How to prepare for an open for inspection

You’ve probably already cleaned up your home and styled it for real estate photos, but what should you do now that your property is on the market?

Most properties will have at least one open for inspection soon after it hits the market. Property inspections are a great opportunity for sellers because they give them the chance to showcase their property and let buyers see it in its best possible light.

If you’re about to have an open for inspection, here’s what you can do to make the most of it:

Spend time cleaning and de-cluttering – Try to make your home as immaculate as it can be before buyers come knocking. Take time to clear countertops, put away washing and dishes and cleaning up anything that spoils the picture perfect vision of your property. 

For an added touch on inspection day add some fresh flowers and open up windows and doors to let light in and to allow air to circulate throughout the house.

Find a way to add a bit of personality – Some buyers might visit a dozen open homes in a weekend and after they’ve seen a couple they might start to all look the same.

Make your home stand out from other similar homes on the market by adding a bit of personality.

You can add a bit of personality by adding things like art, photos or books throughout your home. This will help buyers establish an emotional connection with the home and make it a bit more memorable.

Show off the home’s best features What is it that makes your home special? Is it the massive backyard or the entertainer’s kitchen?

Highlight the best things about your property, whether it’s the size, style of the addition of the latest in home technology. You never know what will win over a buyer’s heart so it’s important to make sure that they are aware of all of the ins and outs of the property.

Prepare for the weather Buyers want to see that your property stands up to the local climate. Make the property as comfortable a temperature as possible on the day by doing what you can to either heat it up or cool it down.

Get tips from your agent – Every property is different so it’s best to have a chat to your agent and decide on what needs to be done to make the biggest impact possible on buyers. To have a chat about selling your home, contact the Professionals Mudgee team.


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