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is urging Mudgee residents to prepare their properties for the Bush Fire Danger Period.

It’s predicted that this summer will be even hotter and dryer than usual and as bushfires have already been reported throughout NSW this year it has prompted the Bush Fire Danger Period to begin in September, a month earlier than normal.

With the danger period having already gotten underway, local residents should prepare their properties as soon as possible, if they haven’t already.

Preparing for the bush fire season is easy and it’s something that a lot of homeowners probably do without even realising it.

Simple garden maintenance tasks like pruning trees, clearing gutters and keeping lawns mowed can all help reduce bush fire risk.

According to the NSW RFS the top actions everyone can take to make their homes safer include:

  1. TRIM – Trim overhanging trees and shrubs. This can stop the fire spreading to your home.
  2. MOW – Mow grass and remove the cuttings. Have a cleared area around your home.
  3. REMOVE – Remove material that can burn around your home (e.g. Door mats, wood piles, mulch, leaves, paint, outdoor furniture)
  4. CLEAR – Clear and remove all the debris and leaves from the gutters surrounding your home. Burning embers can set your home on fire
  5. PREPARE – Prepare a sturdy hose or hoses that will reach all around your home. Make sure you’ve got a reliable source of water.

Preparing your property isn’t difficult and can make a big difference in the event of a local bush fire.

Further information about preparing yourself and your property for bush fire season can be found at

It is also worth keeping an eye on the NSW Rural Fire Service Facebook page to stay up-to-date with any local weather events or warnings.

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